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	Rock star Dave Davies, founder member of 60s band The Kinks, was KIDNAPPED by 
mindbending aliens, The People can reveal. He claims that the extra-terrestrials 
contacted him during an American tour - and later showed him their space ship. And Davies,
 who together with his brother Ray, recorded worldwide smash hits like “Waterloo
“Lola” and “You Really Got Me”, believes the creatures are still guiding him through 
life. He says that the world should start to prepare for the official arrival of life 
from other planets in time for the new millenium in the year 2000. Davies says he first
 experienced paranormal mind contacts with aliens during the Kinks’ US tour in 1982. 
He said: “I felt a pressure on my head, and the lower part of my body went numb. 
Then I started hearing voices - 5 different voices. Two of them were intelligences 
from another planet, monitoring events that happened on Earth. Two of the remaining 
three intelligences told me that they had always been my spirit guides. The other 
was someone that was still living on Earth! The intelligences showed me, by some sort 
of thought projection, things which they have on their spacecraft. They showed me crystal 
computers that monitored the actions of every single person living on Earth. They are 
a bit like polished granite - sort of transparent to look at - but the insides were crystal.
 What my brain found hard to grasp was that they had records of everybody on Earth and 
could monitor and watch their behaviour. They had a karmic photograph of each person.”
	Davies also believes the millenium will herald the first official contacts 
between aliens and man. But he says that humans have to make the first advances.
 “An important
 message they left with me was that if we make a few steps towards them, then they’ll make
 steps towards us,” he said. Davies made his startling confessions to the UFO magazine 
 Encounters. And he is not the only big name Rocker to go public on a fascination
 with UFOs.
* Troggs star Reg Presley spends much of his fortune studying corn circles and the possibility 
of life on other planets.
* David Bowie,
 who once worked on a UFO research magazine, claims several sightings of strange craft
 flying in formation.
* Murdered 
Beatle John Lennon said he once saw a “pulsating” red spacecraft while walking in New York.
* And Jimi 
Hendrix also predicted weird alien revelations in the year 2000.

Printed in The People newspaper on 7th July 1996, highlights of a longer interview from
 the July 1996 edition of Encounters magazine.