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Welcome to Adopt A Villain!

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Welcome Friends & Foes!


This agency was set up because of the amazing increase of orphaned children over the last decade. These particular children are misunderstood, unloved, and abandoned. Society has done everything in its power to discard and wash their hands of any wrong doing they have done to these poor children. Therefore we have organized this adoption agency.

The children have shown amazing improvement since thier arrival to the agency. Unfortunately we are unable to provide the children with the necessary love and attention they deserve and so dearly need. We are only equiped to handle a few children and are staff is minimal. All though the staff has been fantastic we just can't provide the proper attention each child deserves. Therefore we are looking for other loving, patient, caring adults, to adopt and provide a loving, caring atmosphere for the children


If you find anything not working properly please let us know. This site has gotten bigger than we had planned and sometimes we miss things.

If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to sign the guestbook or email us.

The new children are coming soon, its just taking longer than expected to redraw them.


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