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Home of GWB!!!!

Duo: This the section of the page devoted to... GWB!!!

You may ask... just what is GWB?

You heard of BSB?

GWB is Gundam Wing Boys... for short.

You got it, minna-san. GWB is a parody on the Backstreet boys!

There WILL be pics and fics here, soon. Qautre has, I... Think... *sweatdrop*, found us a scanner that works.

Waah... for now there is nothin'. Zip. 'Cept this one fic...

Uh... enjoy?

Origins of GWB (once known as a Day at the Park)

The warnings are on the main page if you really need to see 'em...

...go back? Please? Plea~aaaase? Duo-chan begs you!!!

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