Madison Vennard (Goddaughter), Aislynn Nisbet (Goddaughter), Landon Nelson (Nephew), Gabriel Nisbet (Godson)

Madison Vennard (2 photos at age 3 1/2), Aislynn Nisbet (in the 1870's), and the whole Nisbet family (Shane, Brandy, Aislynn, & Gabriel)

Angie w/Gabriel

Davyd w/Gabriel

Gabriel laying his head down...

& talking up a storm!

Angie w/Aislynn making a goofy face

Angie w/Aislynn

Angie w/Aislynn on a camel

Aunt Angie w/Landon

Angie's BIG fish

Angie & Shadolok

PEZ !!!

the happy family