May, 2002

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June, 2011: A recent paper focusses on pedophiles Paper on Pedophilia, Charts of 25 Men, with Detailed Chart Comparisons of the 9th charts (New and Stronger Than Their 7th Charts) of Father Richard LaVigne and Danny Croteau. Thier 9th charts show all that happened.

An Abductor and His Victim
The Tragedy of Polly Klaas
An Unsolved Murder
by Sandra Weidner
On October 1, 1993, Richard Allen Davis, then 28 years old, entered the Petaluma, California home of 12-year old Polly Klaas and abducted her. At the time, her mother was asleep in her bedroom. Friends were there on a sleep-over. A search was begun almost immediately and community involvement was intense. Flyers with her picture were distributed locally and nationally--to no avail. Her body was found in a shallow grave on December 4, 1993. Within days Davis, a twice-previously convicted kidnapper, was arrested. He was eventually tried and convicted. He received the death penalty on August 5, 1996. He, likely, is still alive.

I have little information on child abduction and murder from countries, even the United States. While it seems child sex abuse and abduction have reached epidemic proportions in this country, I have nothing to compare it to. Is it the same in other Western, industrialized countries? Is it the same in countries where one religion dominates? Is it a sign of our decadence, or has it always been this way but hidden?

This astrology cannot answer those questions. It does discriminate a sexually molested child from an abducted and murdered one.

A sexually molested child has a ruler of his 5th house in his 1st house. It means 5th house matters--sexuality is one of them--can happen with 1st house timing--that is, in childhood. Or, there is a 1st/5th overlap between conception and birth houses, which implies the same possibility. These are the primary indicators of the possibility of sexual molestation in childhood. In order for it to actually take place, certain timed influences must occur.

Abducted and murdered children also have these indicators. In addition, they have ruler of the 4th (end of life) in their 1st house (childhood), or 1st/4th house overlap, or 1st and 4th house rulers are conjunct and become Angular. If they become famous, as is the case with Polly Klaas, her ruler of her 5th house (sex) is conjunct her ruler of her 4th (end of life) in her conception 10th house (public knowledge and reputation) and birth 1st house (childhood). She also has C Asc (childhood) in b 5th house (sexuality). Once again, these are primary indicators. They set the stage for the possibility of abduction and murder.

Either group may have afflicted 12th houses. That is, rulers of 4ths and 5ths may be in 12ths. Or there may be 4th/12th or 5th/12th house overlap. A 5th/12th (sex/unforeseen events) overlap is probably something sexual, but it doesn’t have to occur in childhood. Likewise, a 4th/12th (end of life/unforeseen events) overlap shows something not anticipated about the end of life, but again, death does not have to occur in childhood .

Both groups need additional indicators than just those above. Specifically, for the actual event, both types of children have Angular venus and mars. Angular venus and mars also occur in the charts of individuals who are not sexually violated. Adults may just experience a period more intensely sexual than usual. If the Angularity is not the result of progressions, but fixed at birth, sexuality is paramount in life. Some of these individuals are sex addicts. Some are trashers. Some are more ordinary and just have intense marital sex.

Raped adults also have Angular venus and mars, along with pluto. So do their rapists. Those raped have ruler of the 5th in the 12th house. Rapists have seriously afflicted 5th charts (sexuality), so normal sexuality is blocked, perverted, and re-channeled along lines involving all force (mars) and no affection (venus).

Timing for all adults is based on the Angularity of venus and mars. It can occur at age 80 as well as at age 20. Timing for the children is cordoned off. It occurs in childhood because that is where their primary indicators show up--in the 1st house of their 7th charts, and in the harmonic chart of their 1st house. Each indicate during childhood.

Venus and mars are our two sexual planets. Venus represents the female, passive, receiving pole of sexuality; mars, the male, active, asserting pole. This is true even for children, who are not sexually mature. In their case, they do not feel sexuality. They attract it, however, because they have the planets of sexuality and the primary indicators forefront in their charts.

In addition to the sexual implications of these two planets, individuals with Angular venus have an emphasis on harmony. They like to please. They also appease. A child with Angular venus needs more protection until adulthood than one who does not. He or she has an ingrained tendency to acquiesce to requests of others.

Every individual has these planets. When and how they experience sexuality is complicated, but it ultimately depends on these planets. The astrology is lawful. Our ignorance of these principles causes more problems than need be the case.

In addition to the chart’s sexual indicators, abducted and murdered children often have neptune, venus, and/or moon conjunct an Angle in Scorpio. So do their attackers.

Scorpio, the sign naturally ruling the 8th house, has implications of unity of purpose. In married adults, the 8th house is the burning ground for marriage. "What," the 8th house demands of them, "is ours, and what is not? And, when we have defined 'ours,' is this marriage still worthwhile?" It means some redefining for each individual. It involves sacrifices. Both occur for the purpose of attaining something more worthwhile--a union of two people who are better together than apart. In a good marriage, this active process of self- and other-definition and sacrifice takes place throughout the marriage, increasing and decreasing in intensity as circumstances change.

