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Bridleway News

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December 2005

Anti Motorcycle Barrier +Horse Pass

Due to the problems with motorcycles on the Trail Merthyr Council have installed a motorcycle barrier and horse pass at the Ffynon Dwyn entrance to the Trail at Pontsticill for more details contact Tony Gibbs on 01685/727024

September 2005

Bridleway Garth Lane Pant

The decision has been made by the investigating Inspector, the lane is now officially a Bridleway, any concerns or questions regarding the lane should be directed to Rights Of Way Officers Beth Jones or Hannah Raine at Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council on 01685/725000.THIS IS YOUR BRIDLEWAY PLEASE USE IT

August 2005

Bridleway Survey 2005,

It is in every horse riders interest to fill in the online Bridleways Survey Questionnaire that can be found on the home page of this site, all forms filled in will be passed on to Kim Davies who is the local British Horse Societys Access Officer this will help her to campaign for more bridleways

Motorcycle Nuisance Taff and Celtic Trails

There seems to be a huge problem at the moment with off road motorcycles causing problems on the Trails, if you have had experience of this please ring Merthyr Council to complain on 01685/725000, dont forget to also report the incident to the Police

June 2005

Trevithick Trail

It is the intention of the local British Horse Society Access Officer Kim Davies of Abercanaid to have a petition for horse riders to have access to this new trail, contact Merthyr Council Rights Of Way Staff Beth or Hannah to register your interest on 01685/725000

April 6th 2005

Rights Of WAy Questionaire

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council are now asking all users of bridleways footpaths fill in a questionaire under the Countryside And Rights Of Way Act, it is very important to fill it in please contact Merthyr Council Rights Of Way Department on 01685/725000, or you can pick up a questionaire at Harvest Choice Animal Feeds (Clarks Dowlais) Merthyr Tack And Animal Feeds Pontmorlais or Caths Farm Shop Gelligaer Road Trelewis.

March 23 2005

Claimed Bridleway Garth Lane Pant

The decision has now been made by the investigating Inspector, the lane is now officially a Bridleway, any concerns or questions regarding the lane should be directed to Rights Of Way Officers at Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council on 01685/725000.

March 20 2005

Bridleway Abercanaid

The improvment works at the Abercanaid bridleway have now been completed. November 04

Bridleway Abercanaid

The Bridleway that runs from Anthonys Grove Abercanaid and adjacent to the A470 to finish at the bottom entrance to Gethin Woodland Park will be temporarily closed due to essential improvment works at Webbers Pond, for further information contact Merthyr Council Rights Of Way Officers Beth or Hannah on 01685/725000

Taff Trail

The section of trail that runs South from Pontygwaith bridge at Quakers for approx. 1 mile is due to be re:surfaced starting on 8 th November and finishing on 31 st January 05, there will be a detour in place taking you up past the Giants bite this will be signposted

September 2 nd

The bridleway gate and anti motorcycle barrier at the Caeracca Lane at Pant has now been installed today any problems experienced please contact me as soon as possible on 07779452029 click here to see photo

July 2004

The bridleway gate and anti motorcycle barrier for the Caeracca Lane at Pant has been delivered to the Contractor and will soon be installed

July 2004

Hot off the press it seems that the dispute regarding the Garth Lane at Pant has been resolved, it will soon be a BRIDLEWAY, many thanks to all who put in the hard work

July 2004

Due to the problems of escaping horses from Pengarnddu Common above Pant via the unclassified lane it was temporarily closed by way of a barrier, funding has now been found and a bridleway gate along with an anti motorcycle barrier is soon to be installed

March 2004

There have been several complaints with regards to motorcycles causing problems on the Taff Trail and Gethin Woodland Park, if you experience any problems yourself please ring the Police to complain, or contact Merthyr Council Officers on 01685/725356 or mobile 07779452029.


