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This paper written October 2008
From a Paper Written July, 1998

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April, 2011: Case in which mercury on an angle over-rides specification for retardation One Twin is Retarded, the Other Twin is Not. Since writing that paper I have seen two other cases (all by definition matters of chance since we cannot tell by symptoms who in the population has this particular astrological condition) in which Angular mercury completely "suppressed," or was dominant over, the full significators for retardation. The apparent reason it does so is that what is on Angles must express. Mercury stands for mind/communication/language in contradistinction to the significator for retardation, which stands for difficulties with same.

Mental Retardation and Astrology’s Classic Malefics
Mars and Saturn
by Sandra Weidner

To start with, I did not know what term to use for what us older individuals used to call "mental retardation." After reading the following link, I decided I would stick to “mental retardation.” It, at least, is clear and completely transparent in meaning to all who use it. Here is the link:

Mental Retardation

I started my file on mental retardation years ago during those first ten years (from 1983 to 1993) developing this method that I worked only with the harmonic chart for the 7th house. The 7th chart was a powerful chart demonstrating many of the conditions and events that people experience.

Mental retardation was not one of them. I erected the 7th charts of 20 (the total number eventually reached 42 before all charts were destroyed in an accident) retarded individuals and failed to find any common pattern among them. Disappointed, I put those charts away.

Years later I ran into a second condition for which I believed the astrology should be powerful. That condition also did not register in the 7th chart. That is the point in time that I began investigating the other eleven harmonic charts. For that second condition, I found the results I was looking for in the harmonic chart for the 1st house.

After that, remembering my poor results with mental retardation, I then explored the harmonic chart for the 3rd house, the house/chart naturally associated with mental function. In that chart the pattern for retardation was much clearer. Still, a couple 3rd charts failed to show it.

Later yet, I learned that the harmonic chart for the 1st house, and the 3rd houses within it, also contained information about mental function. I do not know exactly how their information manifests—is it physical, biological, physiological, chemical, or even just primitive identity? Does it give us information on all of our brains?

At this point I do not have to know exactly how the 1st chart works. It clearly contains information—common patterns—relative to some dysfunctions.

So, in this paper, we are examining the harmonic charts for the 3rd (mental aspect of mind?) and 1st houses (physical aspect of mind or essential identity?) to observe the common pattern they demonstrate among retarded individuals.

Once Again, The Planets of Hard Work, Hard Times, and "Failure"
Mars and saturn are the traditional malefics of astrology, the lesser and greater malefics, respectively. We can count on them being the "stars" of the show every time we see conditions that are soberly and unrelentingly difficult. They predominate in charts demonstrating conditions that fall on the lower (negative) end of an imaginary Bell curve.

We all have mars and saturn in our charts. If mars and saturn predominate in our (2nd) money chart, we have trouble making money or keeping it. If predominant in our relationship (7th) chart, we have trouble with relationships--making them and keeping them. If predominant in our 5th house of sexuality, the trouble is with sexuality (experiencing it) and offspring. If they are forefront in our 10th chart of social image, then we have a low social image. We also have a difficult relationship with Mom.

Between charts that is, in synastry, mars and saturn create the truly difficult interactions of two people who simply cannot come to any lasting agreement. I have written six papers on mars/saturn synastry between charts. Here is a link to one of them. It will also give you the links to the others: Mars/saturn Synastry Between O.J. Simpson and His Wife, Nicole Brown Simpson

The astrological "opposites" of mars and saturn are venus and jupiter. Venus and jupiter create charisma, good luck, and winning conditions. They are forefront in charts demonstrating qualities and conditions which fall on the upper side of the imaginary Bell curve. Venus and jupiter create an attracting force correlated with success, love, bounty, and ease. Just as is the case with mars and saturn, we all have venus and jupiter in our charts. When they are working together and forefront in our 10th (career) chart we have a wonderful relationship with our mother as well as social success. Together and forefront in our 7th (close relationships) chart they bring us good companions and (usually) happy, lasting marriages. In our 2nd (money) charts, they give us our lottery winners, rich folk, and other financially succussful individuals. In the 3rd chart of mind they give us gifted intellectuals.

Here is the link to the paper on lottery winners, showing how venus and jupiter work together in the 2nd and 8th charts of lottery winners: Paper on Rich Men, Lucky Gamblers, and Lottery Winners. There are also six papers written on couples who shared strong venus/jupiter synastry. Here is a link to one of those papers Paper on Synastrty Between Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

Mars and saturn create a kind of anti-charisma, a repulsing force associated by all of us with lack and failure. Mars and saturn are often forefront at birth in charts of individuals “stricken” from birth.

So, it is not surprising that historically individuals mentally challenged with such conditions as Down's syndrome have often been kept hidden, considered as source of family shame.