When couples stay together only to raise their children, the 8th house process is perverted. Sacrifice, but not union is taking place. Then the fruits of relationship possible because of this 8th house modality wither. Sometimes they even turn poisonous. Scorpio and the 8th house--long correlated in astrology with death--are not to be taken lightly. My work has shown the 4th house as indicator of the end of life, but I have so far not looked that much into the 8th house (or chart). Perhaps both are required. Regardless of whether or not it is the house and sign active in portending our actual death, the 8th--the first place adults attempt to merge identities for a greater good--is fraught with potential for things going awry.

With this discussion of the 8th house and Scorpio, it is not difficult to see they are also correlated with occult activities, which by definition involve the transformation of one thing into another.

The individual--as was pointed out in the paper on Autism--is built up slowly through his experience of planets of personality. He is also, so to speak, built up slowly through his experience of the houses. In order of succession counter-clockwise from Aries to Scorpio, the building occurs as follows:

HouseNatural RulerAbility Built
1stAriesI am
2ndTaurusI have
3rd GeminiI think
4thCancerI feel my feelings
5thLeoI create
6thVirgoI analyze
7thLibrawe are
8thScorpiowe have

The signs that come after Scorpio represent advanced stages of individual development. Their proper realization implies mature adults who have successfully fulfilled all the preceding stages. For example, the “I perceive” of Sagittarius implies an overview
--the understanding possible from long-term familiarity--that occurs only after the individual has established his individuality and contributed to his society through procreation and the stable relationship of marriage. That is why in some Eastern traditions the first requirement on a man is to be a responsible householder and husband. After he has fulfilled those and other social duties and desires, he is free to wholeheartedly pursue religion if he wants to. That is why in our society judges and clergy--all doing Sagittarian duties--are supposed to be free from partiality and immoderate desires.

Mastery implied in Capricorn demands an individual confident of who he is under most circumstances. Who is master of anything who is not master of himself? Who is master of himself who has not completed those prior stages? The mastery implied in Capricorn implies service to the community based on a mature comprehension of its needs and dispassion in addressing them.

Aquarius, the only sign with an adult human symbol--the waterbearer--has a twist to it. Actualization of the best of Aquarius is represented by an impartial and steadfast love of humanity. This is not love based on need. It is love that occurs because, having truly passed through all the signs and experiences that precede it, there is nowhere else to go. Aquarius is also naturally correlated with the 11th house, the house most associated with group consciousness. Groups occur for many reasons. We inherit our place in some at birth. We choose to belong to some others. Whichever is the case, their impact is powerful. In 8th and 11th house experiences people tend to lose their individual identities. They become more identified with "the marriage" (8th), or "the group" (11th). If they never really built their own individual identity, they are open to group directions. They can find themselves committing mass suicide so the group can stay together. Or, in the name of holiness, murdering a bunch of strangers.

Of course, many of us are born with these later signs emphasized. When we are, and have not successfully experienced the prior stages, it creates problems.

An Angle in the 8th house or an Ascendant in Scorpio is challenging for a child’s identity because it commits him to an emotional sharing he is not ready to experience. A child has not developed his individuality. He does not know what, yet, is “his,” and what is not. He also has no sense of the long-term implications of his likes and dislikes.

To get to further specifics of these two categories of children--molested, and abducted and murdered:

The harmonic chart most afflicted for molested children is the 7th (of relationships). Sexual molestation imperils the child’s later development because it afflicts his capacity for adult relationships (the 7th).
Ironically--since these children who die are as young as those molested who live--the fate of abducted and murdered children usually shows best in their 1st chart (childhood and its identity). It is as if being murdered disinherits them from even the growth they did achieve. It implies they will not have time for 7th chart relationships.

The above establishes, in words, some of the things I know about sexually molested and abducted children. In addition, the astrology, called synastry, between a murderer and his victim--regardless of age--contains certain indicators. One of the main ones--defining, as it were--is the victim will provide an Angle for the murderer’s mars or, more usually, light/mars. Put another way, the victim is the recipient (provides the Angle) of the aggression (lighted mars) of the murderer. Stated negatively, its importance is that its absence can rule out individuals who did not commit the murder.

Data for doing charts of a murderer and his victim(s) is limited. I often have only the murderer’s data. The victim--already insulted in the extreme--is left (astrologically) to rest in peace. Or, as is the case with abducted children, the child's data is available, but not that of his abductor, if, indeed, the abductor is known.

