Desert-Inyo League Basketball Champions

1991-92   LargeTehachapi   SmallRosamond
1990-91   LargeKern Valley   SmallSilver Valley
1989-90   LargeTehachapiBishop   SmallMammoth
1988-89   LargeParaclete   SmallRosamond
1987-88   LargeTehachapi   SmallSilver Valley
1986-87   LargeParaclete   SmallSilver Valley
1985-86   LargeTehachapi   SmallSilver Valley
1984-85   Large Bishop   SmallSilver Valley
1983-84   SouthParaclete   North Bishop
1982-83   SouthTehachapi   NorthBishop
1981-82   SouthTehachapi   North Bishop
1980-81   LargeBishop   Small Needles
1979-80   South Mojave    North BishopMammoth

Note: From 1979-80 to 1991-92, the Desert-Inyo League had two divisions. Inititially, there was a north-south format,
that was changed to a large school-small school format. Tehachapi played in the southern division and the large school division.

1978-79 Bishop
1977-78 Bishop
1976-77Tehachapi Bishop
1975-76 Bishop
1974-75 Bishop
1973-74Tehachapi Bishop
1972-73 Bishop
1971-72 Bishop
1970-71 Desert
1969-70 Trona
1968-69 Desert Rosamond
1967-68 Paraclete Mojave
1965-66 Bishop
1964-65 Bishop
1963-64 Bishop
1962-63 Bishop
1961-62 Bishop
1960-61 Trona
1959-60 Trona
1958-59 Trona

Note: When Tehachapi joined the Desert-Inyo League in 1957-58, the league consisted of six schools --- Bishop, Trona, Lone Pine, Mojave, Desert (Edwards AFB), and Tehachapi. In 1961, Kern Valley and Boron joined the league. In 1965, Rosamond and Paraclete (Lancaster) joined the league. Paraclete left the league after the 1969-70 season and Mammoth High joined the league in 1975-76.

In 1992-93, the Warriors moved to the CIF Central Section and became members of the South Sequoia League (SSL).
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