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Human Rights Order {HRO 20081017 V7.0}

Natural Sanity, Natural Peace and Natural Health

Naturally Born from Vast Beauty and Immeasurable Love    
(you may remember, or sense)
to You, who Ardently Desire it Re–established and Maintained.

Koos Nolst Trenite   human rights philosopher   (2011)


“I am far ahead of my time”
is what some would want you to think and say:

My knowledge extends  very, very far,
above any one person or institution.

That means, very, very far above any person or institute of learning 
and of knowledge – and not only very far above any University, etc.,

but also very far above any ‘higher’ or ‘highest’ knowledge or “authority”
as from gurus, prophets and mediums and any other sources from Earth and beyond.

It thus extends very far above any  ‘...ism,’‘...sophy,’,  ‘...logy,’ etc., etc., too:
a statement, that is based on thorough and published research only,
as are all my findings.

“I am far ahead of my time,” is what some would want you to think or even say 
– in order to prevent the use of the knowledge that is required now,  for... 

Natural Sanity, Natural Peace and Natural Health.

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this is the main, static page 
update version 20161113-1 
(slight amendments at 20190209)  

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'Unraveling truthful, vital History of Mankind 
and discovering ultimate source of Malice

(the original RESEARCH done and published by me 1994-2000,
almost destroyed by the Sociopaths)

human rights philosopher and poet

Koos Nolst Trenité

'Cause Trinity'

'Nolst Trenite' Coat of Arms

The Meaning Of The Nolst Trenité Coat Of Arms:
Love, Truth And Beauty Bring Peace To The Lands
Description Of The Nolst Trenité Coat Of Arms

    primary observation:

secondary observation:   

  ‘ My knowledge is very far above all,   
  and thus,
  in Truth, Beauty and Love
  for you. ’
‘ If you can not protect me,  
  you can not protect yourself,  
nor others. ’

    This 'protecting me,' you CAN do, and some of you have done this - and at times you are doing this intent­ional­ly for me – with very active, intense­ly joyful thought-feeling about me (Truth being absolute). And your thought-feeling IS Life Energy, it passes any distance. And thought-feeling that springs from absolute Truth, is the most power­ful Life Energy.

'To protect me' is like 'providing me with "clean air"' which is indeed vital­ly need­ed – you may want to consider – vitally needed in order that, in a poison­ous en­viron­ment, I can nevertheless do my work for you.

And you and others mostly do so protect me, when and because at times, you somehow sense, re­mem­ber or rea­lize, who I am or what I mean to you and to others – what I mean for you and for others if I am pro­tect­ed and stay alive, naturally working for you.  {definition}

I have been able to person­ally thank several people for such times, and interest­ingly enough, they under­stood this very well.

The much more en­com­pass­ing concept of 'defending me,' is actual­ly quite dif­fer­ent:

It means, to ward off from me, the vio­lent Energy at­tacks – direct­ed at me day and night and inflicted in the most insi­dious and vicious ways by the known Sociopaths:

Defend­ing me from that, would require you to be able to detect attacks on me in the first place, and to be able to detect poison­ous environ­ments in general are however not capable of even formu­lating or describing such attacks nor such an environ­ment, other than describing WHEN THERE ARE NO ATTACKS penetrating or when attacks are absent – THEN you likely are aware of "feeling Brighter and more Healthy and Alive, and feeling more Loving and Loved" – but you do not understand, unfortunate­ly, how Life works and how this comes about and how it is maintain­ed – while you very positive­ly try to maintain it.  {definition}

26 Dec 2012   replacing  'if you can not defend me,'  with  'if you can not protect me' – and providing their definitions


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the presentation, 
the organization, 
and the availability, 
of the vital data offered, 
then you may contact me. 

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young Leonardo Da Vinci
'Men of all nations came  
to listen to Solomon's wisdom, 
sent by all the kings of the world, 
who had heard of his wisdom.'

1 Kings 4:34  

Koos Nolst Trenite (Trenité)
'Cause Trinity'
human rights philosopher and poet

References: (meaning, my selection)

'Love On The Bridges Of Holland'
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'(Three Anecdotes about Koos Nolst Trenite)
  What 'Zero Tolerance' actually is: Intending others to be decent
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''Purpose of Life' (Meaning of Life) Definition Complete* Now - plus -
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'Complete Definition of Truth - plus -
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young Leonardo Da Vinci

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young Leonardo Da Vinci

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'Natural Definition of Peace'
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young Leonardo Da Vinci

'Basic Economics - In Government and Enterprise, People Are Not Objects'
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young Leonardo Da Vinci

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'Bach Cantatas: Very 'un-Bach' text with very anti-Life, period-"Christian"
 doctrine, to be REPLACED by actual poets, or performed using non-text voice'
	(Thijs an Leer, for instance - playing the violin part on his flute -
	 performs a truly beautiful 'Erbarme Dich' with, sung by Lettie de Jong,
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young Leonardo Da Vinci

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'Medical Doctors: The Sickening Force Undermining World Health, The Economy,
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young Leonardo Da Vinci

'Detecting Criminal Minds By Their Intentional Omission Of Vital Truth'
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'Criminal Minds Hide From You, That They ENJOY LYING, AND That
 THEY Know Very Well They Intentionally Lie To You'
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'"Insane" "Defined" By Criminal Minds As 'Ability To Perceive Them' -
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 "Others destroying people, is 'none of your business' "'
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young Leonardo Da Vinci

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'Leonardo Da Vinci - About Aliens, Dimensions, Consciousness,
 Time, And Earth's Past And Future'
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'Nolst Trenite' Coat of Arms

For Info on 'Introduction To Journalism' Course {IJC} (of 2011) Click Here,
and Click Here to DOWNLOAD the November 2007, old 'Introduction To Journalism' course
(as a .zip file).


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young Leonardo Da Vinci

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 anyone who learns from it and (even if he can not learn from it)
 who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
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 knowledge of life and about themselves).
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