So, there are astrological conditions which discriminate sexually abused from abducted children who are murdered. Moreover, there are ones which ascertain this person likely attacked this other person. The synastry (comparing related positions between two charts) in these situations is overwhelming. A relative scarcity of them between the charts of an accused and a victim gives us an additional way to rule out the accused. There is so much synastry, chart by chart, it is too much to show for even one case. Here I show only the most important ones for abducted--that is, murdered, usually sexually assaulted--children.

Before showing the charts, I must first mention a few things about this method:

The charts shown below are all partial charts. In them, all birth planets and their harmonics are inside the circle. All conception planets and their harmonics are outside the circle. An easier way to differentiate them is: blue planets inside the circle are birth planets; if they are not blue, they are birth harmonic planets. Red planets outside the circle are conception planets; if they are not red; then they are conception harmonic planets. Birth planets and their harmonics rule birth houses. Conception planets and their harmonics rule conception houses.
For an explanation of the whole system, go to “About This Method” listed at the bottom of this paper and the Home Page. There is also a link to it at the bottom of this page. For those who do not want to do that, a reminder: this system uses only conjunctions, applying and separating squares, and oppositions. Planets so related to each other are called “sets.” The orb when they include lights is 5°, with 5° considered very wide. Orbs for planets in sets without lights is about 2°. The orb for progression of Angles to planets, or vice versa, is 1°.
By “lights” I mean sun, moon, and moon’s nodes. Seen from the point of view of the activated planet, Angles also act as lights (all are involved in increasing the influence of planets.). Planets in sets with lights are “lighted” by them.
Abbreviations used are: b=birth, c=conception, p= progressed, and t=transiting. A number following any of them, for instance, b7 saturn, identifies birth harmonic saturn for the 7th chart.

Now we can take a look at the (partial) charts of Polly and the man who murdered her.

Polly Klaas
Harmonic Chart for Her 1st House

Placidus: c11--27Pis, c12--6Tau, c2--2Can, c3--24Can b11--19Sag, b12--15Cap, b2--5Ari, b3--4Tau
Two of Polly’s conditions are noteworthy. B MC, at 2:00 o’clock, is conjunct sun, venus, and neptune in Scorpio. Venus rules Polly’s 4th house and sun rules c 4th. Her individuality (sun) will inspire sympathy (venus) at the end of her life (4th rulers) because of the manner of her death (Scorpio). Also part of this set are b1 mars at 25 Taurus 42, opposing her Scorpio planets, and c saturn, at 28 Leo 25, squaring them. Saturn rules her 8th house, and is retrograde. What she has is Angle/sun/venus/mars/saturn/neptune with saturn progressing slowing closer to her Angle. When it reaches 27 Leo 26, in close square to her B MC, she is murdered. Mars’ rulership is not significant, but its placement is. It is in c 12th house and on the cusp of b 4th house. Mars/saturn/neptune--in whichever chart they fall, describe siege conditions.

Polly’s other astrological set does not appear significant. Her C Asc is conjunct moon in Gemini at 7:00 o’clock. Looks harmless enough--even if precedent has shown us moon conjunct an Angle for a child may be life threatening. In traditional astrology this is apparently so because the child is too open to passing circumstances. In this method moon conjunct an Asc means whatever malefic passes over any Angle will be stronger because that moon increased its potency. Still, moon/Angle sometimes just means fluctuations in childhood--which, indeed, Polly had. Her mother and father were divorced. Her mother re-married to a man whose job involved frequent moves. Polly did live in many different localities (see footnote 1, at bottom of document). But what, in actual fact, about this condition which appears so benign is not so? One, C Asc in b 4th house. Moreover, c 1st house in its totality overlaps both b 4th and b 5th houses. These imply the possibility of death in childhood and sexuality in childhood, respectively. Second, this Angle provides the Angle for Davis’ moon/mars.

Let’s look at Davis’ chart. Even though he is an adult, his 1st chart will also be examined. That can be done because his non-harmonic planets are the same in all his charts and they, it turns out, provide the signature. We also cannot compare his 7th chart to her 1st chart. Since her 1st chart is decisive in her death, for synastry his 1st chart must be also used.

Richard Allen Davis
Harmonic Chart for His 1st House

Placidus: c11--30Ari, c12--5Gem, c2--27Can, c3--22Leo b11--8Vir, b12--4Lib, b2--26Sco, b3--0Cap
Davis’ first condition is simple. His c1 south node is in Scorpio in b 1st and c 5th houses. The 1st/5th overlap implies Davis was molested as a child. We are not promoting that all abductors or pedophiles were molested in childhood, just that Davis could have been. This south node in Scorpio conjuncts Polly’s MC/sun/venus/neptune in Scorpio. Without trying, just by existing, Polly brings out Davis’ child-like (1st chart) ideas of sexuality (5th house) and bonding-unity (8th house).

