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Since last update, the three record set has evolved into a sorta kinda band: Minivan, ministry of vision and noise. There looks to be several releases within the year if we can afford it. Eric Beaudry now plays with Jonathan Hebert's Hands.

As well as Minivan, I've been helping fellow Minivanner Jamie Miller work on his upcoming Next Steppe record. Me, somebody's drummer! Can you believe it?? Well, one of my old vocalists probably enjoyed playing with my old drummer. At least there wasn't a lot of scheming done in THIS particular scenario.


Minus a Map is making daisies rise. Too much effort's already gone into preserving something that's appeared to have run its course. Playing without a crucial member has felt more taxing than rewarding. We appreciate all of the rides, the equipment lending, and the stuff inbetween, but we would need an abstract/literal boot in the ass in order for this "song-assembling entertainment combo" to continue. Thank you, the few that stuck around and the same few that check this page on a weekly basis. We were usually the band in between your friends' bands (who really sucked, by the way).

Related news, ourselves and a few other musicmaking chum(p)s have been busy working on an impolitely packed THREE record set. In the last 5 years, there's been a lot of music recorded and tweaked and tweezed. It's time all of these glorified demos and soundchecks (and a healthy dose of babble) got wrung through some "nice" drum mikes. There will be updates of any kind on this project, maybe a few shows to celebrate its completion; it's all up in the air.


Show at the Flywheel this Sunday. Thanks Lionel Richie Murillo.


Map's recording throughout the summer, if anyone wants to break it up with a show, let us know. And a couple of happy birthdays for Sam and I, still the themed party's favorite couple.


Show this Wednesday in Fitchburg. If you didn't get to shout "BUSH!" at our last show in said town, we offer you another shot. No other shows planned yet for the summer. A time to sweat and press buttons.


Show in 20 hours. It is 16 +, and our legions of high school crazed teenies can flock on down. We tossed up the idea of holding a walk-a-thon while the show went on, but no one wants to fill up the water thimbles. Everyone wants to walk, which LITERALLY reminds me, The T.T.'s Pulp Rock show is being rescheduled, which means it'll happen another time that will better serve the rescheduling, which means that we're not playing the show as soon as we thought, because it's being rescheduled.


Shows page updated some. Recording.


Show tonight was full baby diaper. Show tomorrow updated on the Showy shower show page. It's going to be the first in a series of taped-to-be-televised shows this spring at T.T. the Bears, known as Pulp Rock. It will be a bash to write down in short hand, because you'll be so busy protecting your personal space. Bring scissors, wax bottle candy, less wax bottle candy, and a few GOOD cough drops. None of this surprise honey goo middle garbage.


It's been at least a year since two bands have had to unfortunately battle for the services of one guy. One band can afford to let him use their drumkit, the other can no longer. Things have slowed to a crawl, as a friend first and bandmate second. Ill communication, misinterpretations, advantages being taken, lack of focused effort, money spent elsewhere, indecision, however you choose to view it, it was agreed a long time ago that sharing drummers was a BAD idea.

We've made this decision for Scott because it won't get made otherwise. I apologize to anyone who thought he was given a serious ultimatum. I sincerely wish Sleaze luck. Here's to the future of playing shows together, possibly with Pork Pudding as some kind of opener. That is all our bands are, threatening human collections.

Show next Wednesday at the Flywheel. We've got two upcoming shows at T.T. the Bears before spring is over.


Jonas West was born on March 3rd. He's big, healthy and ready to stomp your asses. Space move this week. No more shows planned for Smarch, might be a happening at Rashaun's den later into the month. Sleaze will be touring, drummers still singular and shared, recording prospects with this trio are up in the air at the moment.


Can the four of you handle the amount of updates? No one expected it, but by Jorge, we're coming back to Jesstirs to make loud buzzing sounds again.


Just as we get settled, we're planning on moving next door to the space we currently share. Already our preordained/premeditated schedules have clashed with righteous spontaneity. I thought it would take at least THREE months for this outcome to appear. Well, I lose five bucks. Going to occupy new space with Los Muertos, won't be bothering anybody involved, I don't think.

Either way, recording after the birth of baby Jonas. Not much in the way of shows. Some links got updated/replaced. We'd like to have a new webpage that isn't sandwiched between ads. If anyone is interested in designing one, contact us at please.


Monday's show, possibly the 13th time Scott's been asked to "turn down" the drumming. Maybe Jesstirs should invest in either a louder jukebox for the barflies or a PA system. Note to aspiring club owners: get your shit together before decisions are made to house live music.

Either way, circumstances evolved to where numerous trips were made to our space (courtesy of Ed Lefty). Borrowed some gear, listened to Chicopissants howl for Rage covers and be the pieces of cowardly local shit I've grown to love. As far as yelling your band's name during our set, maybe we can work it out. Let's meet up at the mall; we can go shopping, then cruise the food court for females. We'll let them know we're in bands or something.

Thanks to the few that actually showed up, thanks to those who didn't, and thanks to tolerance in general. I'm xausted from all the breastfed metal.


We cracked 1000 on the counter, now we are up there with very respected and influential artists.

General MAM news:
split 7" planned
full length in springtime
tour to coincide.

Related MAM news:
Soulbowl Release party has been cancelled, the CD postponed indefinitely. Chalk it up to sensitivities permeating through the actual progress. It'll come out totally most likely eventually.


HQ getting relocated to nearby Holyjoke. There will be walls high enough to record comfortably, floors low enough to lie on, and space spacey enough to space out in.