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SledHeads,OK an update is here! Welcome guys to our webpage. This Page is dedicated to the Finest Vintage Arctic Cat snowmobiles. We are not out to knock anyone's sled, we just love are Cats. Please enjoy the site and pass it on to your friends. Thanks, Proud Arctic Cat Owners

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Our sleds
1972 Puma 399
1972 Puma 440
1973 Puma 440
1974 Vip Panther
1976 Jag 2000
1971 399 Axial Flow Panther
1974 El Tigre 400
1975 Massey Furguson 344SST

This is another new addition to the page. We are going to just occasionally put up some news and some discusion topics. Enjoy

October 30, 2002: Well nothing much new. I have pretty much taken over the restoration duties. Dereks to busy with other priorities now and the sled thing just isnt on his mind anymore it seems. I have acquired numerous parts for the 72 puma 400. Such as pistons and rings that i have been looking for for the longest time. Stay tuned!

May 23, 2002: Just doing a little update. Were making the drive to Clarence, NY soon to pick up a pan and a hood for the 74 400 tigre. Just recently bought the 400 script decal for the hood and the snowflap. NOS condition. Also picked up new decals for the puma 399 resto and 71 axial flow panther decals for the hood also NOS. I have assembled the points and condensors for my 399 finally thanks to Jim Petersen who is a arctic cat parts godsent!

March 12, 2002: Some Pictures of the Massey 344SST Enjoy!

March 5, 2002: Today we've added some pictures of our 71' panther and 74' 400 El tigre stay tuned for more pictures of the projects and more updates.

January 26, 2002: Guys, Part of the update is complete. Check out the widowmakers website (see the link at the top) full of the history of Ev Regal. Check out the 399 Puma pics. And soon to come a easy access way to view our sled pics. And hopefully manuals too!

January 24, 2002: Good news sledheads, a massive update is in the works. We have pictures of all three pumas, the vip and the newest addition to the collection, A 75' Massey Furguson 344sst also next in the restoration line a 71' 399 axial flow panther. We have pictures of all the goodies and we plan for them to be up in the near future. We also have been brain storming putting up our manuals up just in case you need part numbers or somthing to that effect. We are always open to suggestions and will gladly consider them. Also we've noticed how many visitors visit our site over three thousand, thanks to all of you and stay tuned for a update shortly.Thanks for your patience and come back again! Ps a new partner site is in the works, full of the history of the Great arctic cat " widowmaker" team full of amazing racing stories you're all gonna love.


Just in. News on the Boss Cat! I recently spoke with Ev Regal Jr., son of world champion engine builder and modificator Everet Regal Sr. of the late 60's early 70's racing team the "Widow Makers". He was telling me that his father Everet Sr. and one of his racers Chip Elwood were down in Boonville, NY once and watched the Boss Cat. It apparently took a speed run and got stuck in a snowbank. Chip rode down and pulled it out and towed it back. Ev's father was really good friends with all Arctic Cat's Sno-Pro oval racers. "The president of Arctic tried like hell to get him to go out there and work for them right in the middle of the racing season." recalls Ev Regal. "Charlie Lofton insisted Everet was going to be building his sleds." But Everet Regal Sr. said no go. He had his own race team that was stealing wins, sweeping weekend races and whooping others all over the USSA curcuit. ........One word Vintage Cat lovers AWESOME! How bout that for a story.

Ok folks this is the latest discovery we have made in researching the "Boss Cats". They were EXOTIC racing dragsters built by some early sled manufacturers to see who was the fastest on the snow. Boss Cat One was powered by a turbine motor. Boss Cat Two featured a full blown 427 chevy motor and Boss Cat Three (pictured below) was equipped with three or four 650 triple EXT motors with stung exhaust. Boss Cat One blew up. Boss Cat Two got close to the 180 mph before it was retired. Boss Cat Three topped out at around 139 mph and change. MORE TO COME!

Today I recieved an email from Rod Evers. He is the owner of Boss Cats Two and Three. Owner of that same beast featured below. Heres what he had to say. "Boss CAT III is powered by four T8 RX 650's,the same engines found in the ' 73 650 EXT's.The port side motors run clockwise,the starboard motors are modified to run CCW.A driveshaft with four driven clutches runs lengthwise in the center of the chassis between the engines &connects to a T shaped gearbox located behind the cockpit.A shaft comes out of each side of the "T box" & connects to a production EXT chaincase on each side of the machine.The B C III uses many production parts such as skis,engines,tachs,tunnels, belt guards & other misc. parts.It's interesting to note that the drive clutches are not uses Comet drives." Thats pretty awesome Rod. I can't believe you own those things. Last time I checked Rod was still missing some vitally important motor parts. But I sure as hell would love to see that at Waconia next year along with the Johnson Peagsus. That would be something.

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