South nodes are loaded. They represent half an equation, a skew in each individual’s consciousness toward what is familiar and already known. So they don’t promote growth, they promote the status quo. They often contain talents, but for those talents to be recognized they must be expressed through north node consciousness. South nodes also contain broken fragments of past or early life experiences. We may be familiar with some one who emphasizes (puts Angles or lights on, especially) our south nodes, but they pull us in the wrong direction, away from our growth and the reward attached to our effort at it. Davis’ south node in Scorpio in this chart represents a negative and painful fuddle he gets into about belonging, merging, and being one with another. It is the wrong direction for his growth.

Davis’ second condition involves all his planets in Gemini at 6:30. Gemini does duty for a number of qualities. Sun and moon in Gemini are strong in people with superb, even photographic, memories. They are also strong in the charts of writers. We saw its application in the chart of Robin William’s (paper on compulsive talkers). Gemini is involved in the genesis of some one with multiple personality. By providing him a well-developed sense of mimicry, it assists him in assuming many identities. Venus in Gemini implies some one attracted (venus) to knowledge (Gemini). It means liking (venus) young (Gemini) people. It is also seen frequently in charts of pedophiles, regardless of their preference for boys or girls.

Davis’ jupiter is 5° below, and venus 5° above his Gemini moon, so it pulls them into conjunction. Davis is in love (venus) with the high (venus plus jupiter) he gets being young (Gemini) at heart (venus). Too much and afflicted Gemini characterize the individual known as some one who “refuses to grow up.” Davis’ Gemini is afflicted because it occurs in his 12th house.

Also part of this set are his opposing mars in Sagittarius, and the two planets which square these: moon in Virgo, and mars in Pisces. None in this whole set rule 5th houses. Mars in Pisces is in b 5th house, and co-rules b 1st. He is uncertain (Pisces) how to act (mars) regarding his sexuality. As a harmonic planet for his 1st chart, it suggests Davis’ sexual confusion started in childhood. This whole set falls across Polly’s C Asc conjunct moon in Gemini. Once again, with no intention whatsoever, Polly's chart brings out of Davis this complex set of love (venus, moon, jupiter) and hate (mars, mars), and uncertainty (mars in Pisces). All of Davis’ Gemini planets are also in birth 8th as well as conception 12th houses. He has a youthful (Gemini) ideal of love (venus) and a desire to share (8th) same which could result in his ruin (12th).

Davis’ moon Gemini and mars in Sagittarius fall across Polly’s Ascendant and thus provide the signature between the murderer and his victim. His aggression (lighted mars) is expressed on her life (Ascendant).

Obviously, most of us do not die when our Angles pick up another’s mars or lighted mars. Usually we do not even experience anything physical. People have evolved some fairly benign ways of attacking each other. But this light/mars to Angle does represents aggression. And it is required for murder.

On October 1, 1993, the day of the abduction, Davis has progressed B MC at 13 Virgo 29 squaring his own moon and mars. It gives us the timing for his decision to act--his own chart has brought forefront his aggression (mars) and his alienation (opposition) with women (moon). Polly has progressed b venus (all charts) at 12 Sagittarius 06. Her progressed B MC is at 10 Sagittarius 22, picking up his moon/mercury/mars in Virgo/Gemini/Pisces. Indeed, with her moon in Gemini, his moon in Gemini, his moon in Virgo, her C Asc, his progressed B MC, and her progressed B MC, we have three Angles and three moons (his and hers) experiencing and expressing multiples of venus and mars. If these were two adults voluntarily together and without all that Scorpio and mars/saturn to Angles, it could represent a mutually sexual experience. As it was, it represented Polly’s attempt to appease her captor’s uninvited aggression.

A significant influence to 5th houses in Davis’ 7th chart is B Asc/mercury/mars/saturn/neptune where mercury co-rules c 5th house (30 of 36°) and neptune rules b 5th. It shows afflicted (by mars and saturn) mercury influence to 5ths.

One more piece of information on Davis is germane. Davis’ C MC in Pisces falls in his birth 5th house. Without other planets, it has two possible implications: (1) sexuality is important in his life (Angle in 5th), and (2) sexuality is unfortunate (Angle in Pisces in 5th) in his life. In his 5th chart (of sexuality and offspring) Davis has: c5 sun at 24 Pisces 53, b5 neptune at 26 Pisces 04, and c5 saturn at 26 Pisces 21. He is “normally” a sexually humiliated individual (saturn conjunct MC in Pisces and also saturn conjunct neptune). That is, he is sexually dysfunctional. There are other indications of dysfunction in his 5th chart, among which is the set sun/moon/mars/saturn with sun ruling B MC, therefore influencing the whole of his sexuality. Mars/saturn introduces dissonance, therefore insecurity, hardly a good thing for sexual function, especially for a man.

