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Flying Fields

My rocket launches occur at five fields.  I am a member of the Jackson Model Rocketry Club.  They have three flying fields:  Graves Farm Campground (adjacent to the Michigan International Speedway) and Horning Farm Field #1 and Horning Farm Field # 2.  That's where I fly my mid-power rockets (F and above) and several of my low power rockets.

Horning Farm Field #1 and Horning Farm Field # 2 are farm fields on the outskirts of Manchester, MI.  Mr. Horning allows us to fly on his farm fields after his crops are harvested.

Graves Farm Campground

Horning Farm Field # 1

Horning Farm Field # 2

I am also a member of HUVARS.  Regular monthly launches are conducted at Lyon Township Park in New Hudson, Michigan.

Lyon Township Park

The remainder of my rocket flying (A-E engines) is done at Manly Bennett Field in Hamburg Township, MI.  This field is just a few miles from where I live.  It is a large open field consisting of 184 acres.

Manly Bennett Field

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