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Leaping Frog Inc. def(n): a breedz site

You're visiting Leaping Frog Inc. Welcome to one of the oldest

websites still around that is all about the Catz & Dogz game for the PC!


LF Inc. has been around for over 9 years! You can still view our

hit counter , which has been running for the past 7 years. This

site has always been about providing cool additions to your petz

game. I started out making Catz breedz, and then expanded to Dogz,

clothes and even a few toyz. While there has been a HUGE breakthrough

in "hexing" (the term for creating new fun things for your program)

in the last few years, I have been busy with my real life and have not

partaken in all the creative potential for new breedz.


This site is more of an archive of all the things I have created.




Copywrite © Rebecca Gazarik 2008