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Room for four...and some more!! (^^!!)

Duo: OK, Quatre-chan was supposed to help me with this chapter, so it was going to be funnier and better than the first half and stuff, but I got impatient and wrote it without her.... *sweatdrop*. Woops? Love ya'll!!


Wufei stormed around the house.

"Where are they!?!?!? School let out three hours ago!!!"

Treize patted Wufei's shoulder.

"Calm down, Wufei. They're probably just getting to know the neighborhood and meet people."

Zechs came in, untying his apron. Wufei turned to him for support.

"Ze~echs!! Treize doesn't think their being late is a problem!!!"

Zechs shrugged, sitting next to Treize on the couch.

"I'm sure the boys can take care of themselves, Wu-chan."

Veins popped out on Wufei's forehead.

"But what about their training?!?! We don't send them to school to socialize! They need to be home every day, ON TIME!"

Wufei stormed out of the room with a 'humph!'. Treize and Zechs sighed in unison. The blonde turned to his husband.


"Wu-chan hasn't realized this is a parody yet."

"Oh, ok. But how come I have to be the wife?"

Treize shrugged.

"You have longer hair...."


Duo watched Heero walk off down the street, smiling softly. He felt like a shojo manga heroine... or at least a shonen ai manga hero. Duo sighed happily.

"He said it didn't matter what gender I was. How wonderfully OOC of Heero...."


The phone was ringing. Quatre picked it up.

"Moshi, moshi, Raberba residence...ah, Duo! Yo!"

"You'll never guessed what happened when Heero walked me home!!"

Duo proceeded to tell the whole story in detail. Quatre happily obsorbed the gossip.

"So... what happened with you and Trowa?"

Quatre smiled dreamily.

"You know how my parents don't come home til late? Trowa's coming over tomorrow after school...."

Duo went into a shoked silence. Finally, he managed to use his voice again.

"Qu-quatre-chan! You go boy! Day one and you're already to 'C'*! My singular kiss ain't anything to be proud of anymore!" (*see note at bottom)

Quatre blushed.

"Who said anything about 'C'?"


Heero raised an eye-brow.

"Woah... you're already to 'C'?"

Trowa and Heero had escaped Wufei's lecture by hurrying to the room they shared. Trowa blushed slightly.

"I-I hardly think that Quatre is that kind of boy!"

Heero glanced at his brother wairily.

"Riiiiight. Whatever you say."


The next morning, the Barton/Yuy/Chang/Marqui--- you get the idea!!--- household...

Relena made the final adjustments to her hair as Catherine rang the door bell. Zechs answered it.

"Hello? May I help you?"

Relena piped up.

"Yes, actually. We were wondering if Heero and Trowa would like some company on the way to school."

Zechs kind of just... looked at them strangely for a moment. Then he turned and called Treize, who came hurriedly. The two had a quick, whisperred discussion before turning back to the ladies on their step. Treize smiled as kindly as possible.

"I'm sorry, I think you two have the wrong fic. This is a shonen ai fic. Have a nice day!"

And the door slammed in the girls' faces. They both sighed.

"What happened the good days were the guy got the girl and the girl got the guy? Strait bishonen are hard to come-by these days!"

"I hear you, sister."

The two walked off contimplating this fact, never to reappear in my fanfics again. (Author: Hey, be surprized I didn't just kill them!!)


Epiloge: three years later...

Duo leaned forward and pressed his lips against Heero's cheek in a chaste kiss. Heero returned the guesture by throwing an arm around Duo and pulling the other boy close.

"Well? Isn't this fun? Ne, minna?"

Quatre nodded jubilantly, snuggling against Trowa.

"Definetly! I'm glad your Aunt Anne was so generous to let us use this cabin, Heero, Trowa!"

"Well, we deserve a short break before college, I think."

Trowa's comment was followed by a string of curses emitting from the kitchen. The four boys rolled their eyes. Heero called out in the general direction the profanity originated from.

"Wuuuuufeeeeeei! What are you doing?!?!?"

The Chinese boy exitted the kitchen, trailing the smell of smoke and... something... sickeningly spoiled.

"I was *cough, cough* trying to bake a cake... *cough*."

The poor neglected boy curled up near the fire and stretched out. The scene quickly regained a cozy atmosphere.

All was right in the paralell universe. For the time being....

As it should be, ne, minna?






Duo: Yeah! It sucks! But its up, and I can always re-write it or get Trowa to come over and make it funnier (Tro-chan (my 'ne-san ^^) is really funny!!). And.... its done. Its 1x2 and 3x4 +5.... be happy. ^^.

O~ooh, world is spinning. Duo go bed now...

Ja! aishiteru, minna!!!!


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