A race of Grecian-like earth-dwelling humans, according to traditions, named the HAV-MUSUVS, in ancient times discovered huge caverns beneath the Panamint mountains and the adjacent Death Valley of California. There, they developed the technology necessary to eventually escape earth's gravitational field and even this Solar system.

They may have colonized the Lyra systems, which are considered by many human ET societies to be the ROOT sector from which the thousands of worlds, in the current galactic federations, trace their "origins".

The late UFO contactee Jefferson Souza claimed that the Vegans (Lyrans) took him to THEIR massive underground base below Death Valley. He also met the Ummo people, who ALSO claim to be descended from the Lyran worlds.

The Vegans/Lyrans (descendants of the Hav-Musuvs!?) have told many of their contactees that the Dracos from Alpha Draconia, Orion and elsewhere, in the so-named "Lyran Wars", destroyed a few of the Lyran worlds, including worlds by the names of Bila, Teka, Merck (OR Merok), Avyon, and Avalon.

Many Lyrans escaped the slaughter, fleeing to other star systems. This mass exodus/exile was known as the Great Expansion... (note: the timelines of millions or billions of years referred to by many human ETs is probably greatly exaggerated, unless we consider that planet earth exists in a "temporal nexus" where many timelines converge and the rest of the universe is in a state of temporal flux that is not linear due to much time travel and dimensional shifting carried out by ET races, both human and reptilian. In other words planet earth may be considered a temporal "island" in the middle of the universal "waters" where "time" is more SOLID or LINEAR than the rest of the universe... OR you might say 3-D vs. 5-D realities. Since time is NOT linear in 5-D... a million years and a day may not be all that distinguishable... FROM a 5-D perspective).

The "Great Expansion" is apparently HOW much of the galaxy (or galaxies?) was colonized....

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