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Translation Method


1. Draw a rectangle using the solid rectangle.

2. Click on Brush and draw a profile (side view) of a duck’s head on one side. (The profile of the head of a  horse or another animal or person would also work.)  Be sure that the head touches the rectangle at both the top and bottom of one side.

3. Click on dotted rectangle and draw around that side.  This is called “selecting” it.  Select the whole side.  Copy the shape (Ctrl + C). Click on the lowest box on your tool bar. This causes the object to be transparent. Then paste the shape (Ctrl + V) on the opposite side by dragging the shape into place and lining it up.

4. When drawing on the third side of the rectangle, draw the back of the head so that it fits in the existing modified shape. Failure to do this will cause your shape to overlap and then it will not tessellate.

5. Using the dotted rectangle draw around line AB. (This area is outlined in red.  Please note that if the head had a topknot on it you would select the topknot which would go above line AB along with the rest of the red outlined area.) Copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) and drag below so that the copy of line AB is on top of line DC.

6. (The shape is colored red.)

7. Click on the color white and the paint bucket and erase all black lines.  Use the eraser and erase lines outside of the shape. The eraser size is adjustable by clicking on the squares under the tools.  (You may want to click on View, Zoom, Large Size to erase and then View, Zoom and Normal Size to return.)  Redraw any breaks in the shape so there are no gaps.

8. Color the shape by drawing designs and filling with color (paint bucket).

9. Select the shape (dotted rectangle), copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V). Using Fill (paint bucket) color the copy with contrasting colors.  Save your work and now use the two contrasting ducks to tessellate  a page using the copy and paste method. Remember:  For every bump on one side, make a hole on the opposite side.