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Biographical Sketch:


Hello my name is Ron Watkins.  I am a Born Again Rocketeer and live in Pinckney, Michigan.  I have been married to my wife Shirley for 50 years. We have three children, five grandchildren and one very spoiled cat.  I am a retired insurance executive.

I have been building and flying model rockets since the 1960's. There are 450 rockets in my current active fleet from the following manufacturers: AAA Model Aviation, Aerospace Specialty Products, Aerotech, Apogee Components, Balsa Machining Service, Centuri, Composite Dynamics, Cox, Crown Rocket Technology, Custom Rockets, DynaStar Rockets, Estes, Flight Systems, FlisKits, Holverson Designs, LOC Precision, MPC, MRC, North Coast, Quest, Rocketarium, Rocketman, Rocket Vision, Semroc Astronautics, Sunward Aerospace Group, Thrustline Aerospace and Vaughn Brothers. There are 20 rockets that have been lost or retired.  I have built and flown some rockets of my own design and have recreated several out of production kits. Like most model rocket enthusiasts I also have several kits waiting to be built.

This webpage has flight logs of 960 of my model rocket flights dating back to 1973.  Many thanks to Buzz Nau and Eldred Pickett from the Jackson Model Rocketry Club for providing many of the launch photos that appear on this website in addition to my personal photos.

I am a member of the National Association of Rocketry (#31475) and the Jackson Model Rocketry Club in Jackson, Michigan.

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Favorite Links:
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Homer Hickam (October Sky) National Museum of the USAF
Kennedy Space Center Rocketry Associations
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Michigan Rocketry Rocketry Newsgroups
NASA Smithsonian Air & Space Museum
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