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How to tie on a "String Loop"

Here's a basic illustration to help you with those frustrating string loops. You want to start by installing a nocking point as you normally would. If you like, you can now snap a nock on the string and install a second nocking point under the nock. It is not necessary to have a nocking point above AND below, that's just one way to do it. To add your string loop, start with a 4 1/2" piece of 1/8th-inch diamond braided nylon cord. Fray the ends slightly, then melt the fibers just enough to get a nice mushroom, as this will keep the knots from slipping. Tie the loop on as shown in fig.1. Once you get it fairly tight, check to see if an adjustment needs to be made to your starting length. After you get it on your bowstring, make sure you cinch it down tightly by running a screwdriver into the loop and pulling with enough force to seat the knots. Fig.2 shows the installed loop using two, 'tie-on' nocking points (I prefer tie-on's over brass crimps). Like I said, this is just one way to install a loop and you can play around with one, two, or no nocking points to come up with what works best for you.

Good Luck!

Fig. 1Fig. 2

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