Historically, we have had exactly the same attitude toward other areas in which these planets predominate. Strong in the 10th chart (social image and relationship to mother) they have given us our criminals and social misfits. Strong in the 7th chart of close partnerships, they represent our "loners"--individuals unable to form satisfying relationships. Strong in the 1st chart (early childhood) they symbolize (the usually) poverty-stricken, definitely emotionally deprived children of our ghettoes.

We do not have to feel superior to some one just because he is poor. In fact, he may be poor, but a far better human being than we are. Likewise, over time we have begun to understand that we should not feel superior to individuals with mental challenges like mental retardation. That's just where their mars/saturn manifests. Ours manifests somewhere else. Some people's challenges are more public than others. Historically, as we people learn to grasp that we all have our "truly difficult" somewhere, we begin to work on our viewpoint of other's "difficult," softening it. We get rid of the painful labels. We look for strengths and foster them. Most of us have gifts. And most of us have challenges.

These days it is politically incorrect (and would bring strong and immediate disapproval) to look down on most children's problems, e.g., retardation and autism, but it is still socially acceptable to denigrate loners and "losers," especially loners. Probably the last social category which will ever--IF ever--receive the light of scientific investigation is pedophilia. I do not mean approval or promotion. I mean understanding based on scientific investigation. Today it is politically correct, and usually heartily seconded by others, to hate those individuals as if by hating them we were affecting the reality of their existence--almost "if we loathe them enough they will cease to exist." Which, of course, is not true and has never worked to eliminate any human condition. It is understandable with pedophiles based on the tremendous pain and grief they can cause, but it is still not true. There is a paper on the astrology of homosexuality at the following link: paper on pedophilia.

Aside from generalities stated above, I should state that mars and saturn do have some positive values. One of saturn’s is that it limits. Without saturn we would all just be blobs of protoplasm. One of mars’ positive values is the part it plays in assertiveness. Where would be if we completely lacked assertiveness? So, without mars we would not have separate individuals, Nor, for that matter, would we have males. So, even though these two planets play a big role in symbolizing many human dysfunctions, they are absolutely necessary for life as we know it.

The Astrological Significators Mental Retardation
This paper demonstrates that excessive mars/saturn in certain charts resulted in retardation. Some of my other papers demonstrate that excessive mars/saturn resulted in poverty, or sexual dysfunction, or social dysfunction. Excessive mars/saturn or just saturn sponsors our loners, jailbirds, some of our oddballs, and most of our n’er-do-wells.

All of these individuals—we among them—are, in some way, considered retarded. Today we may use the word challenged for the ones we used to call retarded, but challenged is what they all are.

For mental retardation, we examine the role of mars and saturn in creating that disability. When in excess, these two planets sponsor discord and dissonance in the form of frustration, awkwardness, and general dysfunction. When they influence our minds, they sponsor difficulty in thinking, speaking, communicating, and even coordinating.

In this paper I show that mars and saturn, lighted and influencing Angles and third houses in the 1st and 3rd charts are the planetary influences prognostic of mental retardation. At the same time, I must state that some times people have "retarded astrology," but because of mitigating astrology, are not retarded. What they experience is frustration or slowness in some area of mental function. It is also true, that some times a retarded individual--in addition to his complete set showing retardation--has a light/venus/jupiter set in his 3rd chart. Such individuals are the ones recognized to have certain special talents in spite of their retardation, such as musical or mathematical or recall ability.

There is an interesting paper that illustrates some of the mitigating astrology which cancels out "retardation in the case of one twin who is normal, while the other is retarded. Here is its link: Paper on One Twin Retarded, the Other Normal, the Second Example. A second paper exists differentiating a normal from a retarded twin at: One Twin Retarded, the Other Normal.

Many readers of these papers on medical, psychological and sexual conditions read only about that condition, or perhaps one other. They thus have no idea how well this very different astrological method works. To get some idea of that, read some of the sixteen (with more to come!) papers on twins on this site. In traditional astrology, twins are hard to differentiate. This astrology demonstrates the differences in astrology which account for their life differences. Here is a link to one of the twin papers:The Silent Twins. Links to the other twin papers are found in each paper.

Since this is a paper that examines discordant minds, and since mercury by itself is already correlated with mental function, sets that include mercury do not necessarily have to influence 3rd houses through rulers to be influencing mental function.

What do I mean by “excessive.” When they are together in the same set mars and saturn, the lesser and greater malefics working together, are already beginning to be excessive. Individually each of their actions usually represent difficulties. Together they definitely do. Even under those circumstances, however, they may not dominate a chart, therefore, may not cause too many problems. They dominate a chart when they are together and one of the planets in the set rules an Angle. Since we are looking at the 3rd charts of "mental function," when that set also rules one of the 3rd houses in the chart the set becomes strongest in representing mental dysfunction. When that occurs, the whole chart and everything it represents in an individual’s life is under that influence. That area of the individual’s life is going to dysfunctional or, diifficult, or “retarded.”

