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Eric Cunha - guitar/vocals
Eric Beaudry - bass/vocals
Scott West - drums
Ed Rider - drums

Based out of Chicopee, MA. Referred to as "the appendix of Massachusetts", and for solid reasons.

Minus a Map originated from Harvard Yard. We put out an EP ourselves in 2001. For the next two years we played around Western Mass, against our better judgment. In early 2004, Scott got tucked into the Ragamuffin Sleaze fold full time. We got Ed Rider to play some shows, parted with him on a good note. We played our last show with pre-recorded drumming. There's somewhere upwards of twenty songs that we as a band never properly recorded. Our combined lack of focus and energy, as well as our own personal frustations have brought us to the present situation.

Of course the future's anyone's game, this isn't what I'm doing until I go to college. Anyone interested in our downfall (i.e., single-minded scene chameleons) can look forward to whatever it is that we do next.