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December 2009

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The Tiger Woods Infidelity Scandal
Why Now?
by Sandra Weidner

In this very short paper I will demonstrate the astrology for two aspects of Tiger Woods life: (1) the astrological source of his phenomenal success as a golfer, and (2) the astrology, and its timing, for his present social problem regarding his private life.

Before showing those astrological indicators, I want to say a few words about this method:

This astrology uses the sidereal positions of the planets based on the Fagan-Bradley’s SVP.
Harmonics are taken from the sidereal position of the planets. The Egyptian harmonic, discussed in the paper “About This Method” (see Home Page), is used.
”Lights” include suns, moons, and moons nodes.
This method uses only conjunctions, applying and separating squares, and oppositions. Orbs for planets with lights is 5°; without lights, about 2.5°. Orb for MC/planet or Asc/planet is 2°. Planets so related to each other are referred to as in the same “set.” A set, then, is two or more planets (or an Angle) connected to each other through conjunction, square, and opposition within the defined orbs. The set is more active if it contains a light, and less active without one. Learning to look in terms of “crosses” can be helpful in rapidly finding planets that are in the same set.
Because this approach uses both a birth and conception chart and they share the same axis, birth houses usually overlap different houses of the conception chart. These are called “house overlaps.” House overlaps play an important part in this astrology as investigation of the charts below (and in other papers) will show. Throughout this paper I use the convention when writing about house overlaps of putting the birth house first, then the conception house. So, for instance, a “5th/1st” overlap refers to an overlap of birth 5th house with conception 1st house in that order.
Birth planets (including their harmonics) rule only birth houses. Conception planets (including their harmonics) rule only conception houses.
For a more thorough explanation of this astrological approach, refer to this site’s papers entitled “About This Method” as well as the one entitled "Chart Reading Rules." There is also a link to the method paper at the bottom of every paper.
About This Method
Chart Reading Rules
In the partial charts shown below, birth planets and their harmonics are inside the circle. Conception planets and their harmonics are outside the circle. Conception sidereal planets are red; conception harmonic ones, black. Birth sidereal planets are blue; birth harmonic ones, green. Occasionally, because of space limitations, I have had to violate this inside/outside arrangement, but the color coding remain constant.

Now we can take a look at Tiger’s 10th chart which shows both his success and the present exposure of his private life :

Partial Harmonic Chart for the 10th House

Placidus: c11—14Leo, c12—13Vir, c2—6Sco, c3—8Sag b11—2Can, b12—2Leo, b2—27Vir, b3—27Lib

Set (1) above shows a golden benefic (i.e., a set, or aspect, which includes the lesser and greater benefics, venus and jupiter, respectively, along with an Angle and/or light). It contains b10 jupiter in Capricorn, b uranus in Libra, C MC, c10 venus in Cancer, and c10 jupiter in Cancer. Containing C MC, it clearly has Angular influence. It clearly contains a “light” (the Angles are forms of “light.”). Not only that, it also influences C Asc through c10 venus, ruler of C Asc. So, Set (1) influences two Angles. Exaltations, falls, and detriments work as well in the harmonics as they do in regular astrology. Jupiter in Cancer, in this set, is exalted. Venus in Cancer is well-placed.

Golden benefics are comprised of light/venus/jupiter, with venus and jupiter being conjunction or square but not opposition. At least, when opposition they fight each other rather than cooperate for the "great good" they together can produce. When on an Angle, "Angle" can substitute for "light." Golden benefics are not truly golden unless they also influence an Angle, either being on it or influencing it through a ruler. When they do, they operate to produce luck and success throughout life in the areas and charts they influence.

Much more is written about golden benefics in the paper about the astrology of famous gurus as well in the synastry papers for happy couples. Here are links to two of them: Paper on Gurus, Paper on the Brownings' Relationship. The latter paper contains links to other papers on couples' synastry.

Set (2) above contains c10 moon in Pisces, ruler of C MC, conjunct b10 NN in Pisces conjunct b jupiter in Pisces all in the same set with b10 venus in Gemini, ruler of B MC, and c saturn in Gemini. Set (2), then, shows Woods’ 10th chart contains a second golden benefic. Containing saturn, some of its beneficence is reduced, but, on the other hand, saturn adds likely helpful sobriety to an otherwise benevolence-heavy 10th chart. Set (2) also influences C MC, as does Set (1), and it influences B MC.

In total, two of Tiger’s four 10th chart Angles—B MC and C MC—are influenced by golden benefics. That is a powerful amount of astrological influence favoring success and fame.

Note that the jupiter in Set (2) is in Pisces. Before neptune took over rulership of Pisces, Jupiter was considered ruler of Pisces. So now, even though not its ruler, it is considered well-placed in Pisces.

In addition to Sets (1) and (2), Woods’ c sun, ruler of C 11th and co-ruler (14 of 33°) of c 10th house at 4 Pisces 33 is conjunct c jupiter, ruler of c 3rd house, at 5 Pisces 58. It does not influence an Angle, but does influence c 10th house as co-ruler. And, it shows he has two jupiters in Pisces.

