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Room for Four

Duo: Um... hey! Uh... I wrote this by myself... *sniff* Quatre-chan wasn't on when I sarted this (Heero's spending the night at her house but my mom wouldn't let me go ;.;) and I was bored. It was 1:12 in the morning, so if this sucks, don't blame me. Its just supposed to be random PWP stuff anyway....*sweatdrop*. Some how it ended up as the fic that proves Wufei is the odd one out, no matter what. Oh, yeah. Whatever this turns out being, it'll have shonen ai, 'k?

** buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz **

Duo knocked the alarm off the night stand. He rolled over and crawled out of bed, picking up the fallen clock.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! Its 8 o'clock! What'll I do?!?!?!? School starts in half an hour!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The boy dashed around the room madly, pulling on his fuku and braiding his hair hurriedly. He slid down the railing, tying up the end of his braid with a black satin bow. He rushed into the kitchen. Mr. Howard smiled in greeting.

"Ohayo gozaimasu, Duo."

"O-ohayo, 'ka-san. I gotta hurry, I'm late. Ja!"

Duo began to rush out of the kitchen when his mother's voice called him back.

"Duo~o! You haven't eaten breakfast!"

The boy whipped back into the kitchen, grabbed a piece of toast, and began to scarf it down. The door-bell rang. Duo stuffed the rest of the toast in his mouth.

"That's Quatre-chan now. Itte mairimasu!"

Duo dissappered before his "mother" could reply. Mr. Howard sighed and returned to cleaning the kitchen.


Duo and Quatre hurried down the street. Duo's Deathsythe keychain and Quatre's Sandrock thumped on the side of their school bags.

" Oh, maa~aan! First day of the new semester and were going ro be late!"

Quatre smiled encouragingly, tugging down on the relatively short skirt of his fuku.

" Cheer up, Duo. We'll make it for sure. We have plenty of time!"

" I hope so...."

The pair reached the school gates with five minutes to spare. They joined up with a group of their friends and were soon deep in a coversation. It seemed that there were going to be two new students entering the school, both male. Duo sighed.

"They better be cute. All the guys in this school are soooo ugly!"

Quatre looked faintly suprised.

"Duo, if you think they're ugly, why do you flirt so much?"

Duo blushed.

"Qu-quatre-chan! Just because--"

Duo's would-be rant was cut short by several of the girls' squeals.

"Oh-my-god!!" "Would you look at the body that one has?" "He is soooo dreamy!!" "I wonder if I'm his type?" "Do you think he has a girlfriend?"

Two boys, one with dark brown hair and the other with a slightly lighter hair color and long bangs, made their way across the front of the school yard. Quatre blushed, staring uncotrolably at the one with the "interesting" bangs. Duo, a care-free expression on his face, sauntered up to the boys. He addressed the darker haired of the pair.

"Hey! You two must be the new kids. I'm Duo. Duo Maxwell. The blonde over there blushing is my friend, Quatre-chan. You are...?"

The boy Duo had addressed replied.

"I'm Heero. This is my brother, Trowa."

Trowa was looking at Quatre. Duo grinned at Heero, having noticed the focus of Trowa's gaze.

"Hey, if the two of you need any help or just want to hang out, Quatre-chan and I are availible anytime, 'k?"

Duo slipped Heero his phone number, smiling casually. The school bell rang, and Duo flung his bag over his shoulder.

"Comin', Quatre-chan?"

The students poured into the building. A ways behind the new students, Relena and Catherine stood. Relena looked rather displeased.

"O~oh, that Maxwell! Shinking his fangs into every boy he sees! I want this one!"

Catherine nodded.

"I was thinking how cute that banged boy was...."

Relena snorted as they entered the building.

"You can have him. I want the other one, and I'll get him, too."


Duo strolled down the hall betwen first and second period, engaged in a conversation with one of his friends.

"And then, Ka-chan walks strait up to him and tells him-"

And Duo crashed into something hard. Or rather... someone. He scrambled to his feet and began to babble apologies to who ever it was. He picked up one of the other person's notebooks, about to hand it to them, when he stopped strait.


Heero cocked his head sideways.

"You're...Duo, right?"

Duo flushed slightly.


"I was thinking... maybe you and your friend would like to go to a cafe or something after school with Trowa and I."


"We'll meet you by the front gate, then. Ja."

Heero disappered down the hall, waving. Duo sighed happily.

"He is soooo kakkoi...."


Trowa wandered aimlessly around, trying to find his fifth period class. He felt some one tap his shoulder and turned around. A smiling blonde greeted his sight.

"Hi! I'm Quatre! You're Trowa, right? You look a little lost. Need any help?"

"Um...yeah. Thanks."

The pair walked off down the hall.


The four sat in a booth at the nearby cafe where they had spent the past hour. Trowa and Heero's coffees were long drinken, as was Quatre's tea. Duo's sundae was a few dribbles of melted ice-cream the braided boy had been un-successful in scraing out. The check had been split four ways and now the group sat discussing school, themselves, and their interests. Finally, Trowa glanced at his watch.

"Heero and I better go soon."

Heero nodded.

"Our...'house-keeper' will be mad if we're too late getting home."

Quatre stood, pulling a protesting Duo to his feet as well.

"Of course. Duo and I should be going, too."

Trowa looked at Quatre shyly.

"Quatre...would you mind if I walked you home?"

Quatre smiled.

"I'd love it!"

The pair exited, arm in arm. Duo grinned at Heero.

"Well? You gonna walk me home or what?"


At Duo's house...

"And she said- oh, this is where I live. Nice place, ne? Hey, where do you and Trowa live, anyway? Is it near here? I wish I lived near a bus stop, walking to school is such a drag. Of course, since I go with Qu-"


Duo turned and met Heero's intense gaze. Violet instantly locked with unblinking blue. Duo's mouth openned, but nothing came out. Heero grabbed the fuku-clad boy and kissed him deeply. Duo reached up and wrapped his arms around Heero's neck, murmurring something dazedily against Heero's mouth. Suddenly, Heero froze, working himself free of Duo.

"You're a... a...."

"What?" asked Duo in a annoyed tone, a tad upset that the kiss had been cut off so quickly. Heero pointed at Duo's chest.


"You're... a guy!!!"


Trowa's hand stroked Quatre's chest.



"Can we go in? My parents don't come home til late, so...."

Trowa placed another kiss on Quatre's lips.

"Gomen nasai. I can't today. My... 'house-keeper' would get very upset if I came home late with out telling him the day before."

Quatre looked crest-fallen.


Trowa smiled slighly.

"Why not?"


"You're... a guy!!!"

Duo sweatdropped.

"Duh? There WAS a shonen ai warning for this fic, after all."

"'re wearing a fuku..." stated Heero, lamely.

Duo shrugged.

"So I'm a cross-dressing guy. Does that mean you didn't like the kiss?"

Realization dawned on Heero.

"I'm stuck in a twisted parody, the product of some sad, bored to death fan grrrl's imagination...."

Duo shrugged again, wrapping his arms back around Heero.

"It's a living. Now, where were we?"




Duo: Aaaand.... that isn't the end! Just for now! There will be a..... sequal, or something. I'll get it up soon. Oh, guess who the house-keeper is. Come on, guess!

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