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Tessellating the Triangles

Then using the dotted rectangle, drag around the triangle and copy it (Ctrl + C). Open a new window by clicking on File and New. Paste the triangle (Ctrl + V) and while it is still selected (has dotted lines around it) drag it to the middle of the screen. Paste a second copy of it (Ctrl + V). Click on Image, Flip/Rotate, Flip horizontal and OK. Drag into place to form one complete bug. Now select these 2 triangles by using the dotted rectangle. Copy (Ctrl + C). Paste (Ctrl +V) in a blank area. Click on Image, Flip/Rotate, Flip vertical and drag into place. Now copy this section (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V). Click on Image, Flip/Rotate, rotate by angle choosing 90 and drag into place. Then using the dotted rectangle select this whole section. Copy it (Ctrl + C) and paste it (Ctrl + V). Click on Image, Flip/Rotate, rotate by angle choosing 180 and drag into place. Continue in a similar manner until the whole page is filled. Click on File, Save and name it bug2.


Right Triangles

Drawing the Design:

Draw a right triangle using the line tool + shift for straight lines. Draw one half of an insect (butterfly, dragonfly, bee, beetle, etc.) on the inside line of each side of the triangle. Fill with designs and color. Then draw lines connecting the insects. Use variations in these lines to add interest. Curved lines, leaves, circles, flowers etc. can be added to these lines. When the triangle is flipped, each of the three sides will form a separate complete insect. Save the triangle by clicking on File, Save As and naming it bug1.