Expressed symbolically, the significator is written thus: Angle/light/mars/saturn/3rd, which is another way of stating that either the mars and saturn are on an Angle and influence a 3rd house, or they are in a set with a light (sun, moon, or nodes) and one of the planets rules an Angle and one of the plaets rules a 3rd house. Of course, they can be on an Angle and contain a light. If they are not on an Angle, they must contain a light in order to be activated, and they must rule an Angle in order to turn the mind toward retardation. And they must rule a 3rd house (or contain mercury) in order to show maximum astrological direction toward retardation. Orbs for planets to Angles are no more than 2° for planets; orbs for planets to a light, 5°. Because we are usually not working with rectified charts or even charts with exact time of birth, a slightly greater orb of 2° of planet/Angle is reasonable in examining retardation. Several lights in the same set can increase an orb by between two and three degress, but not more.

Please note that in the following sets, t = transiting at the given time, c = conception, and b = birth. A number following these indicates the number of the house of the harmonic being examined. So, a number of "1" following any of those letters identifies the harmonic chart for the 1st house. It is worth re-stating, however, that this is not the first harmonic, but the third harmonic, which is used for the harmonic chart of the 1st house. Similarly, "3" identifies the harmonic chart for the third house, but the actual harmonic used to find it is the fifth. I had to adopt this convention because actually using the harmonic number used to create the chart could easily slip into a wrong identification of the chart involved. For instance, the 5th harmonic is used to create the 3rd chart. But, if those harmonic planets were written, for instance, "pc5 mars" (which means progressed harmonic of mars for the 3rd chart), it would be too easy--and incorrect--to start thinking that one is looking at a 5th chart when it is the 3rd chart that is being considered. Though there are few progressed events here, p = progressed, and is placed at the very front of the notation. Therefore, a notation such as "pc1 saturn" translates as "the harmonic for the 1st chart of progressed conception saturn." Placidian houses are used throughout. Progressions are secondary.

All of the ISAR people listed below were data listed under the heading, "Low I.Q." “ISAR” stands for the International Society for Astrological Research—the group providing the birth data.

Astrological Method
This method is not traditional. It uses a birth and conception planets and their harmonics and houses, all of which share the same axis. Conception is based on a formula discussed in the following paper: How to Find Conception

This astrology uses the sidereal positions of the planets based on the Fagan-Bradley’s SVP. My view of the practical differences between the tropical (Western) and the sidereal (Eastern) zodiacs can be found at Tropical vs. Sidereal Zodiac.
Harmonics are taken from the sidereal position of the planets. The Egyptian harmonic, discussed in the paper “About This Method” (link just below), is used.
”Lights” include suns, moons, and moons nodes. When mercury rules an Angle, it also acts like a light and has the same orb as the other lights. The MC or Asc also acts like a light, but one with only a 2° orb, because when a set is on an Angle it does not need a light to be active.
This method uses only conjunctions, applying and separating squares, and oppositions. MAXIMUM orb for static planets with lights is 5°; without lights, 2°. (There is a table in the paper on chartrules which shows which traditional aspects--e.g., semi-square, trine, quincunx, etc.--in the sidereal are converted to conjunctions, squares, and oppositions in the harmonics and which charts they occur in, link below.) Maximum orb for MC/planet or Asc/planet is 2°. Planets so related to each other are referred to as in the same “set.” A set, then, is two or more planets (or an Angle) connected to each other through conjunction, square, and opposition within the defined orbs. Sets without Angles are more active when they contain a light, and less active without one. Learning to look in terms of “crosses” can be helpful in rapidly finding planets that are in the same set.
Because this approach uses both a birth and conception chart and they share the same axis, birth houses usually overlap different houses of the conception chart. These are called “house overlaps.” Throughout all papers I use the convention when writing about house overlaps of putting the birth house first, then the conception house. So, for instance, a “5th/1st” overlap refers to an overlap of birth 5th house with conception 1st house in that order.
Birth planets (including their harmonics) rule only birth houses. Conception planets (including their harmonics) rule only conception houses.
For a more thorough explanation of this astrological approach, refer to the following papers:

About This Method
Empirically-Derived Rules for Reading These Charts
In the partial charts shown below, birth planets and their harmonics are inside the circle. Conception planets and their harmonics are outside the circle. Conception sidereal planets are red; conception harmonic ones, black. Birth sidereal planets are blue; birth harmonic ones, green. Occasionally, because of space limitations, I have had to violate this inside/outside arrangement, but the color coding remains constant.
Abbreviations used are b = birth, c = conception, and t = transiting. MC = Midheaven, Asc = Ascendant, and "Angles" is a generic terms for both. Even though the harmonic used for each chart is always two more than the chart’s number, in these papers—for ease of reading—I write the harmonic number the same as the chart number. For example, the 5th chart uses the 7th harmonic, but I have established the convention of writing harmonic planets for the 5th chart as, e.g., c5 mars, which reads, “the harmonic for the 5th chart for conception mars.” Pc3 mars stands for the harmonic for the 3rd chart of its progressed conception mars. T5 pluto represents transiting (at the time of the event) pluto for the 5th chart.

