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Intelligence is Defined, as
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‘ the Ability to Connect to Relevant Data:i
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You are capable of Feeling where to look for data, and you can Sense the relevance and vitality of data
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— even in an ocean of data —
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by means of your Life Energy.
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This is also, how Feeling for relevant memories is working — as you know.
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Koos Nolst Trenite – human rights philosopher   (2011)        


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Human Rights Philosopher and Poet

'Cause Trinity'

Koos Nolst Trenité

'Nolst Trenite' Coat of Arms

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primary conclusion:

secondary conclusion:

N'ot to proliferate all of the most vital, the most im­por­tant, the most power­ful and the most truth­ful data, but to cen­sor these – such an at­ti­tu­de – de­fines Crimi­nal Mind or Socio­path.*

My data are by very far the most vital, the most im­port­ant, the most power­ful and the most truth­ful data, on Earth and beyond.

Their value can be measured in multiples of Gross National Products.

T'hat you do not even get the very normal idea, to as­sist me in this spe­ci­fical­ly,

let alone that you, as is most expected, do con­nect to your in­ten­se de­si­re to do so, for the Beau­ty and Joy and Pri­de, that that de­si­re con­tains and ra­dia­tes – if you con­nect to it – but your lack­ing in that...

can be understood as you having been, and generally, as your being that severe­ly Decei­ved and Hyp­no­ti­zed by Crimi­nal Minds or Socio­paths,

to such a dire depth, that you cannot Recog­nize true Friends, and that in­stead you in­deed Ad­mire true Ene­mies (Socio­paths),

with the result – intended by those Criminal Minds or “well-adjust­ed” Socio­paths – that you are lack­ing that incon­cei­va­bly in Sanity* and in Intel­li­gence,* and that you will even­tual­ly get bog­ged down in va­ri­ous dis­eas­es, too,

because you have been (and continue to be) that false­ly “edu­ca­ted” – by them and by their experts – “about Life.”

D' o not put me on a pedestal, but be a friend* to me, and a partner in (doing) Good (things).

To be more a friend, means to be less hyp­no­tized (and – be­cause you un­wit­ting­ly re­lay force­ful hyp­no­tism al­ways on­to any others too – you are then hyp­no­tizing others also less) so in the first place, you need to de­fi­ne that cor­rect­ly:

{definition} ‘Hypnotized’

‘Having Awareness, Perception, Feelings, Ideas and Pur­po­ses EN­FORCED on you and dis­tort­ed for you, by the Sociopaths and their helpers’ –

which is brought about by these im­mer­sing you in - that is, by their in­flict­ion on you of - the cor­res­pond­ing, Harm­­ful Life En­er­gies, that car­ry such dis­tort­ing Feel­ings and Ideas to enforce, etc. – (that means, with their Harm­­ful Life En­­er­­gy Part­­ic­les or ‘Bad En­er­gies,’ the So­cio­paths are) en­­forc­ing or dis­­tort­­ing or block­­ing your own and others’ A­wa­re­­ness, Per­­cep­t­ion, Think­­ing, etc..
{definition end}

The remedy is of course, to take the effort to find what is not your own, and who is the source of that, what is enforced on you or in­si­nu­a­ted in you, and to search for and find back, what is or would be your own, and so to cre­­­­ate, and de­mand of your­self also to use, your own En­er­gy any act­ion, any thought and feel­ing - how would you, real­ly your­self, feel about this - and use that in your choice of pur­po­ses and goals.

Also, true friends and other de­cent, ca­ring peo­ple LOVE you to be your­self.

This is especially important for bright and ca­ring, lo­ving child­ren, to be allow­ed to be con­nect­ed to who they are them­­sel­­ves.

And indeed, Sociopaths can be recognized by their (open or hid­den) HATE when these see peo­ple (and children) who are free­ly be­ing them­sel­ves and not hyp­no­ti­zed in­to so­cial o­be­di­en­ce or so­ci­al blind­ness.

T,here are– then be­com­ing ob­vi­ous – three ca­te­go­ries of people on Earth:

1. Those – the ge­ne­ral pub­lic – who WANT them­sel­ves and others to be more cle­ver­ly and more deep­ly hyp­no­ti­zed – and as part of any clever and deep hyp­no­tism, com­ple­te un­a­wa­re­ness of be­ing hyp­no­tiz­ed, must be in­flict­ed of course, too – IN ORDER “better” to en­joy a fake Life with each other.

