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Effective C#
Part 1: .NET Type System
Basic concepts Basic Object Operation
  • Know your type conversion options
  • Object Equality and Identity
  • Implement GetHashCode when object.Equals is overrided.
Interface and Inheritance
  • Choose carefully between interface and abstract base class
  • Be aware of method version problem
  • Use Explicit Interface Implementation to enforce compile time type safety
Other Type Members
  • Use static readonly field instead of const
  • Never change the value of a property in get method
  • The right way to implement operator++ for reference types
Design For Efficience Part 2: Runtime Services and Framework Class Library
Memory Management
  • Understand how objects are getting destroied
  • Implement object pooling using Resurrection
  • Use Weak Reference when appropriate
  • Side by Side execution and Assembly.LoadFrom
  • Unleash the power of Run time code generation
  • Late Binding to COM objects
  • Load and Unload Assemblies Dynamically at Runtime
  • Two views of the world, two ways to serialize
  • Create XML Schema compatible data type
Remoting and Web Services Part 3: Miscellaneous
Versioning and Deploying
    Tools and Resources
    • Analyze .NET Application Memory Behavior using performance monitor
    • An introducation to Rotor: The Shared Source CLI
    2002 Copyright by Ming Chen & Qiu Zhang
    and contributors who are credited in the articles.