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Something new...a CARD game?!

This one may have thrown some of you for a loop. Considering that I favor action/adventure/puzzle type games, especially those with a fast pace and instant gratification, a card game seems kind of like an anticlimax.

In fact, not really. Judging from the feedback of my sister Jen, I think I got a few things very right this time, gaming-wise. Egyptian RatScrew combines both speed and action with your typical mundane Solitaire/Minesweeper-type rules. This game has broad appeal.

A Pioneering Effort (?)

There's no way to be absolutely sure, but it looks like nobody else has yet come out with a decent computer version of Egyptian RatScrew. This statement revolves around the fact that I can browse the first 30 links of any search results for "Egyptian RatScrew" and come up with plenty of fan material, but not one single direct link to a computer game or at least a reference to a computer game.

So I guess my game could quite possibly be the first of its kind. I've tried to incorporate several of the rule variations in it (you can turn on and off various "rules" depending on whether or not you like them). ERS fans, I'd appreciate it if you e-mail me ( if there are some important rules I've left out.

Try out the ERS computer game!
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