They are served by hypnotizing each other, and their de­si­res are ve­ry for­ce­ful­ly obli­ged by (2.):

2. Those who DEMAND, that others must re­main hyp­no­tiz­ed, and be hyp­no­tiz­ed more deep­ly and more cle­ver­ly — in order to make it pos­si­ble for all others to live to­ge­ther with them, and then best with them in charge,

for everybody to “enjoy” a fake Life in which you must be­friend them (the "well-adjust­ed" So­cio­paths) as if the­se “are nor­mal peo­ple” – by ma­king these un­re­cog­ni­zed by you, or un­re­cog­ni­zed and not un­der­stood by the hyp­no­ti­zed crowds in ge­ne­ral:

Eve­ry­one “must” be hyp­no­ti­zed, to bring about a “Uni­fi­ca­tion” of all peo­ple on Earth un­der the same kind of hyp­no­tism - like be­com­ing a “bro­ther­hood” or a “fa­mi­ly of all peo­ple:”

or hypnotized into being “en­light­en­ed,” or ha­ving to “bring eve­ry­one to the same con­vict­ion or faith,”

or hypnotized in­to “the so­lu­tion to Life's suf­fer­ing is, that eve­ry­one must di­mi­nish and sup­press the de­si­re to en­joy Li­fe,”

“All Peo­ple Will Be Bro­thers” ...uni­ted in an “Ode To Joy”... whe­re “Peace Will Be With You, Or Up­on You and Up­on Eve­ry­one.” [DOP]

Everyone must be hyp­no­tized, that is, into ”en­joy­ing“ a fake, false Life to­ge­ther – a pre­ten­se of Life:

with in fact no peace at all, and no lov­ing fa­mi­ly to­ge­ther either – but where in­stead, all is fake and a lie – a dic­ta­tor­ship in one form or other.

This kind of “Life,” is constantly de­man­ded by the “well-ad­just­ed” So­cio­paths, by their friends and by their blind fol­low­ers – and they claim, that “they are ‘the so­ci­ety’.”

They even claim to be “ra­tio­nal” and “scien­ti­fic,” or they en­for­ce so­me re­li­gi­ous or po­li­ti­cal dog­ma – what­ever they have the most chan­ce with.

They are op­po­sedby (3.), here below:

3. Those who want to be LESS hyp­no­ti­zed, them­sel­ves, and who want others to be LESS hyp­no­ti­zed, too,

so that peo­ple can be mo­re them­sel­ves, and do crea­te Beau­ty and Lo­ve and Ca­ring sup­port for each other, na­tu­ral­ly,

and so that people are not sup­port­ing tho­se who de­stroy peo­ple's joy of Li­fe, but be­co­me less hyp­no­ti­zed,

thus to en­joy real Life to­ge­ther – fol­low­ing the na­tu­ral pur­po­se by which one want­ed to en­ter and did en­ter Life in the first place.

And this (the goal to make others become less hyp­no­ti­zed) you do al­so find qui­te na­tu­ral­ly – put in va­ri­ous word­ings – as the sta­ted goal in most media-, edu­ca­tio­nal- or go­vern­ment-type in­sti­tu­tions, and an­cho­red in the Con­sti­tu­tion of any coun­try.

Bliss­ful­ly do they omit to men­tion the crowd – now still the ma­jo­ri­ty of peo­ple – who want (1.):

‘To “enjoy” Life by be­ing hyp­no­ti­zed – into (for them by the So­cio­paths se­lect­ed and en­forc­ed) Un­aw­are­ness and Blind­ness and lack of Me­mo­ry:’

the ‘Comfort Zone.’

