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South Eastern Baseball Showcase:high school baseball showcase for college recruitors and scouts South Eastern baseball Showcase :high school baseball showcase South Eastern Baseball Showcase
South Eastern Baseball Showcase

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A: Tuesday
June 26, 2012
12:00 PM W.L. Bill Evans Field
College Park,Georgia

Q:Who can attend?

A: High School Players Class of 2013 and 2014.

Q:How does one get invited?

A:You can nominate a player by filling out the player information card

Q: What are the benefits of attending this showcase?

A: Besides being seen by major Division 1 college and major league scouts, You will have a player profile listed on this web site and it will be sent to 1200 colleges. Major League Scouts will write scouting reports on the players at the showcase

Q:Costs to Attend?

A:Registration Fee is $100.00

Q:What is the format?(WOOD BATS ONLY)

Players need to bring their own wood bats

A:Position Players
  • Timed in 60 Yards
  • Infield/Oufield Throwing
  • Catchers Release Times
  • Batting Practice
  • Games
  • pitch 2 innings, maximum of 5 hitters per inning

    Q:Who will be working the showcase?

    A:All staff will be Major League Scouts.

    Q: What type of players are you looking for?

    A: We are looking for Division I College players and pro prospects. Players need Major League Scouts recommendations to attend.