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Effective C#: Distinguish among Module, Assembly and Namespace
namespace: A logical naming scheme for grouping related types.
module: A loadable unit, which can contain type declarations and type implementations.
assembly: A collection of functionality built, versioned, and deployed as a single implementation unit (one or multiple files).
assembly manifest: An integral part of every assembly that renders the assembly self-describing.

>> News
(9/4/2002) Gyro: Generic for C# and .NET CLR
Gyro, An add-on of SSCLI from microsoft research, adds generic type and method support to .NET CLR and C# compilers.
(8/27/2002) Microsoft Web Services Development Kit Technology Preview
Microsoft Implementation of WS-Security, WS-Routing and DIME. Integated into .NET Framework.
(7/31/2002) Bon Box's new Home Page on
Don Box works at Microsoft as an Architect on next-generation XML Web Services technology.

Microsoft .NET Chinese Newsgroup(7/29/2002)
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