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A Day at the Park (isn't all its cracked up to be) aaaand.... How the GWB's were born!

Quatre: ^.^ Hi! We're back!!! We got this idea while going on the tea cups for I think the 2 time. I found it really fun!! ^.^ We rode Deathsythe, Heavyarms, and a Shenlong(and it was #5!!)!

Duo: Uh...Yeah!! It was fun, yep yep yep. We had to get into a Shenlong on this one ride ride (Quatre: a car thingy that went WAAAYY too slow) instead of a Heavyarms and we didn't apreciate it!!

The Gundam boys walked up to the amusement park, Quatre and Duo were REALLY excited.

"How did I end up here?" WuFei said with a sigh.

Quatre turned a REALLY big smile on his face.

"C'mon WuFei!! this'll be fun!!"

WuFei just glared ahead. With that Quatre grabed Trowa's arm and started to drag him inside the amusement park.

"Lets go!!"

"Yeah!!" Duo ran after Quatre and Trowa, who didn't seem to care that Quatre was starting to run.

WuFei and Heero looked at each other and started walking.

Quatre squealed excitedly.

"Look! The bumper cars!!!!"

Duo's eyes gleamed with an un-holy light, grabbing Heero's wrist and dragging him towards the line. Quatre similarly "convinced" Trowa to come. WuFei followed at a resigned pace.

Duo bounded across the floor, happily settling into a red and black car. WuFei chose a green one, and Trowa a red. Quatre was about to get into the only white one when ominous shadow apeared in front of him. He looked up.

"He-heero...? Nani?"

Heero glared, then stated in a low voice.

"This is MY car."

Quatre blinked up at him.

"But... this is a Sandrock."

"No, it is a Wing."

"Nuh-uh, its a Sandrock!"


"Sandrock! Boku no Sandrock!!!"

Before Heero had a chance to forcevily remove the other pilot from the car, the ride started. Heero was instantly fried. (Author 2: Poor Heero. He is soooo much fun to mess with.) Quatre pulled away with a happy "Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

"Heero!!!! Daijoubu?!?"

Duo pulled up along-side the fallen Heero, pulling the dazed pilot into his car. Heero parted his dry lips, and croaked out, "Qu-uatre... o... omae... o..... o... koros.... u...."

and promptly passed out.

* *** * *** * *** *

The five pilots sat on a bench outside the bumper cars. Quatre and Trowa were sitting next to each other, smiling happily. Well, at least Quatre was. Tro-chan isn't too big on facial expressions....

Duo was rubbing a bruise on his cheek. Heero hadn't taken Duo's offer to "kiss it and make it all better," very well.

Wufei cleared his throught.

"Well? What next? I don't want to waste my time!"

Duo looked at WuFei, still rubbing his cheek.

"Why don't you pick something?"

Wufei humphed.

"I didn't want to come here in the first place, Maxwell. Why should I have the inane job of picking one of these base rides?"

Duo shrugged.

"You were the one so impatient to move on. You to chicken to pick one? Afraid you'll pick something dumb?"

WuFei raised an eyebrow.

"Me? Are you suggesting that I am afraid of something, Maxwell?"

Duo grinned.

"That was kinda obvious, Wu-chan. Not only are you chicken, you're slow."


The group was heading off towards the tallest rollor coaster, WuFei in the lead. Duo now sported two bruises on his cheeks.

The sign read "The Scales of Justice". Quatre clutched Trowa's arm excitedly.

"Ooooo~ooh, sounds fun!!"

The boys waited in line for seemingly forever. Heero, growing impatient (author2: roller coaster lines are too long), whipped out his gun and dragged Duo, with the other three following behind, to the head of the line. Duo was *exstatic*.

"A~ah, Heero! You are soooo romantic!!!"

Duo earned himself another punch. Undaunted, he pressed on.

"Heero, are you gonna sit with me?"


Duo pouted.

"Why not?"

"I don't want you screaming in my face."


"Neeee!!! Trowa!! Where are we going to sit!?!?!" Quatre squilled pulling on Trowa's sleeve.

Trowa looked and Quatre, "umm... where do you want to sit?"

Quatre, still holding on to Trowa's arm, gave him a big smile saying, "the back!!" With that he ran to go get in line with Trowa following.


WUfei stared at the roller coaster. And gulped. He broke out into a heavy sweat. He tried to go back, but the large crowd of people behind him made it immpossible for him to leave.

"As the gates open please procede to the car in front of you."

Duo grabed Heero once had steped out of the gate and pulled him into the front car.

Duo grinned at Heero, "I won't scream this time."