Data acknowledgements for all charts are given at the bottom of this paper.

Since we are interested only in the astrology of retardation, I include very little biographical information. Indeed, generally other information was not available. All I had was the fact the individual was considered retarded.

While my original study included 25 charts, here only 10—selected at random—are presented.

ISAR 1249
No other information was given on this female.

The Harmonic Chart for the 3rd House

b saturn21 Aquarius 18 ruler of B MC
b3 mars25 Aquarius 26
b3 sun25 Aquarius 39

The above set is in c 3rd house and influencing B MC.

The Harmonic Chart for the 1st House

c1 mars16 Aquarius 33 ruler of C Asc
c1 NN18 Aquarius 07
b saturn21 Aquarius 18 ruler of B MC
c1 uranus21 Aquarius 23 ruler of c 3rd house

This aspect is in c 3rd house, and influences two Angles. Note that the harmonic of mars now involved is that of c mars, not b mars, in (1). As another indication of a more difficult life, B MC and B Asc are both square saturn, while C Asc is square mars. C MC is square neptune. Total Angular influences: mars/saturn/neptune.

ISAR 6612
No other information was given on this female.

The Harmonic Chart for the 3rd House

c3 mars24 Taurus 25ruler of C MC and c 3rd house
b3 moon26 Taurus 12
b3 sun26 Taurus 27
c saturn20 Scorpio 06ruler of C Asc
b saturn24 Scorpio 47
b moon24 Aquarius 14
c mercury27 Aquarius 10

If we want to make this a tighter aspect, we can drop c saturn. It can be included because two lights in this set increase orb. At the same time, it can be excluded and we still have light/mars/saturn influencing an Angle and a 3rd house.

Her B Asc is conjunct b3 mars and opposition c3 mercury.

The Harmonic Chart for the 1st House

c saturn20 Scorpio 06ruler of C Asc
b saturn24 Scorpio 47
b1 mars26 Scorpio 50co-ruler (13 of 31°) of b 3rd house
b1 mercury22 Aquarius 06
b1 pluto24 Aquarius 06
b moon24 Aquarius 14
c mercury27 Aquarius 10

We have to include c saturn, at 20 Scorpio 06, in order to have influence to an Angle. Note that two mercuries are afflicted with mars/saturn. We do have more difficult influence to 3rds: neptune rules b 3rd and is conjunct b1 moon (less than 1°), and c1 mars rules c 3rd (and C MC) and is conjunct c1 moon (less than 1°). This mars/neptune influence to Angles and 3rds suggests body/brain chemistry sensitivity because mars/neptune suggests toxicity. Were that influence in the 3rd chart instead of the 1st, the toxicity would take the form of schizoid tendencies.

For angular aspects, she has B MC conjunct b NN and square b1 saturn—a light/saturn/Angle. C Asc is a little over 1° in square to c neptune, another indication of possible biochemical sensitivity.

When we sum influence to Angles, in particular, we get light/mars/saturn/neptune—the planets of siege conditions. Saturn's influence to 3rd houses is the weakest significator in this chart.

A 1st chart body condition of siege might be AIDS, or it might be allergies. I have definitely established that for the 7th chart one example of siege conditions at the end of life was life in a concentration camp. For another individual, it was cancer. For two alcoholics who died homeless, siege conditions (light/mars/saturn/neptune) showed up in the following charts: 1st (body physiology as well as fundamental identity?), 3rd (mind), 4th (home), interpersonal relations (7th) and even their reputation (10th). Even astrologers are sometimes affected by what they see. After I worked up the charts of the two alcoholics who died homeless, I cried.

ISAR 7083
The information for this female is “born mentally retarded, needs wheel chair or cane to get around.

The Harmonic Chart for the 3rd House

c mars16 Leo 26ruler of C MC and c 3rd house
c uranus17 Leo 20ruler of C Asc
c3 NN17 Leo 31
c pluto20 Leo 05
b3 sun 21Leo 10ruler of B Asc
c SN20 Scorpio 30
c3 mercury20 Scorpio 49
c saturn17 Aquarius 30
b saturn19 Aquarius 13

This shows light/mars/saturn influence to three Angles and one 3rd house. B3 saturn is in less than a 1° conjunction to B MC, which is in b 3rd house. C 3rd house contains another lighted saturn, and b 3rd house contains moon conjunct neptune (less than 1°).