New Bridleway From Ynysfach Linking To The Taff Trail At Rhydycar

We now have another official Bridleway thanks to Merthyr Council Rights Of Way Department, under new powers allocated to them they can now shortcut the old long winded system that used to be in place, this new power only applies to bridleways and footpaths on Council owned land


Taff Trail

The anti horse riding brigade on the Trail are getting restless yet again, I would be gratefull if anyone who uses the Trail on horse back sign my guestbook so that I can try and find numbers of users to put to the Local Council Rights Of Way Department, please remember that the Trail running through Merthyr is a claimed Bridleway, and its official status is a permissive bridleway.

September 7 th 2003

Long Distance And Fun Ride

There has been an interest shown from the Rhiddid Riding Club based in Cardiff to hold a long distance and Fun Ride here in The Valleys,it is intended to hold the ride on 3rd August start times to be confirmed shortly.

The route will be ridden prior to the ride on Saturday 5 th of July with club officialls starting at Blaen Morlais Farm Pengarnddu at 10.0 am estimated time of return 2.0 - 2.30 all are welcome. (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT AN ORGANISED RIDE ALL RIDERS WILL RIDE AT THEIR OWN RISK)for further information either leave an e mail, or telephone 07779452029 before 4.0 pm Mon - Fri.

The route of the ride will be the Dowlais to Talybont circular ride approx 20 miles of spectacular scenery with a terrain to challenge the most adventurous rider, for riders who want a more sedate ride there will be a fun ride,this will take the same initial route as the long distance only leaving out the "hill climb" this route is approx. 10 miles. Secure parking for horseboxes and vehicles will be provided at Blaen Morlais Farm Pengarnddu by kind permission of Mr Paul Brogden owner of Merthyr Salvage.

The ride will take in Talybont Reservoir,forestry ride (Taff Trail), rest stop at Dolygaer Outdoor Pursuits Centre, Pontsticill Reservoir, and return to Blaen Morlais Farm,if anyone is interested in coming along then please E:mail me or leave a message at Harvest Choice Equestrian Supplies (Clarks Animal Feeds) Pant Industrial Estate,Merthyr Tack And Animal Feeds Pontmorlais, or Caths Farm Shop Gelligaer Road Trelewis.

March 2003

New page added, Clarks Animal Feeds Dowlais have been supplying the Merthyr Tydfil Valleys, (and further afield) for many years, they have now opened a brand new shop at their premises called Harvest Choice, they now also sell an extensive range of Equestrian Products from a saddle to a hoof pick, please visit their web page at this site.

Stop Press. ( January 2003 )

New Council Grazing Policies(Jan 2003)

The Council (Merthyr Council) have introduced new grazing policies to be enforced this year, this now means that land onced rented by people for 30 years or more will now go out to tender on the open market, there is not enough room on this web page for me to give all the details, although I can say that myself and other graziers in the Dowlais Top Area have allready contacted local Ward Councillors to arrange a site meeting to discuss the matter, I would suggest that anyone experiencing the same problem , to either contact their local Ward Members or to contact my self to discuss the matter on your behalf.

The much needed Horse And Rider Warning Signs for Abercanaid have at last gone up, it,s been over a year since the first complaint to The Council, however they are now in place,the signs for Trelewis will hopefully go up soon. (No such luck with Caerphilly Council)

If anyone wants to add an item to this Newsletter, whether it is a moan, groan or whatever, please either contact myself or leave a message at Caths Farm Stores Trelewis, Clarks Animal Feeds Dowlais, or the new Dowlais Community Forum Offices at Spring Street Dowlais.


Sorry to harp on, but I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep everyone up to date with current news, especially if they are not on e:mail, as I have said below, I am hoping to try to get funding to help with things like producing a hard copy newsletter, with 90 names and addresses currently on my data base it can get quite expensive, I can apply for funding from our British Horse Society Regional Committee only the ammounts that can be given are reletavely small so Sponsorship of any kind will be a great help.