When Quatre jumped into the car Trowa just smiled at him.

"Enjoy your ride."

With that the roller coaster shot off. You could hear Quatre's "WWeeeee!!!!!!!!"

They were climbing towards the top of the hill, WuFei's eye's getting wider and wider and sweat dripping down his face.

They reached the TOP of the hill and Dropped. A blood certilling scream escaped WuFei's lips, that was really really loud. everyone on the train turned around and looked at him. Quatre and Duo tried to stop themselves from laughing while Heero and Trowa snickered.

Going down every hill you could hear WuFei's high scream echoing through the area. By the end of the ride WuFei had practically wet his pants.

"Um.. WuFei, are you ok?" Quatre asked looking at him worriedly, WuFei was starting to look like he was going to pass out.

Duo smiled at WuFei, "My my my, poor little Wu-chan couldn't handle the roller coaster, huh!!"

WuFei glared at him, "Shutup."

Duo couldn't hold it in any longer, he burst out laughing, but he slowly walk off to the side. "mmmmmmm, funnel cakes..."

"Duo?" Quatre followed Duo off to a food stand. Heero and Trowa just looked at eachother while WuFei was sitting down not catching any of this.

Duo was practically druelling when he got to the front of the line to order.

"Duo really loves funnel cakes." Trowa said amused.

Heero looked at him, "You have nooo idea."

A voice was heard off in the distance, well.. actually it was just a bit behind the food stand, "Get you cotton candy here... get you cotton candy!!!!"

Quatre's head snapped in that direction. "COTTON CANDY!!!!!" With that he ran over to the man with the cotton candy.

Heero stood there wide eyed at how fast Quatre ran over, "Since when could he run that fast?"

Trowa smirked, "You'll be suprised at what he's capable of."

Duo and Quatre walked happily eating their funnel cake and cotton candy.

WuFei finnaly reappeared among the group, "Are you sure we should let them eat that?"

"Why not?" Heero asked eyeing WuFei.

"Don't they look even more "happy" to you?"

Quatre was practically jumping up and down, "Ne! Ne! Trowa!!! Don't you want some? hm? hm?"

Trowa smiled wearily at him, "No, thanks." Trowa didn't seem to notice how big the ball of cotton candy used to be.


As they were walking they slowly aproached the "Tea Cups", Quatre's favorite thing. As you already know Duo and Quatre were extreemly hyper.

As soon as Quatre saw the "Tea Cups" he squealled and ran over to them, leaving everyone else in the dust.

Quatre yelled at them from the line, "C'mon!!!! It's the "TEA CUPS"!!!!"

With that the rest followed him to the line. Quatre was jumping up and down the whole time they were in line.

"Why the hell is Quatre so hyper?", WuFei managed his stupid question.

Trowa holds up the paper thingy that cotton candy comes on, "He doesn't drink tea all the time for nothing."

WuFei wide eyed, "He drinks tea!?!?!"

Trowa, "What else do could you do in the desert?"

Quatre giggled, Trowa rolled his eyes.

Then the gates opened, Quatre ran in, "TEACUPS!!! oh...oh..." he then ran excitedly from one cup to the next. "Should I get in this one!?! or this one!? this one!?!?" He eventually got in a white one.

The other 3 were fighting on which one they were going to get in. But alll the other people got in the other cups leaving only on green one. So... they all got in green cup #5. WuFei ran to it yelling, "NAKAKU!!!!" The rest dragged their feet.

"Yeah....Shenlong", Duo was sooooo excited.

WuFei glared at him, "What's that supposted to mean, MAXWELL!?!"


"Yes quite."

Duo looked suprised at him, "Don't you know what sarcasim is?"

WuFei looked at him with large, liquidy eyes, "justice?"

The ride began.

Duo, hyper from the funnel cake, was making the cup spin extreemly fast.

Quatre, in his own cup, was managing a much faster speed. So fast that he was flung out of the cup and into the spout of the tea pot. Fortunately he was in SD and was not hurt. Unfortunately he got stuck.

When the ride ended all the GW boys and the person managing the ride all gathered around the base of the tea pot. Trowa braved the side of the pot, attempting rescue. He attached himself to the bottom of the spout and tried to pry Quatre lose.


Trowa looked at the person sticking out of the pot, "Sorry, but I'm trying to get you out."

Heero pulled out is gun, again. He set the sight for the base of the spout. Duo grabbed his arm.

"What the hell are you thinking, Heero? You might hurt Quatre or Trowa!!!"

Heero raised an eyebrow.