Did Davis have to kill Polly? I don’t think so. He does not have astrology like John Wayne Gacy for whom part of the pleasure was in inflicting pain. He is not a control and pain freak, like John Norman Collins, who butchered so many eastern Michigan coeds. No, Davis likely killed Polly because besides him, she, and no one else, knew what happened between them. He surely didn’t think he’d get away with this crime. He had a criminal record. He committed his crime in his own stomping grounds. Dead or alive Polly was an equal threat to his continued well-being. Dead, however, she could not talk. Dead she could not reveal what happened between them. Dead, with him not talking, people could only imagine what he did with that beautiful young girl. Polly was, after all, 12 years old, not 5. In some populations, 12 is old enough to marry. Some unknown part of the male population would not see his actions as those committed against a child. They were Davis’ imaginary audience.

Polly Klaas, picture from

We can now look at the synastry of other murderers and their victim. Two murderers and one victim are next.

On October 1, 1997 22-year-old Charles Jaynes and 21-year-old Salvatore Sicari enticed 10-year-old Jeffrey Curley into their car by promising to get him a bicycle. Wherever they drove to, when they got there they attempted to sodomize him. When Jeffrey fought back, they killed him by stuffing a gasoline soaked rag into his throat. Then they sodomized him. Since we are interested mostly in synastry for murder, and this case for synastry is made without the harmonic planets, the harmonic chart for the 7th house (of relationships) is used. It is the first I calculate for any individual. Cursorily examined on the computer, it is Jeffrey’s 5th and 12th charts that are most afflicted.

Jeffrey Curley
Harmonic Chart for His 7th House

Placidus: c11--9Tau, c12--14Gem, c2--5Leo, c3--30Leo b11--3Lib, b12--25Lib, b2--18Sag, b3--27Cap
Jeffrey has Scorpio birth Ascendant in c 5th house, suggesting his possible molestation (5th) in childhood (1st). Ruler of b 4th house, neptune, is in b 1st house (all charts), suggesting his possible death (4th ruler) in childhood (1st house). When progressed B Asc comes to 21 Scorpio 51, it is in early conjunction to progressed b saturn at 22 Scorpio 29 R, and Jeffrey is murdered. (He already has mars on an Angle at birth.) His Angular venus is supplied by the moon/mercury/venus/mars set he was born with, with mars ruling C MC and c 5th house.

Charles Jaynes
Harmonic Chart for His 7th House

Placidus: c11--2Ari, c12--13Tau, c2--7Can, c3--29Can b11--12Cap, b12--13Aqu, b2--5Tau, b3--28Tau
Note Jaynes’ B Asc in Aries. It is opposed by sun conjunct mars in Libra in his c 5th house. Sun with mars is extra aggressive because they share characteristics--both are fiery, expansive, and dominating. They square saturn in Cancer. This set falls on Jeffrey’s C MC at 1 Aries 37 and is the signature for Jaynes’ aggression against Jeffrey.

Both of Jaynes harmonic moons in this, his main chart, are in Scorpio. Scorpio lights are frequently prominent in the charts of torturers--the moon more than the sun. Scorpio moons indicate anger (mars-ruled Scorpio) toward women (moon). They sponsor the attitude of “might-makes-right” (mars-ruled), even in the charts of women.

I would like to write a paper illustrating the prominence of Scorpio lights, especially Scorpio moon. It could start with Freud, who was non-violent but very interested in sex, death, and aggression. It would move on to cover Stalin and Hitler, who, although not personally violent, perpetrated some of mankind’s worst mass murders. It will be followed by Prince Albert, suspected of being Jack-the-Ripper, who has the appropriate astrology and timing for those murders. It would finish with enough “common” criminals to show: moon in Scorpio can and does sponsor some of humanity’s worst and most vicious violence. (For more on moon Scorpio, see the papers on sects and astrological inheritance).

Both of Jaynes’ Scorpio moons are in his c 5th house--one falls in birth 7th and the other in birth 8th. His birth Scorpio moon in 5th/7th rules b 5th, so both 5th houses are influenced by Scorpio moons. His conception Scorpio moon in 5th/8th rules c 3rd house (3rd=mind), giving him a prurient mind, prone to pornography (5th/3rd influence) and the whole violence/sex/death scene (5th/8th)

Now that the violence of Scorpio moons has been mentioned, I should also say it can work out better. Scorpio moon sponsors loyalty. It makes people sensitive to hidden as well as overt feelings of others. It supports the ability to form the emotional “we” (8th) that makes group cohesion successful. In sexually healthy people, it helps in understanding the partners’ sexual needs. It is useful in studying occult matters. It is definitely not egalitarian.

A significant influence to 5th houses in Jaynes’ 7th chart is moon/mercury/mercury/sun where c mercury rules C Asc in b 5th house and b sun and mercury are in b 5th house. These are not afflicted, but do show mercury influence to a 5th.