Cilsanwys Golf Course Locked Bridleway Gate Update

I have recieved an e:mail from Merthyr Council Rights Of Way Staff, that they have recieved a letter from Cilsanwys Golf Course Secretary Mr Viv Price appologising that the gate had been locked and that it would not be locked again,so far they are keeping to their promise.

Fun Ride From Gurnos Farm 14 July 2002

The fun ride went well with approx. 80 riders taking part, the weather was perfect and the riders , some from as far as Swansea, Neath,and more locally Gurnos, Galon Uchaf, Dowlais. Everyone put in a tremendous effort to ensure the ride went well,with special thanks to Gloria and Gwyn Parry and their team of volunteers for organising a perfect day

Riders from outside of the Borough went away with memories of a tremendous day along with some of the most spectacular views over the Brecon Beacons National Park and of Merthyr Tydfil itself, of the riders I spoke to they all want to return to see more of the spectacular countryside we here in The Valleys have to offer.

To see some of the photographs taken on the day please please click here.

Warning Signs / Caerphilly Council

I have recieved an e:mail today from Ron Davies Assembly Member for Caerphilly in reply to my e:mail to Caerphilly Council asking yet again for them to reply to my previous e:mails regarding Horse And Rider Warning signs between Trelewis and Nelson, he has said that he would chase up the matter.

Cilsanwys Golf Course 3rd July

The problem with the locked bridleway gate at the Golf Course has hopefull been resolved, Merthyr Council Rights Of Way Officer Beth Johnson contacted the Secretary of the course Mr Viv Price after my complaint, he has assured them that the lock and chain has been removed from the gate and will not be put on again, he is appharently going to write to the Council to confirm this, I have asked for a copy of the letter.

Garth Lane Pant 3rd July 2002

After 12 long years of negociation regarding the claimed footpath and bridleway at Garth Lane Pant, unfortunately, two and a half years ago I contacted local riders who have appharently ridden the lane for many years and distributed to them the relevant claim forms to have the lane added to the definitive map, however the forms were never returned, since then the evidence forms from the walkers flooded in along with a 300 named petition, therfore the lane was soon to become a footpath,however after a local press release describing the order, locals have got together to try yet again to re:claim our Heritage and have the lane designated as a bridleway.

For further information at this moment please contact me via this site or telephone 01685/374042 until further details can be obtained.

New Pony Club July 2nd

A new Pony Club has been formed in the Treharris/Trelewis/ Bedlinog area, it is called The Taff Valley Riding Club. For further details contact

Committee Members

Chairman Nigel Bannister 01443

Secretary Karen Cove 01443/411404

Treasurer Teressa Hawley 01443/451978

Amanda Jones 01443/411161

Health And Safety Heather 01443/413282

Dowlais Community Forum 24 June 2002

I attended a meeting today with members of the Dowlais Community Forum, along with Ward Councillors John Pritchard and Phil Owen along with a representative from Merthyr And Cynon Groundwork Trust. The reason for the meeting was, Groundwork Trust are seeking funding from the contractors that are currently running the Trecatti Ash Tip( Biffa) to improve the environment for residents of Dowlais Top. As part of the improvment works it was discussed and agreed by members to provide bridleways, pathways, and generally improve the area, it is hoped that the bridleway will run from the rear of New Houses Dowlais Top through Mc Donalds Showfield and run generally South to the rear of Redrow Houses, O.P Chocolates,Pelican Print, and exit adjacent to Mount View on the bottom of the Goat Mill Road. This is obviously subject to funding being obtained. This would create another safe off road route that would take riders away from the heavy traffic on the Dowlais High Street and the Goat Mill Road


The Horse And Rider Warning signs for Abercanaid and Trelewis have arrived, Merthyr Council are now to arrange to put them up.

Bedlinog and Trelewis Community Council (June 2002.)

I have contacted via e:mail Mr Evan Thomas of the Bedlinog and Trelewis Community Council,I have also spoken to Councillor Helen Thomas regarding the possibility of The Community Council helping with funding to produce a hard copy Newsletter that can be distributed to anyone interested in the area. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR A REPLY.

