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Welcome to the Garden Little League Soccer organisation for the children of the Garden International School of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Although this non-profit league is sanctioned by the school (and uses the school's fields plus other facilities), Garden Little League Soccer is managed and operated by a group of parents on a voluntary basis.

The League's intent is to help develop the children's soccer skills, teamwork and sportsmanship. More importantly, it is an avenue for the children to have fun and enjoy themselves in a safe school environment.

The GIS LL Soccer Guide :
Training and rules guidebook; written mainly for coaches but also useful for parents and children alike.

School Year • Sep'1999 ~ Jul'2000 :
Summary of the Season for Group "Years 1,2&3".

School Year • Sep'2000 ~ Jul'2001 :
Summary of Season 1 and 2 for Groups "Years 1&2" and "Years 3&4".

School Year • Sep'2001 ~ Jul'2002 :
Summary of Season 1 and 2 for Groups "Years 1&2" and "Years 3&4".

School Year • Sep'2002 ~ Jul'2003 :
blank pro-forma

The GIS LL Admin Guide :
Contains standard forms and letters used by the league - Of interest if you wish to start your own league.

Basic Information

The Garden Little League Soccer was formed with the approval of the school in April 2000. Currently, the League only applies to children (boys and girls) from Year 1 to Year 4.

Little League Soccer sessions are held on Sundays. Sessions are organised into 2 groups: Years 1&2, and, Years 3&4. The session for Years 1&2 is from 9:00am to 10:00am. The session for Years 3&4 is from 9:30am to 10:30am.

The one-hour soccer session is basically utilised as (a) 30 minutes of skills training, followed by, (b) 30 minutes of playing a soccer match. Currently, there are 4 soccer teams for Years 1&2 and another 4 teams for Years 3&4.

Garden Little League has two soccer "seasons" per year. Basically, the teams are reorganised and players reshuffled every half school-year. This is done to equalise the teams so that they are similarly skilled (ie no dominant teams).

In the beginning portion of a season, the soccer matches played will be practice games only (where the scores are not recorded). However, the last 6 matches of a season will be proper "league matches" (where scores are recorded).

Notes For Parents

Please note that the League cannot exist without parents' participation the whole year round. Please ensure your children attend little league soccer every week to ensure continuity of the games. In the event your child has lost interest or would like to drop out for whatever reason, please inform one of the co-ordinators of this so that a replacement can be made to. Also, if you are going to be absent, please inform your respective coaches or one of the co-ordinators.

In the event of very heavy rain early on Sunday morning (around 8:30am), soccer will be cancelled. The coaches of the respective teams may or may not inform the team players of this. Parents should use their own discretion / judgement -or- call the co-ordinators to find out.

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