And those media- or educational- or go­vern­ment-type in­sti­tu­tions (as well as any and all self-help and re­li­gious gu­rus, too – those people are even more bliss­ful­ly omitting it – they) are omit­ting to men­tion (2.):

the hun­dred mil­lion or so So­cio­paths li­ving on Earth, who do not me­re­ly wish, but who are ve­ry act­i­ve in de­man­ding, that “All peo­ple must be cle­ver­ly and for­ce­ful­ly hyp­no­ti­zed and fal­se­ly ‘edu­ca­ted’ and ‘in­for­med’,” in or­der

for all people to be able to “en­joy li­ving to­ge­ther” with them, with a hun­dred mil­lion un­re­cog­ni­zed So­cio­paths – to make these ac­cept­ed –

ac­cept­ed as “be­ing nor­mal peo­ple, hard work­ing and in­flu­ent­ial people, and best put in char­ge of the group, or in char­ge of scien­ce, and so­me of the­se to pre­si­de over a who­le coun­try.”

You can how­ever read in any Human Rights Issue, that it is not pos­si­ble to be friends with So­cio­paths matter how well you are hyp­no­ti­zed.

(26 Feb 2013)
minor revisions on 23 November 2013)


‘That indeed, has now to be understood by you, 
what I* already told you two and a half thou­sand years ago:*
You are living in a spi­ri­tual–per­cept­io­nal “Cave”
that is crea­ted and fier­ce­ly main­tain­ed by the So­cio­paths.’

The basis of Philosophy

Truth is defined in your soul as 'that what hap­pen­ed and who cau­sed it with what in­ten­tion'— you likely still know this, or maybe you have to realize it again.

The mo­ment something hap­pen­ed or is in­ten­ded, it be­co­mes part of The Crea­tion, and can not be e­ra­sed: It de­mon­stra­bly re­mains for­ever ac­ces­si­ble to Per­cep­tion by any­one. And indeed:

Truth is absolute, naturally – it is only the degree of Perception, that may make Truth seem “personal,” “relative” or even “contradictory.”  [CSTC]

Put in real-life practice:

I' n fact it is so, that Criminal Minds are really the only true Ene­mies – it is only these, who al­ways have been true En­emies, and it is these who al­ways will be the only true Ene­mies: [ODE]

Knowing this, makes peace now actually possible.  [NOW] [DOP] [FIL]

So­cio­paths, the­se are call­ed also, and a hun­dred mil­lion of the­se in­di­vi­du­als are li­ving on Earth.

(That many there are ‘living’ on Earth; mean­ing, we can't count and estimate those who are de­ceas­ed and now not born but who are not less ac­ti­ve Ener­ge­ti­cal­ly and – be­ing de­ceas­ed – are not real­ly re­strain­ed by so­ci­al obli­ga­tions.)

And these en­joy to do­mi­na­te, to harm or in one way or other to de­stroy Life and peo­ple and to take vital Life En­er­gy away from peo­ple, from you too — and they are do­ing so as much as you al­low them to, or while you are not even de­tect­ing them do­ing so but false­ly as­sign other things as “cau­sing the suf­fer­ing” that you may see or will be­come awa­re of.

I' In order for the Sociopaths to be what these consider “effective” in the society, and to re­main un­de­tect­ed by you or others, the So­cio­paths (the Cri­mi­nal Minds) are re­strain­ing them­sel­ves into “be­ing so­cial­ly well-adjust­ed”— to be res­pect­ed pro­fes­sio­nal­ly, and to avoid be­ing jail­ed.

And they adjust or transform the society itself, to make everybody fit them, they are ad­apt­ing the so­cie­ty, their group, their fa­mi­ly of course al­so — and, in or­der to be sup­port­ed and thus un­hin­der­ed in bring­ing a­bout de­struct­ion of as ma­ny peo­ple as pos­si­ble, they do ad­just their coun­try by as­sign­ing Evil to good peo­ple, they even align coun­tries to form an ‘Axis of Evil,’  [WPWW]

they do adjust the society, also by what they de­mand “is ra­tio­nal science” using their brand of “ra­tio­na­li­ty” – that they fe­ro­ci­ous­ly main­tain by the method of ex­clu­ding all re­le­vant and ve­ry a­vail­able, most vi­tal da­ta (da­ta that, by the way, will ex­po­se them),  [DOI] [NWBW] [MDSF]

in short, they do as you can ex­pect from Cri­mi­nal Minds.

