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After many years of studying the pagan religion, i stumbled on to a different branch of wicca that i never realised existed, but i related to it the instant i started reading up on it. It is called Draconic Wicca, the study of the way of the Dragon, using Dragon Magick, and being a Dragon Magi. For along time now i have felt a connection with dragons, i often believed that i was a dragon in a previous life, dragons are apart of who i am, i'd dream of them at night, and daydream of them during the day, i'd wonder what it would be like to see them, but yet i always thought i had. I am now studying the ways of Draconic Wicca, learning as much as i can about it, and its path. So this site is going to be a collection of information that i have gathered, also infomation that i have learned via the yahoo groups that i have joined, in the hope to provide another website that people can learn from, and understand the Path of the Dragon.

Please view this with an open mind, if this is not suitable to you, does not mean that it is not suitable for others *smiles* all information that i have found, will be given credit where credit is due, if you take the information and post it somewhere else, please also credit the author.