1957-58 Warriors

League Record: 6-4 (10-7 Overall)

The 1957-58 Warriors include, left to right, coach Chuck Ferrari, Joseph Elizondo, Tommy Killingsworth, Don "Rusty" Snider,
Elbert Smithson, Tom Smart, Joe Henderson, Bill White, Mike Adams, Larry McIntosh, Henry Castro, and Rudy Damian.

Warriors Join Desert-Inyo League
Coach Ferrari Is The New Head Coach

The Warriors had a new coach and entered a new league during the 1957-58 basketball season. Coach Chuck Ferrari led the Warriors
as they left the South Sierra League and the San Joaquin Valley to join the teams from the Mojave Desert.

It was a challenging first season but the Warriors has a respectable 6-4 league record and an overall 10-7 season record.
The Trona Tornadoes won the six-team Desert-Inyo League.

Throughout the season the Warriors were led by the starting five of Rusty Snider, Bill White, Tom Smart, Mike Adams, and center Joe Henderson.
Henry Castro and Tom Killingsworth would also come off the bench to provide some spark.

In the pre-league season, the Warriors went 2-2 in tournament play. In Trona, the Warriors defeated Lone Pine but lost to Trona
in the championship game. In the annual Kern County Tournament in Bakersfield, the Warriors whipped Kern Valley,
but lost to McFarland in the second round. White was named to the all-tournament team scoring 26 points in two games.

In league play, the Warriors lost two close and low scoring games to the league champion Trona Tornadoes (9-1).
The Warriors also split two games with both Bishop and Mojave.

Throughout league play, the Warriors were led by Don "Rusty" Snider. Snider was awarded for his fine play by being
selected to the All-DIL 1st team. White earned 2nd team honors.

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Game-by-Game Results

Pre-Season Play
Dec 13Lone Pine ## 60 29AJoe Elizondo: 15 pts
Dec 14Trona ## 25 44AJoe Elizondo & Rudy Damian: 9 pts
Dec 20Kern Valley ## 39 19ABill White: 13 pts
Dec 21McFarland ## 27 32ABill White: 13 pts
Jan 10Cuyuma Valley 67 25 ATom Smart: 15 pts
Jan 11Wasco 30 33 HBill White: 11 pts

Desert-Inyo League Play
Jan 14Desert (Edwards AFB) * 44 34ABill White: 17 pts
Jan 17Mojave * 44 52HTom Smart: 11 pts
Jan 18Big Pine 63 36 HBill White: 15 pts
Jan 24Lone Pine * 35 23HRusty Snider: 11 pts
Jan 25Bishop * 22 36ARusty Snider: 7 pts
Jan 31Trona * 35 41ARusty Snider: 10 pts
Feb 4Desert (Edwards AFB) * 41 22HRusty Snider: 10 pts
Feb 7Mojave * 44 38AJoe Henderson: 14 pts
Feb 14Lone Pine * 42 14ARusty Snider: 9 pts
Feb 15Bishop * 33 30HBill White: 12 pts
Feb 21Trona * 25 30HTom Killingsworth: 8 pts
Feb 28Kern Valley (Lake Isabella) 00 00 HGame canceled (snow)

## Trona Tournament     ## Bakersfield College Tournament     * Denotes League Game