"No, I wouldn't. My calculations are perfect. I don't make mistakes."

Duo humphed.

"That's a lie. You just made one. You are sleeping on the coutch tonight!!"

The continued to fight. Wufei startd to glow an off shade of green. Everyone turned to stare.

"I call upon the power of Nataku to serve justice to him who is stuck in the spout!"

Everyone "ohhhhhhhhhhhh"ed in amazement. The green light shot out towards Quatre and engulfed him. Duo whistled.

"I had no clue Wu-chan had that kind of power... he's actually going to rescue Quatre!"

The light diminished. And everyone sweatdropped. Quatre was still in the spout, only now in drag. Trowa murmmered to himself, "Well, his clothes DON'T do him justice...."

Quatre's voice was heard through the spout, "What are you guys doing to me!?!"

Duo cracked up. Quatre's voice came again.

"Duooooooooo! Hush, or they'll stick you in drag, too!"

Trowa looked down, remember he's still on top of the spout, on the rest of the GW boys. "Um... any ideas on how to get him out?"

Everyone just looked at each other.


Quatre was still whining about being in drag. They were unable to bring back his normal clothes.

"Can't we just buy something!!! I don't want to be dressed like this!!!"

Duo grinned.

"But you're so cute this way!"

Quatre pouted.


Unknown to the others Heero had managed to escape from the groupd to get a... hotdog. (author2: *cracks up*)

Unknown to him the other guys happened to be heading his way.

Once Heero got his hotdog, he sat down on a bench and started feasting.

"Heeeero! I didn't know you were into those kinda things!"

Heero's head snapped around to face a grinning Duo, the hotdog sticking out of his mouth. Heero pulled it out.

"What do you mean by that?"

Duo smiled evilly.

"Heero, I want some of your hotdog."

Heero was silent. Duo's grin widened, a leacherous gleam in his eyes.

"Heero... I wanna eat allllll the hotdog out of your bun..."

Wufei made gagging noises. Duo sat down next to Heero and stuck the hotdog in his mouth.

Heero looked at him. Wufei looked sick.

"Mmmm... good."

"Duo! We're not here for those kinda things." Quatre said from off to the side. "Can't you wait till you get home?"

Duo turned to look at him, still grinning.

"Bet Trowa can't wait to get you home!"

Quatre blushed bright red.

"Will you just shut up and get going?" Trowa stated flatly.

Everyone looked at him surprised.

"Trowa? You feeling ok? You're acting OOC..."

Trowa shook his head.

"I'm... fine. Really... sorry."

The other boys just looked at him, unbelievingly.


Since Trowa wasn't feeling like himself... he tried to pull the attetion away from him by suggesting that they go to one of the shows that they saw advertised on the way in.

They all went into the theater and sat down in the middle of the front row.

"Why do we have to sit in the front!?!" WuFei grumbled.

Quatre smiled at him, "You can see a lot better."

"But I can't fall asleep if we sit up here!!"

"You're not suppost to sleep!!!!!!" Quatre said shocked.

Before they could argue more the lights dimmed in preparation for the show.

"Heeeeerroo....isn't this nice?"

Duo said holding Heero's arm.


The show began with bright lights that seemed to facinate Duo and Quatre. The show was a musical and for some reason Duo and Quatre started to whisper to eachother. The others didn't notice though.

They did notice Duo and Quatre's behavier when they started to get jumpy.

"Quatre... are you ok?"

Trowa said looking down at Quatre. Quatre just smiled at him then turned to Duo who nodded.

With that the two grabed their koi's arms and ran up on stage.

Quatre and Duo started singing "Get Down" by the backstreet boys (Author2: I DON'T LIKE THEM!!!! I SWEAR!!! IT JUST WORKS!!!! Author1: Ditto! Ditto ditto ditto!!!!!!!! And I'm not talking about the pokemon, ya'll!!).

WuFei sweatdroped at the sight. uh..oh. their going to try and get me up there!!

Duo and Quatre had stolen mikes from the dancers and were now singing, in unison.

"You're the on for me

You're my ecstacy

You're the one I need!"

Trowa and Heero reluctantly joined in for the chorus.

"Get Down

Get Down

And move it all around."

Duo's eyes narrowed, a dangerous grin on his face.

"Oooh, yeah!"

Quatre followed up with his solo.

"Hey baby love I need a guy like you!"

The aydience was suddenly confused, was Quatre a boy or a girl?

Quatre also looked at Trowa when he sang, beginnig to blush.

"But tell me if you feel it too

I'm in delusion every minute every hour

My space heart is crying out for you!"

Duo stepped up.

