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The place for Sean Townsend pictures, info,
news, fanart, and fanclub. Supporting the
2001 American National Champion
Sean Townsend!!

Founded On: March 17, 2001
Last Updated: August 22, 2001
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Sean Townsend
Welcome to Sean Townsend Fandom! Here, fans can expression their admiration and fandom for the talented gymnast, 2000 Olympian, and 2001 National Champion, Sean Townsend.
We remember Sean from the 2000 Olympics, where he proved he can compete with the best.
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In the beginning of 2001, Sean demonstrated his competitive spirit as he almost edged out 5-time National Champion Blaine Wilson, only losing to him by .2 of a point at the American Cup, the year's first glimpse of the New Code of Points. Just recently, Sean won the 2001 National title, and is the dubbed leader of the US Men's team at the upcoming 2001 Worlds, in Ghent, Belgium.
Although Athens 2004 is a long way, Sean is definitely going to be contender as he's already proven to be USA's top male gymnast.

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