Dear Paul,

I am sitting under a tree at Hyde Park and the sun has just come out and it is nice and hot. There has just been a lot of cheering and they have just put Money (Pink Floyd) on. Everyone else (ie, Jo (my sister), Dave, John, John, Sylvia, Dave, Mick Mothram, Will, Chris + some other people from Woking) are sitting down the front of the stage but I am here (under a tree) because I have gone to get some water. We have a big blue and white flag so I should find my way back but as its pole is rather short I may not. Never mind, it's a nice tree anyway.

Sorry if you can't read the writing but we have just had 2 quiche Lorraines, cheese, oranges, ginger cake and about six bottles of wine. And sorry for the tatty state of the envelope but that was due to squashed oranges which got all over the place (even in the ginger cake so it tasted like ginage cake).

We had a very silly time getting down here yesterday. The first man who gave us a lift kept on talking about sex + drugs and how he wished he was us (ie, the younger generation - permissive society, etc) and what's more he said he was taking us to the Severn Bridge and dropped us off at the Chepstow turning. That meant we had to walk over the bridge which is about 2 miles and feels like 200 because it is so boring. It was walking over the bridge that the oranges got squashed.

Kevin Coyne has now just come on and is making funny noises. The last group were called Reggae Guitars and were not as bad as it sounds. To get back to the saga: after crossing the bridge (and bumping into 4 people who seemed to be crossing it for fun) we hung around, ate the last of the chocolate + 2 of the squashed oranges. We then (after about 2 hours) got a lift off a bloke who was quite sane and who was going to Swindon but we got off at the services as Swindon is a nasty place to hitch. By now it was half past ten and we decided to crash in the services if we couldn't get a lift. We ate some of Paul's (from round the corner) sugar letters and I are a W as a spell for getting to Windsor and it worked. We got a lift from some people who were going to Slough and who dropped us off at the roundabout at Windsor. I am not sure if they were mad or not but they kept on making comments like "Why don't you get out on the bonnet" or "It's a good thing you didn't get out because it has started to rain and those are icicles".

You also probably won't be able to read this as I am writing it on my knee. Not that it's a bad knee as knees go. A person came up to me a while ago and asked me where he could by some wine. I have got a small green beetle in my hair. On the motorway at Newport we saw 2 cars full of nuns and also lots of caravans. Did you know it is illegal (since July 1972) to travel in a towed caravan. I didn't.

I had a good sleep (about 6 hours) last night but Jeff (who I think I left out of the list before) went to bed at half past three and got up at 4. The green beetle has come back. Needless to say he (Jeff) is quite tired and so is John (John Gibbs not John Wagg). The green beetle is now in my hair. It's a very nice green. I am rapidly running out of paper. There are two green beetles now. Sorry now both of them have been blown away.

Our flag is very nice. It is blue and white stripes and is very big but it only has a little pole. There are lots of funny men in blue helmets. I wonder what they are here for. I am going to look for a pole to put our flag on. I think I'll ask behind the stage. Someone has just asked me if I had any drink and I told them that it was water (Ha Ha!) Anyway I had better go as there really isn't much paper left.

love Philippa

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