We saw this set of c uranus conjunct c mars opposition c saturn in ISAR 7082, a woman diagnosed with manic depression. Her set also influenced both an Angle and a 3rd house. It did not include mercury. Mentally, mars/saturn goes toward retardation while saturn/uranus goes toward manic depression. With all three of them in the same set in a 3rd chart, it would be interesting to discover what makes such a set express one way or the other..

The Harmonic Chart for the 1st House

c sun18 Pisces 14
c1 mars19 Pisces 19ruler of C MC and c 3rd house
c uranus22 Pisces 00
b moon19 Virgo 31
c1 saturn22 Virgo 30

This is the harmonic “derivation” for her basal (born with) mars/uranus opposition saturn. In this harmonic chart, it has acquired lights from c sun and b moon and influences C MC and c 3rd house.

Her Angles are otherwise clear of malefic influence. B 3rd house contains c neptune lighted by an opposition of b1 sun (less than 1°). She has two mercuries in Pisces.

ISAR 5870
Our information for this female is from her mother, who was “concerned about my younger daughter who is blind and retarded.”

The Harmonic Chart for the 3rd House

b3 mars3 Sagittarius 59ruler of B MC and b 3rd house
b saturn3 Virgo 12ruler of B Asc which is in c 3rd house
c SN4 Virgo 14

Both 3rd houses and two Angles are influenced by lighted mars/saturn.

C 3rd house also contains lighted saturn (less than 2°) and b 3rd house contains lighted neptune (less than 1°).

The Harmonic Chart for the 1st House

B MC8 Scorpio 29
c mars12 Scorpio 12
c1 NN12 Scorpio 42
b1 saturn9 Taurus 37ruler of B Asc in c 3rd house

But this saturn is just past our 3° orb to the node. B MC adds some orb.

ISAR 6719
We have no other information on this female.

The Harmonic Chart for the 3rd House

c3 sun21 Scorpio 53
b3 sun22 Scorpio 54
B MC23 Scorpio 14
c saturn25 Scorpio 28
c3 Moon25 Scorpio 51ruler of c 3rd house
C MC22 Aquarius 52
c3 mars25 Taurus 17

Two Angles and a 3rd house are afflicted by lighted mars/saturn. C Asc contains a conjunction in Gemini of b3 mars square mercury in Pisces (less than 1°)Both 3rd houses and two Angles are influenced by lighted mars/saturn.

The Harmonic Chart for the 1st House
There are no light/mars/saturn afflictions to Angles or 3rd houses in this chart. Mars and pluto dominate 3rd houses. Four sets summed show lighted mars influence to Angles and 3rd houses and a lighted saturn influence to c 3rd house (which does not influence and Angle.)

Looking at her four mercuries in this chart, she has 2 mercury/mars, 1 mercury in Scorpio (ruled by mars). C1 mercury is in Pisces and rules C Asc. So her mercuries are influenced by mars/neptune.

ISAR 6761
We have no other information on this female.

The Harmonic Chart for the 3rd House

b mars3 Sagittarius 44ruler of B Asc
b SN3 Pisces 06
c mars0 Gemini 24
c3 uranus1 Gemini 06ruler of C MC in be 3rd house
c3 saturn3 Gemini 24

The above set influences two Angles and a 3rd house. Ruler of C Asc is mercury in Pisces (like the previous individual). Ruler of b 3rd house, saturn, is conjunct (less than 1°) b3 mercury in Gemini. Moon, ruler of c 3rd house, is conjunct (a little over 1°) mercury/saturn in one set and square mars and pluto in the other (about 2-1/2°).

The Harmonic Chart for the 1st House

(a)b1 mars11 Aquarius 12in b 3rd house
C MC12 Aquarius 26in b 3rd house
b pluto11 Leo 42

But C Asc is square saturn in Pisces (less than 1°). For saturn influence to 3rd houses we have:

b saturn16 Sagittarius 30ruler of b 3rd house
b mercury16 Sagittarius 39
c moon17 Sagittarius 33ruler of c 3rd house
c1 sun17 Sagittarius 54
b1 venus19 Sagittarius 554 Virgo 14
c SN18 Pisces 55
b1 saturn19 Pisces 31ruler of b 3rd house
b1 mercury19 Pisces 57

C mercury, ruler of C Asc (which is already square saturn in Pisces) is in Pisces.

ISAR 6518
We have no additional information on this female.

The Harmonic Chart for the 3rd House

b NN5 Scorpio 42
b saturn6 Scorpio 06
c3 mercury8 Aquarius 16ruler of B Asc
b3 mars5 Taurus 19
b3 sun5 Taurus 53co-ruler (16 of 26°) of b 3rd house
b pluto5 Leo 42
c jupiter7 Leo 03ruler of c 4th house

Her Node/saturn is in c 3rd house, while the pluto/jupiter in Leo is in b 3rd house. C 3rd house also contains a second NN in Scorpio conjunct saturn (less than 1°).