Well, you probably read de­tect­ive sto­ries and watch thril­lers (that you are so fond of, and spend so much mo­ney and ti­me on) be­cau­se the wri­ters (by omit­ting in their sto­ries to point out the na­tu­re of Harm­ful Life En­er­gies, the wri­ters) ma­ke you feel mo­re at ease in your ‘Com­fort Zone:’

They do not ‘disrupt the Comfort Zone,’ that is im­po­sed by the So­cio­paths on you and on the so­cie­ty – and that you com­ply with in your think­ing and feel­ing,

that you comp­ly with, in what to Per­cei­ve and what “you can­not Per­cei­ve,” that you com­ply with, in what to Re­mem­ber and what “you can­not Re­mem­ber,”

which your ‘Educational Intelligence’ ex­plains to you in ve­ry ma­te­ria­list­ic terms, as be­ing “nor­mal.” [YEI]

And the ‘New Age’ gurus also do (much more de­li­ca­te­ly but not less ir­ra­tio­nal­ly) ex­plain it to you as be­ing “nor­mal” and as it be­ing “part of the great sche­me of things” — by which they mean, (but they pre­vent you from be­ing A­wa­re of, nor do they hint at, the fact) that that “great sche­me of things” con­sists en­ti­re­ly of the past and pre­sent in­ten­tions and do­ings of So­cio­paths ONLY.

The “bitter” pill of Truth is “too hard to swal­low” (that is how the So­cio­paths and their co­ward­ly sup­port­ers, with all their might make you FEEL about the sim­ple Truth of the mat­ter) be­cau­se:

Sim­ply the Truth about it, would ‘ca­ta­pult you out of the orbit’ of your Com­fort Zone and with that, well out of reach of their Do­mi­na­tion and out of reach of their Hyp­no­tism.

T'hese hundred million Sociopaths living on Earth, are indi­vi­duals with a re­verse con­science: They vam­pi­re on (they trick to ob­tain, they pull, or else they smash away) your and any­one's vi­tal Life Ener­gies including your con­nect­ing-type Life Ener­gy Par­ti­cles that bring about and that main­tain your Awa­re­ness.

And, by the pro­cess of smashing much of these Con­nect­ing Life En­er­gy Par­ti­cles away from you, they great­ly di­mi­nish your a­bi­li­ty to be Awa­re. It is from this ob­ser­va­tion – it is from re­al Li­fe – that you can de­ri­ve the {de­fi­ni­tion} of A­ware­ness.

They sense us as being “a battery or source of Life Energy for con­duct­ing their life,” for their Con­nec­tion and Awa­re­ness En­er­gy and for pro­vi­ding Sen­sa­tions to them — “we are their ‘un­ruly’ live­stock” you might say – that is how they re­gard us and treat us.

They feel, that they ‘own’ us peo­ple like one owns cattle; and with e­qual ea­se they get rid of peo­ple and of someone else's pos­sess­ions: “peo­ple should be re­gard­ed as ani­mals.”

The Sociopaths do that formally also, in­deed, in cur­rent, “ra­tio­nal” Uni­ver­si­ty “scien­ces,” and they have do­ne so through­out the ages (Lu­cre­tius in an­cient Ro­me, for in­stan­ce): They re­gard peo­ple as ani­mals.

You might however consider, that you do not want any coun­try to actual­ly have such an in­di­vi­du­al as its lead­er.  [FIL]

Or in any University, for that matter, one should – for very ob­vious and very ra­tio­nal rea­sons – remove such in­di­vi­du­als from their va­rious and mo­ney-devou­ring de­part­ments of “science” and of “phi­lo­so­phy.” [SHEFP] [RDFDS] [RCM]

Nor­mal peo­ple are completely different – when left un-do­mi­na­ted, un­re­strain­ed and un­mo­lest­ed – nor­mal peo­ple (nine­ty per­cent, the vast ma­jo­ri­ty on Earth) are so­cial, and are gi­ving heal­thy Li­fe Ener­gy to others.

B'y means of deceptive and vio­lent in­flict­ion of Harm­ful En­er­gies,* which are PAR­TI­CLES – of Li­fe Ener­gy that is Al­ter­ed by them to in­flict Harm – with their Harm­ful­ly Al­ter­ed Life Ener­gy,* some hun­dred mil­lion So­cio­pa­thic in­di­vi­du­als are con­stant­ly hit­ting you and any­one.