Salvatore Sicari
Harmonic Chart for His 7th House

Placidus: c11--16Pis, c12--28Ari, c2--26Gem, c3--17Can b11--5Lib, b12--28Lib, b2--21Sag, b3--0Aqu
Sicari’s C Asc is conjunct c7 venus in Gemini. It co-rules c 5th house, showing another victimizer who may himself have been molested as a child (ruler of 5th in 1st house).

As a matter of fact, Jaynes has his b moon, ruler of his b 5th, in his birth 1st house. Were both these boys molested as children? Or are we looking at sexual interest which starts at an early age? Or both?

As a 5th ruler, Sicari’s venus in Gemini also shows a liking (venus) of sex (5th) with children (Gemini). They also indicate Sicari was, himself, an appeaser (venus Angular). On the date of the abduction, Sicari had progressed b7 moon at 4 Gemini 52 and progressed c mars at 4 Gemini 23 in the same set with progressed C MC at 24 Gemini 31. They fell square to Curley's B MC at 4 Virgo 01, providing that signature for Sicari’s aggression toward Jeffrey.

Mars in a man’s chart conjunct moon/venus in a woman’s is excellent for traditional active/passive sexual exchange. When an individual has within his own chart light/venus/mars, he is a sexual event all by himself. Whether he is a rapist of adults or children, the farthest he appears able to think is ending his frustration. If he is also angry, while he is satisfying one forbidden impulse, (rape) it is even better if he can express the other (anger). The two combine to produce a vicious rapist for whom the victim is, truly, just a conduit.

Note Sicari also has B Asc in Scorpio conjunct neptune and b7 south node square venus. He has an unhealthy tendency (south node) to fantasies (neptune) about merging/sex/death (Scorpio) and is attracted to it (venus). Without a healthy sex life, it is sure to create some problems. Because he and Jaynes are bosom buddies, Sicari’s Asc provides an Angle for Jaynes previously non-Angular neptune/NN in Scorpio square venus. Our parents warn us about the bad influence of questionable friends. This is one example of how that influence works. At least Jaynes’ is conjunct the NN. Had he been healthier, his could have worked out more benignly, perhaps as an idealistic (neptune) interest in belonging (Scorpio) through giving (north node).

A significant influence to 5th houses in Sicari’s 7th chart is his conjunction of SN/moon/mercury/mars square saturn, where mercury rules c 5th house. It shows afflicted mercury influence to a 5th.

Moving on, I can now illustrate similar conditions for an infamous murderer, John Wayne Gacy. A Chicagoan born and bred, Gacy was a construction contractor and a pillar of the community when he was arrested in 1978 for sexual assault and murder of several young men. The bodies eventually added up to thirty-three young men. Most were buried in his basement. Gacy was executed by lethal injection on May 10, 1994.

Of his known thirty-three victims, I know of only one for whom birth data is available. Gregory Godzik was 17 years old when he died by Gacy’s hands on December 11, 1976.

Gregory Godzik
Harmonic Chart for His 7th House

Placidus: c11--23Lib, c12--14Sco, c2--12Cap, c3--24Aqu b11--14Gem, b12--16Can, b2--7Vir, b3--6Lib
Notice that Godzik’s C Asc is in b 4th house. It’s ruler, jupiter, is conjunct C MC, implying fame (jupiter/MC) in youth (Asc ruler) at the end of life (4th). C 1st house also overlaps b 5th house, with all its implications of sexuality (5th) in childhood (1st). The condition which precipitates Godzik’s fate is his moon/mars/saturn, starting with b moon in b 1st house in square to the other two. B mars rules b 4th house and is also in b 10th. On December 11, 1976, progressed B MC was at 26 Taurus 49, and progressed c saturn at 26 Scorpio 55, picking up that moon and mars--giving him Angle/light/mars/saturn influencing a 4th house--and ending Greg’s life.

A painful condition in Greg’s charts is his b sun conjunct c mars, at 8 Pisces 21 and 10 Pisces 23, respectively. It produces terrible uncertainty, resulting in victimization and suffering. Sun and mars are in c 3rd and b 8th. Sun co-rules c 8th, and mars rules c 5th and co-rules c 4th (23 of 25°). Its Angular influence gives it predominance in his life. Its influence to 5th (sex), 8th (merging), and 4th (end of life) suggests a painful end. Prior to that, its influence in his c 3rd house means he has a tendency to be victimized (lighted mars in Pisces) even mentally (3rd house). He may have had a punishing (mars) brother (3rd house).

What is his synastry with Gacy?

