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Simply the original Time Stone Saga cover with a new title added to it to indicate it is part of the Remastered Time Stone Saga. Incidentally, for this edition of the comic, the Back, Home and Next buttons of this site are, instead, Past, Starpost and Future posts from Sonic CD to make the site more thematic.


Nice big Prologue title this time, same treatment given to the footer as well, nice big Word Art that is eye catching and actually professionally done, as opposed to it all being done in Paint Text. Working on the old Prologues from the original Saga, the pictures are now bigger and sharper than before and there is a little extra text added in. Overall it’s a much better use of space, for starters, and looks visually better as well.


Here we are back in Eggman’s Control Room, the same background from the Remastered Battle For The Chaos Emeralds comic because this Saga is set before the Chaos Ring Saga, after which there is an all-new look for Egg Island. Instead of reading from a crap sprite of a scroll, Eggman is reading incomplete records from his computer mainframe and has fully functioning holograms working now as well. Incidentally, pay attention to the monitors in this comic, in the first panel here it shows a Time Stone but static is interfering, meaning the records aren’t complete. Eggman then walks through an all-new background spliced together from a Megaman background (I really wanted to see the Egg Island sky so I had to painstakingly edit the background section to show it) and I cameoed a few of the old school Badniks here to show that they are crawling all over Robotropolis (also, Spikes is just barely seen leaving the frame in a cameo). The Roboticisor Room is new and improved because it was destroyed in the Remastered BFTCE comic. This time, the EggRobos are led by a Gamma-lookalike General Bot. The introduction of Zonik and Heavy and Bomb (two separate machines now, no longer referred to as one) is a lot better this time around and the indication here is that Zonik’s mainframe can help piece together Eggman’s missing information. There is some additional text here to indicate that Zonik is an upgrade of Mecha, not a replacement, as well as some other new minor dialogue.


Back in Eggman’s Control Room, instead of just talking to Zonik, Zonik is hooked up to Eggman’s main computer and (although you can’t see the monitor that well, it now shows complete data) is able to fill Eggman in on the legend of Little Planet, accompanying his dialogue with the appropriate holograms (the planet in particular was a bitch to blur-line out). There is an extra set up in the legend now that without the Stones on the Planet, it randomly appears for one month every year and that with them there might be some reason to it. The little Robots flying from Egg Island looks a lot better this time around, with a mini Zonik, Heavy and Bomb leading the troops.


Back on Floating Island, I added in extra dialogue here for Knuckles to cover up that elusive eighth Emerald in the Chamber and maintain some continuity from the Remastered BFTCE. This allows us to have a sneak peak at Knuckles’s isolation, but he’s all action when the alarms go off- this time flashing red around the chamber and looking a lot better than before. Then we see that, beyond the Chamber is a tunnel that leads outside (where the Emerald Shrine will later be located) and that Knuckles’s (all-new) computer/monitoring station is between the two Though we never see it again I really wanted to try and show this a lot better than simply dropping a random piece of junk in a random background like last time.

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