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Alternity: Science Fiction Role Playing Game
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The Verge
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Adventures of The Verge
This is what makes Alternity exciting and different from all other game systems out there. The GM has all the control and can make up fantastic new worlds, or alien races with which the players react with. If you have any adventures that you would like to submit, just email them.

The Verges Most Wanted Check out the list of Concords most dangerous criminals.

Coming Soon!
A few things that will becoming within the next few weeks are:
  • News Headlines of the Verge
  • Check out what is going on in the Verge!
  • Mission Briefings
  • A preview of what the characters can expect next time.
  • Player Handouts
  • If you lost a handout, or missed a session, you can download them here..

This page has been designed and copyrighted by Cool LMJ @ 2000, Alternity is a licensed product of TSR which is a copyright of Wizards of the Coast and any attempt at duplication will not be viewed kindly upon. You can check up on their copyright policys at their site.
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