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51,531 Hits 11/19/99 - 11/10/05

Welcome to my page of anime fanfiction.

Page Status:
10/31/06:Back to the original format.
10/29/06: Happy birthday to me. I decided to make some revisions to this website and add a few updates. I've added links to a few of the fanfics I've discovered since my last update enjoy.
11/13/05: Fixed some broken links on my tripod page. Added a few new fics to the Anime Fanfic Index and descriptions. Added a small resource section for Initial D fanfic writers. Will expand later.

11/10/05: Cleaned up some of the loose ends on this page. I've decided to get to work on this site again since I've regained some of my interest in fanfiction. We'll see how it goes. I'm updating my 240SX page since now I have not one but TWO of them. Ah, fun.

1/31/04: Added a section for my 240SX. Also here is a temporary link to my fanposter section. I'm doing some research on an Initial D fic, but I really don't have that much free time anymore. Working at McDonalds is better then not working (especially in Hilo's suicidally depressed economy), but it still really sucks.

11/11/03: Heh, just got a car. Its a 1993 Nissan 240SX Fastback SE and its sweeeeeeet! The lines on that car are just awesome. Only problem is that since drifting is the flavor of the month, everyone assumes I'm some racer punk so I get tailgated/overtaken and in general burned past by both import and domestic racer punks, a whole host of guys between 16 and 30 just on general principals and various people in trucks/SUVs/minivans who are going "Ooh look at me, I can go faster then the racer who is traveling at the speed limit." Jeez, its annoying. Please do your part and don't make an ass of yourself. There is enough free floating stupidity in the universe already.

6/1/03: I have not given up completely on writing, right now I'm doing a little bit of work on a new idea that I hope will pan out. But mostly I'm working on other stuff. Doing some JWD posters, and I'm also starting to work with video. Doing some minor work on fixing up the links, archive and reviews. But mostly I'm distracted cause I'm starting to get into cars. Around Christmas time I picked up some Initial D stuff, and now I'm reading magazines, researching and whatnot. And no, I don't want a "Hachi-roku", I'm saving for a '91-93 240SX coupe, the American version of the Silvia S13. I appreciate the sporatic responses I still get, I really do. But I'm frustrating myself most of the time because nothing I've done in the past year or so is anything I would feel proud to post at all.

10/9/02: I'm sure most of you are getting tired of coming to this page and finding nothing. I'm getting kinda tired of subjecting all of you to it too. I just can't seem to get anything done! I've spent the last month trying to figure out a decent reason for Ranma to be fighting his opponent in the beginning of one of my fics and I'm drawing a complete blank. I don't think I've even really typed a decent page in two years. All I can do is ask you all for your continued patience and understanding for my not-so-recent incompetence. Try again in a month or two and maybe I'll have an update or maybe just another exucse...

8/30/02: Hey, could all of you re-enter the page through once? If I don't get enough (like 50) hits, I lose the domain name.

8/25/02: Still working. I found a place where you can get free domain names. Try Its owned by a small pacific island nation that has no computers. Thus, they are giving away their domain names to help promote their country. The price is an extra popup when you enter the page using their domain name. My one is

7/09/02: Man, I looked up and all of a sudden I've been back a month already and I don't have anything up. Jeez, I talk and talk but I rarely get anything done. Well, I've been doing a little bit planning for the plots and characters for Dark Sorcery, School Days and Project: Ranma, plus a little editing but nothing I can post yet. Also I've begun some writing for a new Ranma/Ruroni Kenshin fic. I like the idea I'm using, but I'm not sure how much you guys might like it. Basically, it is cast in the Ranma 1/2 timeline, no one is related to Kenshin and Ranma isn't really the main character. I guess we'll see. 6/3/02: Hmm, didn't get much actual writing done but I did do some planning and structuring for a few of the fics. Anyway, I'm working on typing out what I did do. Also I added all my fics back on to the page with a small notice.

5/10/02: Well, this will be the last time I'm on for the next 6 weeks. If anyone sends me a message, I obviously won't be able to reply for a while. Anyway, prepare for a big update on my return.

5/7/02: Make that the 11th and for seven weeks. Joy.

4/29/02: Finals are coming up so I'm going to do less then I usually do, if thats even possible. After that on May 8th, I'm going to another island for a month. Summer classes. Classes will be about an hour every day, so I'll have alot of free time. Especially since I'm not going to have a computer, TV, video games, books and in general most of my distractions. I don't think I'll have much choice other then to work on fanfics in a notebook just so I don't go nuts.

4/27/02: Sigh. Although it may seem like it at times, or all the time, I have not given up on fanfiction. I'm just ridiculously slow. I don't have a lot of time devoted to actual writing. Nearly all of my efforts are spent planning and shaping my projects rather then producing them. Its probably pretty frustrating for those of you who still show up anymore. I apologize, but I don't want to put up anything that I feel is less then my best possible effort.

3/1/02: I'm working on a project that I could use some assistance for. I'm looking for slow paced J-Pop songs performed solo by Inoue Kikuko (Belldandy, Tendou Kasumi. If you know of any email me.

2/6/02: I have some pretty bad news. Yesterday, 30 seconds into the session, I fell down while doing inline skating and broke my thumb. I'm in a cast and I can't do much with that arm for a month. I can still type with my left hand, but I'm going to have to allocate a lot more time to my school work just to get all my work done in time. I'll post up the X-rays when I get them sometime next month.

2/2/01: Yesterday, I decided to return to the world of aggressive inline skating. Right now everything hurts. I took alot of knocks, but there were 4 in particular where I had the air knocked out of me. I'm not really in any shape to concentrate or write. Anyway, I'm not going to be doing much over the next few days.