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Hunting, Fishing, Outdoor Links

Hawaii DLNR/Hunting and Fishing RegulationsHawaii State Division of Forestry

The Fishing Fool's Homepage - Texas Style!
Captina Archery - The best, torque-free, after-market bow handles made!
Adventure Angling - HUGE fishing site, lots of links too.
Aqua Blue Maui - You gotta see this stuff. If you make your own fishing lures, this material will blow you away!
the Bowsite - Knowledge base, forums, tips, 3D info, recipes. - Great site for lightweight gear, lots of product reviews.
Cabelas - Everybody loves Cabelas. - On-line bowhunting magazine, catalog, forums, chats.
Fishing with Shelley & Courtney - Vancouver-based TV show. - Charter info, photo album, tackle shop.
Garmin - Lost your owners manual? Download a copy here.
Hawaii Fishing News - On-line magazine.
Hawaii Hunter Education - Good info on hunting regulations in Hawaii.
Hotline Charters/Vancouver - Tons of stuff. Outfitter links, hunt swaps, message boards, legislative alerts.
Lady Hunter's Outdoor Page - This girl rocks.
Pope and Young - P&Y's homepage, record book.
Sports Fishing Page of British Columbia - FREE, printable topographical maps for anywhere in the US.

The Maui News - What's happening on Maui? Check it out.

Weather, Tides and Moon Phases - CNN's interactive weather site. - Great interactive site for tides and other related info.
The National Weather Service
Tide Charts - Info from Adventure Angler for selected global locations. - The Weather Channel's interactive site.
WWW Tide and Current Predictor
WMO - World Meteorological Organization. Travelling abroad? Worldwide weather links.
Lunar Outreach Services
Moon Phase Calendar
Native Hawaiian Moon Calendar - Ancient Hawaiian advice for fishing and planting.
Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures

HTML Help Pages
Boogie Jack's - HTML help, free graphics.
Building Web Pages - Beginner and advanced tutorials, free graphics links. - Great site for anything HTML.

Personal Webpages From Members Of The Bowsite
akaWildman AkHunter Archeryrob backwoodsman BB
Big-K Bobo Bowcam BowDad - 1 BowDad - 2
CAL Delores Farmer Don. Evartian G2
Gaunt177 Honcho HOOK IdiotEP
IowaBow irnman jackson Jeff in AL Jeff Strubberg
Jerry/NJ Jim in Ohio JLC John Scifres kybowhunter
Labdad MauiWes Michigander Mike B Mike In PA
Mohican pablo /MA Panhandle Bob Phil Roberthood
Ron Reddon Russ SA Waterloo Sage Buffalo SCB
Scotty Sean7@school Seapig spectr17 SPIDERMAN
SteveInTN Stu - 1 Stu - 2 Stu -3 The Mutt - 1
The Mutt - 2 Thunder Trapper Phil Troy Green wick
wvhunter Yukon Dal's Page Available Available
Thanks to Hunt4life for setting up the Bowsite Member list.

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Hunt -n- Fish Maui
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Carolina Bowhunters

Aqua Blue Maui
Supplier of fine abalone veneer.

Lady Hunter's Outdoor Page

Fair Chase

Palms Travel

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