"I feel in heaven when I look in your eyes

I know that you feel you are the one for me, "

The rest pose and sing.

"One for me!"

WuFei had already started heading for the exit. Duo kept singing.

"You drive me crazy cause you're one of a kind,"

Duo sauntered over to Heero, a preditory smile on his lips.

"I want your lovin',"

Duo flung himself at the other boy.

"And I want it right now!"

A surprized Heero found Duo in his arms. Duo took advantage of Heero's temporary confusion to lazily trail a finger down the other boy's cheek. The others, minus the escaping Wufei, joined Duo for the chorus.

"Get down

Get down

And move it all around!"

Heero and Trowa moved center stage, giving each other looks. They started to sing the refrain with enthusiasm, much to Quatre and Duo's (not to mention the audience) delight (author1: perhaps "delight" isn't the exact word we're looking for here?).

"Ooh baby you're so fine

I'm gonna make you mine

Your lips taste so sweet,"

At this point a blushing Quatre blew Trowa a kiss and headed off to the light aqquitment, Duo in tow.

"You're the one for me

Your my ecstacy

You're the one I need!"

The escaping Wufei had made it to the door, but behold! Quatre and Duo had trained a spot-light on him! Wufei, at first frozen to the spot, sighed in defeat, took the mike thrown to him, and began to rap.

"Bang, bang, bang

Here we come

Here we slash

It's the fun factory with the GWB's

Get on your knees

Tryin' to scream

Or touch me, please

Gundam boys are you with it?

Let's hit it!

Come on boy get down

Smack it up

Flip it

And move it all around

Here it is if you wanna get with this

Put you at the top of my list!"

Several girls AND guys in the audience cheered. Wufei headed up to the stage while the other pilots began to sing again.

"I feel in heaven when I look in your eyes

I know you're the one for me

You drive me crazy 'cause you're one of a kind

I want you're lovin'

And I want it right now!"

Wufei had reached the stage and joined in for the final chorus.

"Get down

Get down

And move it all around!"

Somehow at the end of the song, Quatre ended up in Trowa's arms, the banged boy clutching the other to himself posessively. Duo was drapped aaalll over Heero, and Wufei had the glory of center stage. The audience went crazy.

Duo flashed Quatre a grin. Quatr smiled back, and mouthed the words,

"I think it worked!"

Duo's grin widenned, if possible, and nodded wildly.

Then he reached overly and kissed Heero passionately. In front of the entire audience.

Quatre and Wufei's jaws dropped. The pilots 3 and up held they're breath, waiting for Heero to pull out his gun and shoot Duo.

Towa's jaw dropped when Heero just swatted Duo off gently.

Quatre shrugged and kissed Trowa's open mouth.

The audiences cheers turned to cat-calls.

The GWB's slowly made their way off the stage and weaved throught the enthused crowd.

All and all, it wasn't an expected turn of events.


Quatre, sensing the group (with the exception of Duo) was growing tired. He smiled and suggested, "How about we go now? Its been a some-what long day."

There was a chorus of agreements along with Duo's "Awwww... so soon?"

The other pilots glared at Duo. He batted wide eyes innocently.


Quatre cleared his throught.

"Duo, I know we were supposed to go on a final ride and have Heero throw up, but that got abandoned after the BSB parody was invented. Were getting an entire fic series out of this idea, ok?"

Duo sighed forlornly, then nodded.



The boys had reached their previously hot-wired van and got in. Wufei had offered to drive. Quatre and Trowa took the back, and Heero and Duo sat in the middle.

Duo's eyes gleamed and he turned to look at Heero.

"Ne, Heero, can we do that again?"

"What? Kiss?"

"Well, that too... but I was talking about the singing. We could be... oh, i dunno, famous or somethin'!"

Heero shook his head.

"No way. If were famous, that'll interfer with our missions. Can you imagine being stalked by fans?"

Duo shivered as mental picture of dozens of Relena's chasing after Heero ran through his head. Quatre took up Duo's argument.

"But it would be so much fun! And besides, what's a harmless parody?"

Trowa's eyebrow raised.

"'Harmless parody'? You've never been paired with your sister in one of those 'harmless parody's, have you?"

Quatre made a face and countered,

"Yeah, but I've been with Dorothy!"

Wufei sighed and turned on the radio. He started to hum "Bad Boys" to himself.

Eventually, the entire car had joined in.

The lesson: Fore-shadowing in fics is fun and good!! ^^! Aaaaand, there is nothing better than good, clean 1x2 and 3x4!!!!!

Ne ^^?

do you want to....go away?