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Princesses of the Gridiron:
Girls in Tackle Football

When Title IX was passed by the U.S. Congress and signed into law in 1972, it opened the door for greater female participation in high school and college athletics. It also made it possible for girls to do what they really weren't able to do before Title IX: play, or at least try out for, school tackle football teams.

This website is devoted to celebrating the increasing number of girls who dare to take to the gridiron.

  • I just received a collage of pictures of a young girl who played football last fall. Click here to look at the pictures. I need to edit them in the new future.

Table of Contents

A Timeline History of Girls Playing Tackle Football (UPDATED!)


Football Girls Who Were Homecoming Queens

PICTURES WANTED!--A List of Girls Playing High School Football I Most Want Pictures Of

1985 States' Rules Governing Girls in Football and Other Contact Sports

Girls in Football Firsts

Girls in Football Bibliography

<Girls on the Line--Girls who have played offensive or defensive line positions in football

Sports and Football Links of Interest to Young People

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