The Harmonic Chart for the 1st House
Effects here a cumulative. While mars and saturn influences to 3rd houses exist, and saturn influences Angles, no mars influence to Angles exists.

(a)B MC15 Aquarius 55
b1 pluto17 Aquarius 07
b1 neptune16 Leo 53
c1 saturn14 Scorpio 19in c 3rd house
b1 NN17 Scorpio 07in c 3rd house
b1 saturn18 Scorpio 18

I could continue and add in b mars at 19 Aquarius 10, but it is a 3° 09’ orb from B MC—not an acceptable orb. However, b1 NN also has an orb of 3°, and is 1° 12’ from B MC, and 1° 57’ from b mars, so it ties them together.

Both c mars are square c moon (no other planets involved; less than 1° orbs), with mars co-ruling c 3rd house (30 of 34°). Another saturn (and, through mercury, 3rd house) influence to Angles is:

(b)c1 mercury3 Taurus 02ruler of C MC and C Asc
b SN5 Taurus 42
c pluto4 Leo 14in b 3rd house
c saturn4 Scorpio 46in c 3rd house

B Asc is square venus in Pisces (less than 1°)—a tender aspect, but not one encouraging a strong ego.

ISAR 6489
This male has a twin brother born 6 minutes later, also retarded.

The Harmonic Chart for the 3rd House

(a)b mercury6 Taurus 06
b3 jupiter4 Leo 39ruler of b 3rd house, in c 3rd house
c mars7 Leo 39in c 3rd house
b saturn4 Scorpio 07
b mars7 Aquarius 50co-ruler (16 of 26°) of b 3rd house

This is the only mars/saturn set and it influences only 3rd house (not Angles). Although mars is influencing c 3rd h house, and saturn co-rules b 3rd house, neither are lighted so their influence is less strong. There are no other malefics influencing 3rds. The more troubling aspect for this twin is:

(b)C Asc10 Gemini 22
c3 neptune10 Gemini 22
b3 mars9 Pisces 09
b3 venus10 Sagittarius 41ruler of B Asc

Although this set does not influence 3rd houses, it influences two Angles and this the harmonic chart for the 3rd house. Mars/neptune influence tends toward schizophrenia. Perhaps this set identifies “childhood schizophrenia.” Whatever it stands for—and harmonic mars/neptune on Angles in this chart must stand for some kind of mental distress—so far this is not a classically retarded child.

The Harmonic Chart for the 1st House
Set (a) above picks up more harmonics in this chart.

b saturn4 Scorpio 07co-ruler (15 of 36°) of b 3rd house
b1 pluto6 Aquarius 32
b mars7 Aquarius 50
b mercury6 Taurus 06
c1 mercury7 Taurus 22ruler of C Asc
c1 neptune6 Leo 13in c 3rd house
c mars7 Leo 39in c 3rd house

This certainly contains mars/saturn influences to an Angle, 3rd houses, and mercuries. However, that lighted mars/neptune in c 3rd house arouses my suspicion. For the suns and moons of this chart, two suns are in the same set with saturn/neptune (one influencing a 3rd house; one, an Angle), and one moon/saturn/neptune (influencing an Angle). Although we see mars/saturn/neptune together in one set in charts for retarded children, they do not appear that often. Mars/saturn/neptune—in whichever chart they fall—represent siege conditions. Certainly retarded children experience siege conditions in their attempts to communicate, and sometimes, to belong. But this chart contains too much of that influence. It suggests a different biochemistry or brain dysfunction than that of mental retardation.

ISAR 7016
We have no other information on this male.

The Harmonic Chart for the 3rd House

b3 saturn26 Sagittarius 21
C Asc27 Sagittarius 45
b3 NN28 Sagittarius 28
b3 mars23 Pisces 33
c3 NN26 Pisces 10
b3 moon27 Gemini 47ruler of b 3rd house

The above set influences C Asc and b 3rd house. B Asc is also conjunct NN and square c3 neptune, ruler of c 3rd house, adding neptune influence. Non-harmonic neptune is square sun/saturn, yielding further saturn, and neptune, influence to c 3rd house.

The Harmonic Chart for the 1st House
All those planets in the 3rd chart that were in the same set with C Asc have disappeared in this chart. We have to sum to get our influences.

(a)C MC24 Libra 13
b saturn23 Capricorn 16
b1 mars26 Capricorn 08
c1 sun26 Cancer 16

Set (a) above shows mars and saturn influence to an Angle (but not a 3rd house).

(b)b1 mercury1 Capricorn 22ruler of B Asc
c mercury2 Capricorn 44
c1 saturn2 Cancer 04
c1 neptune4 Libra 20ruler of b 3rd house

Set (b) above shows a lighted saturn (and neptune) influence to an Angle and a 3rd house.