Cilsanwys Golf Course Cefn Coed (June 2002)

Myself and other riders have tried to ride the bridleway that goes through the Golf Course over the last two weeks, last week the gate was locked by the Golf Club although we found an official with a key,this week I again tried to ride the route only to find the gate was again locked, the matter was reported straight away to Brecon Beacons National Park Rights Of Way Officer Mr Eifion Jones, and Merthyr Council Rights Of Way Officer Mr Meirion Williams.

National Park had no knowledge of why the gate was locked, as did Merthyr Council, I have again e:mailed Merthyr Council( with copies to Ward Councillors Alan Baynham,Mike Vaughn, Leon Stanfield, and Les Elliot) who are responsible for this bridleway to ask them to serve notice on the Golf Club to not only ask them to unlock the gate but to remove the lock and chain so this can not happen again.

Communities First Area Bedlinog and Trelewis (June 2002)

I believe there is to be an informal meeting with Council Officers who are responsible for the regeneration of the area, this will be a great oppurtunity for local riders to go along and make their views known on facilities for equestrians in the area, please contact Cath in the Farm Stores on Gelligaer Road for further information.

Road Signs Caerphilly (March) 2002)

I had a site meeting with Robert Campell of Caerphilly Council Highways Department, and Meirion Williams Highway Officer from Merthyr Tydfil Council regarding a request from local riders to have horse and rider warning signs on the road from Trelewis to Nelson,Merthyr Council have agreed to provide signs on their side of the County boundary, however Caerphilly Council are not prepared to provide signs on their side (Nelson), Mr Campell referred to the official ruling on erecting signs on the highway and in his oppinion the criteria laid down was not met.(Jobsworth)

Road Signs Caerphilly (Accident)(May 2002)

I was contacted by riders that there had been an accident on the road from Trelewis to Nelson as mentioned in the above article, where five riders were riding from the stables in Trelewis crossing the Highway bridge to Nelson when a car being driven from the Trelewis area ploughed in to the back of the last horse on the bridge two cars being driven behind subsequently went into the back of the first car, after the drivers shouted abuse at the riders they exchanged details with the other drivers (Not Horse Riders) then drove off, miracously the rider or horse were not physically injured only very badly shaken up.

I Have again contacted Caerphilly Council to make them aware of the accident and they have suggested I write in yet again asking them to reconsider their previous comments regarding the signs, rather than go through the same process yet again with the same Highways Oficer, who in my oppinion is of as much use as a Chocolate Teapot, I have e:mailed their Cabinet Member for Highways John Taylor(Local Councillor) on 6 th June 2002 who is responsible for this matter urging him to provide adequate road signage to hopefully prevent a fatal accident occuring, I also intend to meet the local Inspector of Police to seek his support in the matter. If this fails then the next step is to contact The National Assembly For Wales, I hope this will not be nessasary for such a trivial matter of providing one sign

Road Signs Caerphilly (Accident)(June 2002) I have e:mailed Assembly Member Ron Davies today 10 June 2002 to seek his support for horse and rider warning signs.

Annual Ride

The time is here again to have our annual ride, last year we went to Talybont (see the photos on this site) this years date and venue hasnt been decided yet if anyone is interested please contact me.

Sponsor Wanted

I am hoping to produce a newsletter soon in hard copy for those people that have filled in the bridleway survey forms that do not have access to the internet, at the moment I have had approx. 70 returns an approx. cost would be 20 - 30 pounds, if anyone knows of a possible sponsor please e:mail me, the sponsors logo and details can be included in the newsletter, also sponsors can have a full page advert if required with no extra charge to them.

New Web Site Name

I have re named the site with a shorter easier to remember(I hope)web address, you can still use the old one as well it is

New Page Added To Web Site

I have added a For Sale Or Wanted page to the site, this service is free of charge please e:mail me with any items you wish to add.

