1961-62 Warriors

League Record: 11-3 (15-5 Overall)

The 1961-62 Warriors include, left to right, head coach Chuck Ferrari, Lynn Allen, Steve Kromer, L Mather, Jim Kirkendoll, Ken Lewton, Dan Ursua,
Dennis Jennings, Bill Mabery, B Cann, Assistant Coach Millhollin, and Manager Bill Ary. Not pictured: Jim Waters, D. Lutge, and Gene Rymel .

Warriors Place 3rd In DIL
Waters Leads Tehachapi To Winning 15-5 Season

Under fifth year coach Chuck Ferrari, the Warriors placed 3rd in the eight team DIL with an 11-3 record.
Tehachapi also recovered from a losing season one year ago by sporting a fine 15-5 overall season record. Getting the majority of the playing time
for the 1961-62 Warriors were Jim Waters, Jim Kirkendall, Gene Rymal, Dennis Jennings, Steve Kromer, and Bill 'Skip' Mabery.

In the pre-league season, the Warriors won 3 and lost 2 in tournament play. In Trona, the Warriors defeated Trona and Lone Pine to capture the championship.
Waters and Jennings were selected to the all-tournament team. At the annual Kern County Tournament in Bakersfield,
the Warriors lost to Wasco, stomped Mojave, and then lost to Garces in the consolation finale. Waters was again selected to the all-tournament team.

In league play, the Warriors best win of the season was a 29-28 victory over Desert on January 5, 1962. Unfortunately, the Warriors lost
to Desert the second time the two schools met, and lost both games to eventual league champion Bishop. Bishop finished 13-1 in league play while Desert was 12-2.
Desert upset previously undefeated Bishop on the last night of the season to knock the Warriors out of the playoffs.

Of historical significance, Waters established a school record by scoring 36 points in one game against Lone Pine on February 10, 1962.
Waters, a senior, broke his own record by scoring 41 points on February 17, 1962 at Mojave. The Warriors won both games.

Waters, the team center at 6' 3", led the team in scoring with 334 points in 19 games (Waters missed the Wasco game on Dec. 20 due to illness)
for a team leading 17.6 points per game average. Waters was also selected to the All-DIL 1st team.

Coach Ferrari is pictured with Team Captain Jim Waters. Waters scored 334 points
for the Warriors in 1961-62 for a 17.6 ppg average. Waters also broke the single game
scoring record on Feb. 17 by scoring 41 points in a game versus Mojave.

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Game-by-Game Results

Pre-Season Play
Dec 8Trona ## 42 28AJim Waters: 20 pts
Dec 9Lone Pine ## 46 25AGene Rymal: 13 pts
Dec 20Wasco ## 24 51AGene Rymal: 7 pts
Dec 21Mojave ## 39 29AJim Waters: 13 pts
Dec 22Garces ## 31 42AJim Waters: 12 pts

Desert-Inyo League Play
Jan 5Desert * 29 28HJim Waters: 9 pts
Jan 6Bishop * 34 50AJim Waters: 20 pts
Jan 12Boron * 59 47AJim Waters: 20 pts
Jan 13Lone Pine * 39 24HJim Waters: 16 pts
Jan 19Kern Valley * 46 33AGene Rymal: 15 pts
Jan 20Mojave * 44 35HJim Waters: 16 pts
Jan 26Trona * 64 36AJim Waters: 15 pts
Jan 27Maricopa 65 43AJim Waters: 25 pts
Feb 2Desert * 37 50AJim Waters: 15 pts
Feb 3Bishop * 41 53HBill Maberry: 11 pts
Feb 9Boron * 53 39HJim Waters: 22 pts
Feb 10Lone Pine * 67 54AJim Waters: 36 pts
Feb 16Kern Valley * 64 36HJim Waters: 18 pts
Feb 17Mojave * 70 39AJim Waters: 41 pts
Feb 23Trona * 59 32ADennis Jennings: 21 pts

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