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Bits and Bobs Page.

This is the page I have put all the interviews, reviews, articles, and any other interesting stuff I can lay my hands on, on!

Here's an article.

Here are the lyrics to a 1994 demo called "Eternity".

Another review

Here's an interesting comment from Select magazine about old music hall stuff, or something...(?)

Here is a review for Dave's show at The Bottom Line.

Here's a review for Dave's show at Toad's Place.

Another review from New York magazine.

An interview with Dave by Andrew Lynch, first published in Trinity News, April 1996.

Here's the article from the March 1998 issue of Guitar Player magazine for those of you who haven't seen it already.

Here is an interview with Shel Talmy in which he talks about the guitar sound on the early Kinks records.

Here's an internet fan interview thing with Dave.
An article from the Austin Chronicle dated sometime in 1996.

Highlights of an interview Dave gave to Encounters magazine which appeared in The People newspaper.

Here are a couple of Kink's reviews, be warned, they aren't that nice!
Here is the track listing for "Unfinished Business" (Limited Edition version).
Unfinished Business.
Imagination's Real.
The World Is Changing Hands.
Nothing More To Lose.
In You I Believe.
World Of Our Own.
Eastern Eyes.
Love Get's You.
I'll Get Over.
When The Wind Blows. (Emergency)

Dave Davies of The Kinks presents a live webcast of his Kink Kronikles concert
hosted by the Dave Davies Website and 

Starting on June 5th you can hear the show which was recorded live on June 4th
from the Sit 'n Bull Pub in Maynard, Massachusetts. Enjoy!

(You will need to download Real Audio to listen to it, this can be done from a link 
at The Dave Davies web site.)

Dave's old Gibson Flying V...I like this guitar
Dave at KY102 radio place
Dave and Ray around the 70s
A Kinks photo collection...mostly Ray