Bridleway At Abercanaid

Further to the complaint below regarding the accident with the motorbike, Merthyr Council have contacted Glamorgan Engineering Consultancy who are responsible for the missing gates, they have agreed to replace the gates as soon as possible.

Communities First

A meeting took place today 25 March 2002 between myself,Juliet Morris B.H.S representative for Rhondda Cynon Taff and Dave Hart of Merthyr And Cynon Groundwork Trust, the reason for the meeting is that Dave is looking to secure funding from Communities First to link existing bridleroutes from outside of Merthyr Borough to routes allready in Merthyr to link to specific areas of interest,ie. Millenium Park Trelewis,Dolygaer Outdoor Pursuits Centre, Livery Stables, Pubs where riders can have a meal,B+B and Hotels this will obviously boost equestrian tourism in the Valleys.

Bridleway At Abercanaid

I have been contacted by a rider from Abercanaid complaining that while out riding the bridleway that runs adjacent to the A470 above Anthonys Grove heading North towards Pitwood House, she came accross youths riding a motorcycle towards her at speed, they did not slow down and this resulted in the horse going sideways pushing the rider into a wooden post and injuring herself, although not seriously injured this time it may not be the same story next time, I have contacted Merthyr Council Corporate Chief Officer Gary Thomas, and the Rights Of Way Department regarding the missing gates at either end of this bridleway, and also missing gates on the bridleway heading South of Anthonys Grove, if you experience any problems with motorcycles please report the matter to the Council Rights Of Way Department on 01685/725000 ask for either Meirion Williams or Beth Johnson, or you can contact me and I will contact them on your behalf.

Bridleways Within Merthyr Tydfil

I have listed below lengths of bridleways within Merthyr Tydfil, bordering onto Brecon Beacons National Park, you will probably be amazed at how very little official bridleways we actually have.

Dowlais 177 lin metres = 0.11 miles

Vaynor 5559 lin metres = 3.48 miles

Heolgerrig/ Swansea Rd 57 lin. metres = 0.4 miles

Penyard/Mountain Hare 190 lin. metres = 0.12 miles

Twynyrodyn (Cwymblacs Trotting Track) 1200 lin. metres = 0.75 miles

Bedlinog/Trelewis 8395 lin. metres = 5.22 miles

Abercanaid adj. A470 750 lin. metres = 0.47 miles

Gurnos.(Tramroad from opp. Pen Y Dre School to Pontsarn) 500 lin. metres = 0.31 miles

Ynysfach to Rhydycar No. msmt at the moment

Long Distance Rides

There are several long distance rides within The Valleys that also extend to the Brecon Beacons National Park these rides range in distance from approx.5,7,9,15, up to 25 miles all are circular with some fantastic scenery, we are prepared to take riders out if required, or provide plans please e:mail me for details.

Taff Trail

It is generally accepted by The Local Authority and other Landowners that horse riders use the trail without experiencing many problems, the signs that read No Horse Riding in the Trefechan and Pontsticill area have been removed this will avoid confusion and possible confrontation by other users.

Taff Trail Pontsticill Improvment Works

Works have been carried out by Merthyr Council Parks Section to the area from Ffynon Dwyn to the Seven Arches Pontsarn, the works included new drainage, fencing, cutting back the overhanging trees, to the improvment of the wooden bridleway gate just below Ffynon Dwyn they have installed a new kind of equestrian gate catch that can be easily opened either way from the saddle, and is also disabled friendly so it can be opened from the wheelchair as well, please check it out and let me know your is also in our interest to be curtious to other users when riding the trail, if you experience any problems while using the trail or have any suggestions that may improve your visit there at a later date please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Merthyr Council Rights Of Way Officers on 01685/725000.

Taff Trail Ponsticill Motorbike Nuisance

There seems to be an increase in the number of off road motorcycles, mostly trial bikes, using the woodland areas between the Seven Arches and Ffynon Dwyn Pontsticill,please be carefull when riding this area.

