1979-80 Warriors

League Record: 5-5 (10-10 Overall)

The 1979-80 Warriors include, left to right, front row, Tony Elizondo, Scott Johnson, Todd McIntosh, Keith James, Tyler Hartley, Eddie Bullard,
back row, Erik Oberg, Kelly Harrington, Mike Gleason, Hal Barker, Kirk Anderson, Mark Madden, and Shelly Harrington.

Warriors Finish At .500 For The Season
Mark Madden Earns 1980 MVP Honors

Under first year varsity coach Frank Crumpacker, the 1979-80 Warriors finished at .500 in both league play and for the season.
Tehachapi finished 5-5 in league play and 10-10 for the season.

For the first time, the Desert-Inyo League (DIL) was split into a southern and northern division. The Warriors played in the south,
a division won by Mojave. Bishop High School shared a co-championship with Mammoth High School to win the north. For the Broncos, it was a ninth straight DIL championship.

One highlight in the pre-season was a Consolation Championship in the annual Kern County Tournmanent in Bakersfield. In the tournament,
the Warriors lost to Wasco in the opening round, but rallied to defeat both McFarland and Maricopa.

For his outstanding play throughout the season, senior Mark Madden was named the MVP of the team by the Warrior coaching staff.
Madden also earned all-DIL 1st team honors while Tony Elizondo was named to all-DIL 2nd team.

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Pre-League Play

Dec 1Kern Valley (Lake Isabella)  60 33HKelly Harrington: 15 pts
Dec 7Shafter 28 44AKelly Harrington: 11 pts
Dec 14McFarland 56 55HMark Madden: 20 pts
Dec 21Wasco ## 29 45AMark Madden: 7 pts
Dec 22McFarland ## 53 46ATony Elizondo: 19 pts
Dec 23Maricopa ## 67 42ATony Elizondo: 20 pts
Dec 28 ## 57 63A
Dec 29 ## 38 39A
Jan 4Kern Valley (Lake Isabella) 55 37AHal Barker: 10 pts
Jan 5Bishop 53 60HTony Elizondo: 22 pts

Desert-Inyo League Play

Jan 8Boron * 43 32AKelly Harrington: 12 pts
Jan 11Desert (Edwards AFB) *  51 53HTony Elizondo: 16 pts
Jan 15Mojave * 49 52AMark Madden: 16 pts
Jan 18Rosamond * 38 33HMark Madden: 10 pts
Jan 22Paraclete (Lancaster) * 45 53AMark Madden: 12 pts
Jan 25Boron * 58 33HTony Elizondo: 14 pts
Feb 1Desert (Edwards AFB) *  47 46AKelly Harrington: 15 pts
Feb 5Mojave * 56 61HMark Madden: 13 pts
Feb 8Rosamond * 40 42ATony Elizondo: 13 pts
Feb 14Paraclete (Lancaster) * 42 36HMadden & Harrington: 8 pts

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