And they have always done so throughout history — they can not change, and do not want to change it, and they en­cou­ra­ge each other: ta­king pri­de in se­cret­ly or if pos­sible, also open­ly in­flict­ing Evil.  [ODE]

Also thoughts – and so, also their lies – are Life Ener­gy Par­ti­cles that they hit your soul with

– that they limit and in­fluen­ce and so try to domi­na­te your think­ing, your feel­ing and sens­ing, and your emo­tions and ac­ti­vi­ties with –

and thus they manipulate your goals, your actions and your Percep­tions: block­ing and dis­tort­ing and di­vert­ing your life, with­out that you no­ti­ce it at all

while they teach you, that “not they,” but “your brain does it to you” and, that “you only Per­cei­ve what your bo­dy's sen­se or­gans pass on to you:”

That is how inconceivably mean and dead­en­ing­ly ma­li­ci­ous they are – to you, and to any­one. Again: with­out that you (or others) no­ti­ce it at all.* (You need only to open the Health or Science sect­ion of any news media - to read their vast amount of high­ly de­struct­ive lies.)

T'hat part of Life is very easily under­stood – and is then remedied – by know­ing, what ‘stones or bricks’ these throw— what Harm­fully Al­ter­ed Life Ener­gy Par­ti­cles (or as you say, what ‘ne­ga­tive Ener­gy’) these hun­dred mil­lion in­di­vi­duals crea­te and in­flict on you and on any­one.

Basically they inflict four types of Harmful Life Energy or Feel­ings – and any com­bi­na­tion of these feelings, that they in­flict (and have in­flict­ed in the past) – on­to you and in­to your body,

for you to ex­pe­ri­en­ce “as your own” Feel­ings or as your body's “self-gene­ra­ted” Feel­ings – like Pains, or Itches in your body – or al­so (their Black En­er­gy Par­ti­cles, in­flict­ed on­to you as) “your own” Un­con­scious­ness.

The basic four (inflictions of) Harmful Life Energy are:

1. ‘Drugging Euphoria,’ (in non-photon Perception showing as Chalk-White Life Energy Particles)
2. ‘Ugliness,’(in non-photon Perception showing as Brown Life Energy Particles)
3. ‘Unawareness or Unconsciousness,’(in non-photon Perception showing indeed as Black Life Energy Par­ti­cles – as you pro­ba­bly know), and
4. ‘Pain or Hate,’(in non-photon Perception showing as Dark Red Life Energy Particles – as you may have ex­pect­ed)

1. ''and, together with those (1.–4.), they hit you with any

5. ‘Lies intending to make you keep these (1.–4.) Feelings’ – stuck on your soul (in your thoughts) or in your body: By means of lies (which are PAR­TI­CLES as well, thoughts ARE Par­ti­cles) in­flict­ed at the same ti­me with the Feel­ings (that ‘you should not or can not re­mo­ve,’ be­cau­se of these in­flict­ed lies)

lies such as: “you de­ser­ve this some­how,” or “you some­how brought this up­on your­self,” or “your body did ge­ne­ra­te the­se feel­ings, and your brain ge­ne­ra­ted these ideas”

in­deed, they are ma­king all peo­ple what you could call ‘In­con­cei­va­bly In­sa­ne,’ as it is done by the So­cio­paths and their sup­port­ers by means of our cur­rent “scien­ces” of bio­lo­gy and me­di­cine:

Those lies are projected by them together with the Feel­ings of Harm (1-4) that they inflict on you,

Harmful Feelings inflicted on you, which you experience — and “ex­plain” — with­in the fra­me­work of their lies about Life in ge­ne­ral;

and with their “ra­tio­nal scien­ces” great­ly aid­ing them,

by means of the cur­rent “scien­ces” of bio­lo­gy, phy­sics and me­di­cine where the So­cio­paths and their friends do not me­re­ly omit but they do act­ive­ly DE­NY any Life Ener­gy to exist at all,(!)

let a­lo­ne that those So­cio­paths would ad­mit the exist­en­ce of Harm­ful Life Ener­gy — much less could you ex­pect them to admit, that they them­selv­es and si­mi­lar in­di­vi­du­als, do con­stant­ly in­flict Harm­ful Ener­gy on­to others,

and never really, would they admit to you, that they all the time are in fact ta­king a­way healthy Li­fe E­ner­gies from others — can you ima­gi­ne – but so it is, that

they ma­ke you fail to re­mo­ve Harm­ful Life Ener­gy Part­ic­les (1. – 4.) from your soul and from your body.