(c)b1 sun26 Scorpio 16
b mars28 Scorpio 43
b moon29 Aquarius 33ruler of b 3rd house

Set (c) above shows lighted mars influence to a 3rd house.

(d)c1 mars22 Sagittarius 54co-ruler (24 of 28°) of c 3rd house
c1 pluto21 Pisces 19
b1 SN23 Pisces 03

Set (d) above shows another lighted mars influence to a 3rd house, c 3rd.

Altogether the four sets above add up to lighted mars and lighted saturn influence to Angles and to 3rd houses within the chart. The only non-harmonic planets in 3rd houses are uranus and pluto. Other than (a) above, there were no further malefics to Angles.

ISAR 6961
The father of this male supplied the data to the astrologer. ISAR 6961 was (paraphrasing) “bi-racial with an oriental mother and an occidental father. He was placed in a home in his youth, and was abused as a child. Released from the home at age 18, he had a job as a bus boy. Stealing, his father ran him out of the house and he ran away.” In ISAR 6961 we do not have any idea of how much of his problem was his retardation and how much emotional disturbance.

The Harmonic Chart for the 3rd House

(a)b saturn18 Capricorn 23
b SN21 Capricorn 29
c venus18 Aries 01ruler of C MC and c 3rd house
b3 moon18 Cancer 52
c moon22 Cancer 00
b mars26 Pisces 06
b neptune21 Libra 18in c 3rd house

Mars in this set is a little late in the sign, but it can be included because the three lights increase orb.

Except for b3 harmonic moon, this is an all non-harmonic set. It means these conditions apply, according the houses they rule and are in, in all charts for his life. These are harsh. He either experiences himself as the aggressor (moon conjunct mars in Cancer—also his mother (moon/Cancer) and his home conditions (moon/Cancer) or he experiences himself as the incapacitated one (saturn) because they are in opposition.

He has a lighted harmonic saturn in his other 3rd house, his c 3rd. He also has:

(b)c3 neptune2 Virgo 08
b3 mercury4 Virgo 16ruler of B MC and B Asc
b3 saturn1 Sagittarius 56
c3 venus0 Pisces 07ruler of C MC and c 3rd house
c mars1 Pisces 16co-ruler (22 of 34°) of c 3rd house.

This shows mars/saturn influence to Angles and a 3rd house. When mercury rules an Angle (or two) it acts like a light in the sense that it brings consciousness of other planets forward and also has the orb extended to lights—5°. With lighted mercury in Pisces in his 7th house he has an added stress of difficulty finding words (mercury in Pisces) to express himself to others (7th house).

The Harmonic Chart for the 1st House

b saturn18 Capricorn 23
c1 mercury20 Capricorn 23
c SN21 Capricorn 29
c venus18 Aries 01ruler of C MC and c 3rd house
c moon222 Cancer 00
c neptune18 Libra 26
b neptune21 Libra 18

This is the same as the set for the 3rd chart, but with a little variation. Does the presence of mercury help define this set as one indicating a brain problem?

Before concluding, I want to show part of some interesting data on a boy who was not retarded. Ian was born without a corpus callosum—the fibers that connect the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It created enormous problems for him in relating to this world, but didn't take his life. His brain dysfunction should be compared with the astrology for one twin who died of SIDS. Here is the link for that paper: One Twin Died of SIDS, the Other Did Not. That paper includes a link to another twins-SIDS paper in which all the conditions of the tentative significator are also satisfied, but Gemini does not play a prominent role.

The Harmonic Chart for the 3rd House

b3 saturn 28 Gemini 08
c venus28 Gemini 50
B MC29 Gemini 46this MC is in c 3rd house
b mars1 Cancer 12

The set above literally symbolizes difficulty (saturn in Gemini) pursuing one’s love of learning (venus in Gemini) conjunct an Angle which is in a 3rd house (also concerned with speech and learning) and much frustration (mars conjunct MC conjunct saturn). It would have been conceivable Ian was retarded except that his other Angles in this chart were entirely un-afflicted by mars or saturn. B mercuries ruled B Angles. One was conjunct jupiter. The other was in a set with node/moon—a common set for some one who thinks a lot. Therefore, from this chart he appeared a bright kid who had something wrong with his verbal and/or thinking ability.

Ian was also born with a harelip and a cleft palate and went through a number of surgeries to repair them. The possibility of the surgery is represented by progressing B MC joining, then progressing along with, progressing b mars, both initial positions identified in the set above.

Without showing them, I will simply state that Ian’s other harmonic charts—e.g., his 5th, 7th, and 10th showed a lot of saturn affliction, indicating difficulty achieving status, self-esteem, and relationships.

The Harmonic Chart for the 1st House

(a)B Asc 26 Virgo 06
c1 moon27 Pisces 06
c1 SN28 Pisces 33

By itself Set (a) above indicates the possibility of some kind of suffering in relation to others (moon conjunct SN in Pisces in 7th house). Since our 7th house is where we actually locate “other,” this set could imply difficulty getting all the usual data involved in “locating” other individuals.