Tiger Woods’ phenomenal success is adequately expressed through his 10th house containing two golden benefics. He does have on Angular saturn, b saturn to C Ascendant--the 90° aspect, the least powerful one. It is shown above as an unnumbered set. His b saturn (at 6 Cancer 42R) is in 11th/9th houses. Its harmonic at 20 Cancer 19R in 11th/10th houses, with only a very weak contact with a light. This latter saturn, in c 10th house, yields the astrological significator for both the social exposure of his private life (saturn rules his 5th house of sexuality and children and is in his public 10th house) and its timing. Here is the timing:

on November 27, 2009, the day of his auto accident, progressed birth Midheaven was as 4 Cancer 03. His progressed b saturn (ruler of b 5th house) was at 3 Cancer 59R, that is, conjunct it.
Tiger’s progressed c10 NN (which started at 13 Leo 35 in his 12th/11th houses, was at 20 Cancer 44, conjunct his b10 saturn (ruler of b 5th house) at 20 Cancer 18 in his c 10th house. Return mars (on 11/21/09) was conjunct both those at 20 Cancer 02. Thus in his c 10th house he had a “dark” malefic of light/mars/saturn all in Cancer, a sure sign of pain and difficulty. Saturn’s influence on b 5th house indicated the problem would involve either his sex life or his children (both 5th house matters). The absence of mercury/mars and mercury/saturn sets indicated the problem would not involve his children, but his sex life.

One additional set is worth showing:

Set (3)c10 moon19 Pisces 13ruler of C MC
pb10 sun18 Sagittarius 49ruler of b 12th house
pb10 neptune19 Sagittarius
pc saturn19 Gemini 01(coming from 17 Gemini 34)

I did not identify house influence of the last two planets. They may or may not have significance. Clearly significant is the progression of his “malefic” c saturn to a closer relationship to his c moon, ruler of C MC. Light/saturn/neptune with influence to an Angle represents a feeling of vulnerability. Coupled with his beginning benefic sets, it also represents a feeling of deflation.

Progressed c10 saturn is moving forward and on November 27, 2009 was at 18 Sagittarius 11, just beginning to enter Set (3) above, and, along with his other saturn progressions, will continue to keep him in the hot seat publicly for some time to come because all are, relatively speaking, slow moving.

In the drawing above I showed two astrological conditions not in Sets, one of which has already been partially discussed from the point of view of its inclusion of saturn, but not that of its inclusion of uranus.

In this paper we looked at Tiger Woods’ astrology for his fame and success, shown by his two golden benefics in his 10th chart.

We also viewed the astrology for the public exposure of his private life, represented primarily through his b saturn and harmonic b saturn, both rulers of his b 5th house, being active at the time of his auto accident, turning a minor misfortune into a public viewing of an individual’s private life.

Woods’ progressed saturn sets will, it is true, indicate some tarnish to his reputation for some time to come. At the same time, his two golden benefics are hard to keep down for long. As long as he stays in the game, he will remain a cream of the crop golfer.

Woods’ ruler of his 5th house in his 10th house of social image and career show the astrological source of his exposure. He did not just get found out because, as some one famous, he was highly visible. His 10th chart also contained the seeds for his scandal.

People, be they politicians, artists, executives, or just normal old human beings do not experience exposure of their private lives unless that part of their private lives (here, the 5th house of sexuality) is connected in some way to their public lives (10th house in 10th chart), here, ruler of the 5th house in the 10th house. Or, they progress to a connection.

Some people (we will never know how many or what percentage of total) literally get away with murder for similar reasons. They do not have a path from their act of deadly aggression to their 9th and 10th houses in their 10th charts (or 7th chart), representing legal and social entanglement respectively. No path, no exposure. It is rather mind boggling to contemplate.

January, 2012 Since I have the workup, I might as well add Tiger's astrology for his win at the President's Cup in Melbourne, Australia on November 20, 2011:

The above were his major progressions in his 10th chart for the President's cup. He didn't have any progressed Angles to malefics.

I do not usually make comments on future possibilities. This one is fairly general, so I may leave it in. Tiger is not yet through progressed Angles to his elevated saturns. He has a major one around July 2012 when two more progressions come forefront simultaneously. Progressed B MC at 6 Cancer 44 is conjunct b saturn at 6 Cancer 42 in 11th/9th houses. And progressed B Asc at 3 Libra 38 is in the same set with progressed b saturn at 3 Cancer 37R, also in 11th/9th houses. Both saturns refer to his 5th house of sex life and/or children. Since he has already passed through the major shock of having his sex life become fodder for public and media discourse, I doubt these progressions refer to further scandal. Since both saturns are in conception 9th house, they can refer to a legal (9th) loss (saturn). With their influence to his 5th house of children, one potential interpretation is obvious. This time is not a good time for him to be in any kind of legal contest regarding his children.

Data Acknowledgments
Individuals are listed in the order in which they occurred in this paper Letters following each name show the Rodden rating.

Tiger Woods (Eldrick Tont Woods) (AA)
Birth: 12/30/1975, 10:50 p.m. PST, Long Beach, CA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough.
Conception:3/19/1975, 8:37:19 p.m. PST, Long Beach, CA.

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