John Wayne Gacy
Harmonic Chart for His 7th House

Placidus: c11--23Sco, c12--14Sag, c2--26Aqu, c3--5Ari b11--8Lib, b12--0Sco, b2--24Sag, b3--4Aqu
Before covering Gacy's synastry with Greg, I should note a few things about Gacy’s chart. His B Asc/node/2 mars/3 suns/jupiter account both for his good social image (sun and jupiter Angular) and his masculine, aggressive reputation (2 mars Angular). It is not difficult to imagine him in construction. After all, he is a man who gets things done successfully (mars/jupiter), and a “man’s man” (sun/mars). When he started murdering in 1972, his birth mars, ruler of his B Asc in Scorpio, was being transited by neptune. Mars/neptune in this method has earned a bad reputation. In the 3rd chart it produces paranoid schizophrenia. In the 1st without other planets it produces powerful allergic reactions. Mars (aggression) and neptune (inflammation--physical, emotional or mental) is hard to manage. This mars is in Gacy’s 6th house (?).

When Gacy killed Godzik, transiting neptune was on his B Asc conjunct both suns in Scorpio and square both mars. Transiting neptune on Scorpio lights, and above on mars ruling Scorpio lights and Ascendant, is often present in the charts of those whose fascination (neptune) is riveted (usually moon plus neptune) on the gory and macabre (Scorpio/neptune). Perhaps neptune releases an overwhelming anger initiated in the earliest phases of childhood. Perhaps it just so inflames desire (Scorpio) it is impossible for the angry to handle, especially if they have low impulse control.

Gacy, like Godzik, has a Pisces/3rd influence. He has sun, south node, and moon, in Pisces at 2 Pisces 06, 4 Pisces 41, and 5 Pisces 25 respectively. The fact they are conjunct the south node means Gacy has tendency (south node) to dissociative states (Pisces lights). He also has some psychic abilities (Pisces lights in the 3rd house in the 7th chart). These are all, however, aspecting venus in Gemini in his c 5th house, lighting (intensifying) it. It shows a strong (lighted by sun and moon) attraction (venus) to youths (Gemini) with sexual (5th house) connotations. With sun and moon in Pisces conjunct south node and in his 3rd house, he probably dissociated considerably committing the murders, allowing his Scorpio anger and desire full sway. Venus’ other house position is in b 7th house: he had mostly young men working for him--his “partners” were youths. Gacy was married twice. He likely married (venus) childlike (Gemini) women. Had he matured, he would have found this difficult and complained each time “she’s just a child.” But it was he who required just that quality in her.

A significant influence to 5th houses in Gacy’s 7th chart is the conjunction of NN/mercury/neptune in Gemini square venus, where mercury c-rules c 5th house (14 of 21°). These are not afflicted, but do show mercury influence to a 5th. His c 5th house venus in Gemini is afflicted by mars and saturn when he kills Greg (see Gacy--progressed 7th chart, below).

Now to their synastry. First, Gacy has progressed b7 mars at 25 Aquarius 28, fitting into Godzik’s Angle/moon/mars/saturn. Second, Gacy has the following:

Gacy--7th House Chart
b sun2 Pisces 06
c SN4 Pisces 41
b moon5 Pisces 25co-ruler of b 8th house (30 of 38°)
c7 uranus1 Gemini 09
c venus5 Gemini 06
b neptune4 Virgo 39

These, because the lights increase orb, hang together and fall on Greg’s C Ascendant at 3 Sagittarius 34. There’s more. On December 11, 1976, when he killed Greg, Gacy’s progressions to this set were :

Gacy--Progressed 7th Chart
pb mars2 Gemini 53
pb7 saturn4 Gemini 49
pb7 neptune3 Gemini 40R
pC MC5 Sagittarius 37
pC Asc5 Pisces 10

Gacy’s moon and mars on Greg’s Ascendant are the signature for Gacy as murderer.

One more synastry is noteworthy. The 4th chart contains information about the individual’s relationship to his father. In that chart Gacy has picked up harmonic mars--at 3 Pisces 45--conjunct his sun/SN/moon in Pisces. We do know Gacy had a difficult relationship with his father, who saw something weird and pansy-ish in Gacy, and never gave his unqualified approval to his son. Certainly this condition warrants saying Gacy’s relationship with his father--like that of Charles Joseph Whitman who had a similar condition in his 4th chart--was painful. Gacy could never be “man enough.”

(More is written about mars in Pisces, its influence to various houses and Angles, in the papers on Charles Whitman and the Unabomber, and in the appendices about Elvis Presley and about Nikola Tesla in the paper about Dag Hammarskjöld. Links to all occur on the Home Page.)

I know nothing about Gregory Godzik’s relationship with his father. In his 4th chart, Godzik has c4 moon at 3 Pisces 45, and c4 venus at 4 Pisces 33, both right under Gacy’s sun/moon/mars conjunction. In an experience between them, Gacy would be the male (sun and mars) and aggressive; Godzik would be the female (moon and venus), and passive. But these are in Pisces, so--at least in such afflicted charts--they suggest an abnormal (Pisces) encounter. I do not know how much individuals experience 4th chart conditions in relationships. Psychology says we are constantly projecting and attracting our parents through our partners. After all, our parents are our models (or anti-models) for our partners. The question raised by this synastry, of course, is: is Gacy taking his hatred of his father out on Godzik? Is Gacy, like Charles Whitman and Eric Harris (who had sun conjunct mars in Pisces in his 5th house with mars ruling his Asc) saying, “I am not a victim. Look at how many people I killed. How can you call me a victim?” And, was Godzik’s attraction to Gacy because of his long-term need to please his own father?

