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Glide Method


Text Box: Draw a rectangle (Use solid rectangle).
Click on the color red and on curved line and draw a line from the upper left-hand corner to about 1/3 of the way down.  Pull on the line and click twice to set the arc of the curve.  (Using the curved line requires that you set the arc of each curve twice by clicking twice. If you do not want to use the curved line, then use the straight-line tool.)  Using the curved line, start from where you were and draw to the upper right hand corner.  Pull the line above the rectangle and set the arc by clicking twice.  
Click on the dotted rectangle and draw around the red line selecting the whole side. Copy the red line (Ctrl + C). Click on the lowest box on your tool bar. This causes the object to be transparent. Then paste the copy of the red line (Ctrl + V) in a blank area. Next while it still has dotted lines around it, click on Image, Flip/Rotate and Flip horizontal plus OK.   This flips the red line.  Move (pull) this flipped line below until it lines up with the lower horizontal line of the rectangle.
 Click on blue color and curved line. Draw a line to finish the tail. Click twice to set the arc.  When drawing on the third side of the rectangle, draw your shape so that it fits in the existing modified shape.  Failure to do this will cause your shapes to overlap and then it will not tessellate.  
Click on the dotted rectangle (selection tool) and drag around the tail including the blue line and the black line it touches.  Copy (Ctrl +C) and paste (Ctrl + V) it lining it on top of the fourth side of the rectangle (translation method).  (Do not make a mirror image.)
Click on the color white and the paint bucket. Fill the black lines with white and use the eraser tool to erase any extra lines outside of the fish shape.
Add details and fill fish with color.
Click on the dotted rectangle (selection tool) and copy  (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) a copy of the yellow fish where number 8 is.  Use the paint bucket and change the colors of the copied fish to a contrasting color.  Save the picture of both colored fish as fish1.  Copy the two colored fish into a new screen (File + New). Then paste both fish so that there is no space between them. Using the glide method, the fish will change direction row by row.  See Tessellation Teaching Masters  for further information.

Flip red line.

Drag below.