Taff Trail(Section From Pontygwaith Bridge To Woodlands)

After contacting Merthyr Angling Club who own the section of trail that runs from above Pontygwaith Bridge and ends at the rear of Woodlands Quakers Yard, they have agreed (In Writing) that horse riders can use this section providing they respect other users and close gates where they are provided, I am sure all horse riders would respect this request as failure to do so will probably mean permission will be removed,please remember this short link is essential in the provision of a long distance bridleway, PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE IT.

Millenium Park Trelewis

I have recieved complaints regarding the metal bridge that has been installed on the bridleway at The Millenium Park in Trelewis,I have contacted the Groundwork Trust who are overseeing the project and they have been in touch with the Consultants that installed the bridge, I believe works to date have only included the re:surfacing of the bridges using a concrete type compound, if anyone has used the bridges please let me know your views.

Pennalta Park Caerphilly

I have been contacted by riders in the Trelewis and Nelson area regarding horse riding on the Celtic Trail heading North towards the Millenium Park and South towards Pennalta Park, I have contacted both Merthyr Council and Caerphilly Council regarding the queries, while Merthyr is quite supportive of equestrian use in general and more or less accept that riders use the trail heading North towards the Millenium Park, Caerphilly take a slightly different stance in that the pathway that runs to Penallta Park is not suitable for both horse riders and cyclists (although I believe riders do use the path ?)I have had a reply from Caerphilly Council, click here to see their reply.

Horse and Rider Warning Signs

I was contacted some time ago by riders from Abercanaid and Trelewis who were concerned with vehicles on the roads not expecting to come accross horse and riders, Merthyr Council and Caerphilly Council were contacted regarding the possibility of erecting signs,both Merthyr and Caerphilly have agreed to provide signs at key locations throughout the Borough at the moment two sites have been identified they are Abercanaid and near the stables below the Car Sales at Trelewis, if there are concerns with other areas please contact me.

Nant Morlais Project

Consultants have been appointed to carry out a feasability study of the Nant Morlais Culvert that runs from above Abercanaid through Cwymblacs Site, Newland Park(East Merthyr Phase 2)through the old Ivor Tip,Nant Morlais Caeracca rear of Glanmorlais Pant heading North towards the Twynyu Mountain and Brecon Mountain Railway.The reason for the study is to see if it was possible to create a bridleway/footpath, cycleway that would then link in to existing bridleways there is a meeting to take place 5 February 2002 at 6.30 pm at St Illtyds School Dowlais

Bridleway Survey Questionnare

Please take the time to fill in the on line Bridleways Questionare form on this site, the information recorded can then be analised,from this we will hopefully have some idea of a rider count of the Borough this information is essential when negociating with the Local Authority and private landowners access onto or crossing their land.

Forms are also available from Caths Farm Stores by the Shinrig Estate Trelewis, Clarks Animal Feeds Dowlais, completed forms can either be returned to the shops or telephone me and I will arrange for them to be picked up.

Bridleway Queries

If anyone has any concerns regarding bridleways or what they consider to be a bridleway please do not hesitate to contact me,problems may range from locked gates,gates difficult to open or close, overgrown vegetation etc.

Tramroad Nant Y Fedw Bedlinog

I have been contacted by riders in the Bedlinog and Trelewis area regarding the locked gate on what they consider to be a bridleway that leads from below Nant Fedw to Pendica, this is not an official bridleway I have been in touch with Merthyr Council Rights Of Way Department,they have said that it has only been claimed as a footpath therfore we need to gather as much evidence as possible from people who have ridden the lane over the years,please contact me for further information and a evidence claims form if required. if you want to contact Merthyr Council Rights Of Way yourself to put your points forward please do so . ring 01685/725000 and ask for either Meirion Williams Rights Of Way Officer.

If you would like to add an item to this newsletter then please contact me either by email or telephone 01685/374042

Please lobby your Local Ward Councillors to emphasise your views on Bridleways in general as well as our right to ride the Celtic Trail and the Taff Trail.

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