Also any psychics or mediums (these can, at times, se­lect­ive­ly see some more, of what is there) also they are hit equal­ly, if not more fu­ri­ous­ly so, by the So­cio­paths – hit­ting them with tho­se In­flict­ions (1. - 5.),

re­sult­ing for in­stan­ce in the vast body of ‘New Age’ lies “about Life.”    {definition}

I'n this way, Criminal Minds (the Sociopaths) are confining you (confining your soul, that means of course) — they are keep­ing your Perception,* your Memory,* and your Under­stand­ing wall­ed off,

in order for you to remain “...within the ‘Cave’,“ or if you like, “in­si­de the ‘Spi­ri­tu­al La­by­rinth’,” that the­se – fe­ro­ci­ous­ly and cle­ver­ly, ve­ry in­tri­ca­te­ly and ve­ry un­der­hand­ed­ly – are in­flict­ing, and that the­se main­tain for you: To keep you cut off from the pu­re Life Ener­gy of The Crea­tion [NDG] (which they claim “does not exist),” so that you re­main

in your ‘Mental Comfort Zone’– as you ex­pe­rien­ce it day and night your­self – in­flict­ed by the So­cio­paths since thou­sands upon thou­sands of years, and as it has been most­ly ac­cept­ed by the so­cie­ty.

Over­coming this, re­qui­res con­si­der­able self-disci­pline (not ‘mind­ful act­ion’ etc., etc., etc., but – and for the first time in your and any­one's ex­ist­en­ce, it has now also be­come pos­si­ble – as self-dis­ci­pli­ne) ba­sed on know­led­ge about Life, that must be cor­rect to a very high de­gree of pre­ci­sion.

That is, if you ma­na­ge at all, to crea­te or ac­quire and main­tain that Life Ener­gy, that holds a strong de­si­re to over­come the Harm in­flict­ed, and to win – mo­ti­va­ted by a strong Love for ve­ry ma­ny peo­ple:

to actually win, and thereby re­le­ga­ting any Gold Medal of the Olym­pic Games for “win­ning over others,” to the dee­pest bot­tom of the ocean, in com­pa­ri­son.

Only inching forward, or leaping two feet forward follow­ed by a one foot set­back, gra­du­al­ly sens­ing more and more of the So­cio­paths’ in­flict­ions and how they main­tain the Comfort Zone or Laby­rinth of feel­ings and ideas and for­ces (their Harm­ful Life En­er­gy Par­ti­cles).

Thus, each time you ma­nage to feel and to ana­lyze one or more parts of these, you are sca­ling (climb­ing) the ve­ry force­ful, Ener­ge­tic ‘walls’ as de­scri­bed a­bo­ve (1. – 5.),

and that is NOT pos­si­ble at all by with­draw­ing from Li­fe — not at all (be­cau­se if you with­draw, then you will not be fa­ced with those Harm­ful Ener­gies) — BUT it is by lead­ing and lov­ing Li­fe and peo­ple, that you will be fa­ced with it,

which is quite more fasci­na­ting (and end­less­ly more re­ward­ing) than play­ing a com­pu­ter game, or, at that, than pro­gram­ming a com­pu­ter game – I would with litt­le ef­fort be able to con­vince tho­se, who are cou­ra­ge­ous in Beau­ty and sin­ce­re in Lo­ve for others –

you will over­come de­bi­li­ta­ting and in­ca­pa­ci­ta­ting and sick­en­ing En­er­gies. But:

Overcoming this may become permanent only for yourself – by con­structive­ly teach­ing others about it as well, and – by study­ing and acqui­ring the vast­ly su­pe­rior know­led­ge of the Human Rights Issues,

based as these are on the Physics of Life itself, on ‘Fine Particle Physics,’ which – being of Life – is

naturally including Beauty and Love in those vast amounts that are fun­da­men­tally ne­ces­sary in re­gain­ing Truth (what has hap­pen­ed) and thus Know­led­ge (the un­der­stand­ing of what has hap­pen­ed).

Koos Nolst Trenite – human rights philosopher

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minor revisions on 20 and 21 March 2013)


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