(b)b NN3 Aquarius 46
c1 saturn4 Aquarius 02ruler of C MC
b mercury4 Taurus 18ruler of B MC and B Asc, with B MC in c 3rd house
b1 mars3 Scorpio 37ruler of b 3rd house

Set (b) above shows a lighted saturn influence to three Angles and both 3rd houses. Since b mercury rules both birth Angles, this set is also doubly lighted—by the node, and by mercury (which “acts like” a light when it rules an Angle).

Clearly, this chart shows something about brain damaged children. It impossible to clarify exactly what without having more subjects with a variety of brain/communication problems to discover their differences.

Ian’s 1st and 3rd charts, however, look a lot like those of retarded children in regard to the Angle/mars/saturn. It appears that the state of the remainder of those charts helps separate his diagnosis from that of retarded children.

My original paper also included several tables comparing charts of mentally retarded individuals with those of writers. Those results were lost as a result of a change in computers/word processing software. Since I also lost all the charts in a later accident, none of the tables are reproduced here.

I should point out the importance of planets other than the significators (light, mars, saturn) in a set. They often increase the influence of the set. For instance, venus is not one of the planets included in the significator for mental retardation. But, I showed it included in any set in which it either ruled an Angle or a 3rd house because through what it ruled it was expressing part of the significator.

It remains to be seen whether or not the two benefics, venus and jupiter, when included in the set for mental retardation, ameliorate the condition, at least to some extent.

Of the ten charts in this study, three did not completely present mars/saturn influence to Angles and 3rd houses in both harmonic charts--those for the 1st and 3rd houses.

After looking at Ian’s chart, it appears, in addition to the significators measured here, there are other conditions in these charts which either support or detract from mental retardation. One of them seems to be a high occurrence of saturn/Angles that were not part of the measured significators. But I did no systematic tabulating of them.

Star Flower, a rare 7-petaled flower
From Wildflowers of Michigan Field Guide, by Stan Tekiela

Data Acknowledgments (given in order of presentation)
Letters following the individual’s name show the Rodden rating for reliability of birth time. An explanation for Rodden Rating can be found at the website for Astrodatabank.com.

ISAR 1249-A
Birth: 7/16/1906, 12:35 am GMT, Bolton, England. In ISAR data, from M.A. (Modern Astrology?), an 07/1915 study.
Conception: 10/6/1905, 11:48:49 am GMT, Bolton, England.

ISAR 6612-A
Birth: 12/27/57, 7:38 am EST, 43N39, 70 W16. Data from the Lois M. Rodden (LMR) collection, from the NCGR study.
Conception: 3/16/1957, 3:40:29 am EST, 43N39, 70W16.

ISAR 7083-A
Birth: 1/12/1966, 8:29 pm MST, Albuquerque, NM. Data from the LMR collection, to her from K. Farmer, who got if from the mother.
Conception: 4/2/1965, 3:49:58 am MST, Albuquerque, NM.

ISAR 5870-A
Birth: 7/13/51, 9:30 pm PDT, Los Angeles, CA. Data from the LMR collection, who got it from American Astrology, Dec., 1981, from the mother.
Conception: 10/4/50, 3:08:07 am PST, Los Angeles, CA.

ISAR 6719-A
Birth: 6/26/59, 10:30 pm EST, 44N03, 70W41. Data from the LMR collection, from the NCGR study.
Conception: 9/18/58, 11:08:43 pm EST, 44N03, 70W41.

ISAR 6761-A
Birth: 1/11/60, 3:58 am EST, 43N30, 70W46. Data from the LMR collection, from the NCGR study.
Conception: 3/31/59, 9:54:33 am EST, 43N30, 70W46.

ISAR 6518-A
Birth: 10/12/56, 9:03 pm EST, 43N26, 70W46. Data from the LMR collection, from the NCGR study.
Conception: 12/31/53 pm EST, 10:51:53 pm EST, 43N26, 70W46.

ISAR 6489-A
Birth: 6/6/56, 3:29 pm EST, 42N05, 71W28. Data from the LMR collection, from the NCGR study.
Conception: 8/30/55, 12:03:08 am EST, 42N05, 71W28.

ISAR 7016-A
Birth: 11/25/63, 6:47 pm EST, 43N39, 70W16. Data from the LMR collection, from the NCGR study.
Conception: 2/12/63, 5:18:00 am EST, 43N39, 70W16.

ISAR 6961-A
Birth: 1/23/63, 11:28 pm EST, Cleveland, OH. Data from the LMR collection, from his father to LMR.
Conception: 4/13/62, 3:59:29 pm EST, Cleveland, OH.

Ian’s birth data was from a private source and must be kept private.

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