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Today's Firefly News:
-Ratings rise for "Out Of Gas," the epiosde pulled in a 3.0/6. Not the greatest, but definately not last weeks ether. Courtesy of Zap2it
-The Official Site has posted two scenes from the unaired pilot episode "Serenity."
-Firefly ratings increase Friday night. More Information
-TiVo: "Don't Discount Firefly." More Information
-Can you guess who wrote the theme song for Firefly? Apparently it was Joss himself...More Information
-Firefly premiere not the success that Fox hoped (prayed?) for! More Information
-Gina Torres (Zoe) weds Matrix star Laurence Fishburne. More Information
-Got some Firefly artwork you would like to show off? Some wallpapers, or animations? More Information
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