Now that we have looked at the above charts and conditions, it is time to present the murder mystery. It involves the charts of two individuals. One, Father Richard LaVigne, is a Catholic priest now 61 years old, assuming he’s still alive. The other, Danny Croteau, was a 12-year-old boy found murdered on April 15, 1972. At the time Danny and his family were members of the Massachusetts church for which Father LaVigne was the priest. Though not broadcast, Father LaVigne was a suspect in Danny’s murder (footnote 2). Nothing, however, ever came of it. The case was reopened in 1991 when LaVigne was charged with raping several boys. Then, three of Danny’s brothers also said they were molested by LaVigne. Once again, however, no charges vis-a-vis Danny’s murder came out of the investigation. Reversing the usual order, let's look first Father LaVigne’s chart.

Father Richard LaVigne
Harmonic Chart for His 7th House

Placidus: c11--1Vir, c12--27Vir, c2--18Sco, c3--22Sag b11--23Leo, b12--20Vir, b2--11Sco, b3--14Sag
Two parts of Father LaVigne’s chart are interesting. First is the set containing his moon conjunct venus in Gemini around 7:00 o’clock. Neptune at 3 Virgo 06, the north node at 8 Virgo 21, mercury at 4 Sagittarius 41, and mars at 6 Sagittarius 54 are also a part of this set. Neptune co-rules b 5th house (20 of 27°). Venus rules his C Asc. Moon rules his C MC. Mars rules his b 7th house. This set influences two Angles, a 5th, and a 7th house. Venus in Gemini occurs often in the charts of pedophiles because it implies liking (venus) children (Gemini), but it can occur in the charts of individuals not pedophiles. When it does, it indicates some one who is charming, witty, verbally versatile, good with children, loves knowledge (Gemini), likes to talk, and so on. There is no reason a pedophile cannot also have these qualities. In fact, it has been stated many pedophiles are quite good with--”understand”--children. Pedophilia occurs because of mercury, venus and Gemini’s 5th influence. Often accompanying that is blockage of normal--or at least effective--sexual expression. I showed that blockage in Richard Allen Davis’ 1st and 5th charts. In the latter, he had sun conjunct saturn in Pisces conjunct his C MC which was in his birth 5th house. He also had sun/mars/saturn influencing an Angle. Father LaVigne, in his 5th chart has the following:

LaVigne--5th Chart
B MC19 Cancer 43
C Asc18 Libra 43
b5 moon20 Capricorn 47ruler of B MC
b5 jupiter20 Capricorn 22
c5 moon19 Capricorn 10ruler of C MC
b5 saturn18 Capricorn 18
b5 mars18 Cancer 17ruler of b 7th house
b5 uranus18 Aries 52ruler of b 5th house

This set influences three Angles (B MC twice) and a 5th house. How much does that one benefic help? Possibly it helps him be successful (jupiter) part of the time controlling (Capricorn) his sexual urges (5th). Assuming LaVigne experiences sexuality (not a daring assumption since he allegedly raped several children), this set says its easy expression is impeded (by his predominant Angle/light/mars/saturn).

Father LaVigne’s moon conjunction venus in Scorpio around 2 o’clock is interesting. Moon rules B MC, and venus rules B Asc and b 8th. It has no connection to his 5th houses, but does have 8th and Angular influence. Venus in Scorpio can mean liking (venus) of occult matters (Scorpio/8th house); an attraction (venus) to death (Scorpio) or attracting death,and desire (venus) for intimacy (8th house). Further meaning depends on what houses they are in, and what houses they rule. Moon conjunct venus, however, whether in the chart of men or women, is charismatic. With Angular influence--both LaVigne’s moons conjunct venus influence two Angles each--it is very charismatic and seductive. Our president, John F. Kennedy had Angular moon/venus. So did Princess Diana. It is not surprising LaVigne was popular. His capacity for emotional sympathy sponsored by his Scorpio set would have supplemented the humor, charm and erudition produced by his Gemini one. By itself, the Scorpio one could have put people off because it would be too emotional, too intense.

A significant influence to 5th houses in LaVigne’s 7th chart is:

c mercury13 Aries 51
b saturn15 Aries 28
b7 uranus15 Aries 41ruler of b 5th house
b jupiter15 Aries 46
b7 SN15 Capricorn 07

On the date of Danny’s death he had pb7 mars at 15 Aries 13.

On that date LaVigne also had progressed C Asc at 11 Scorpio 14, conjunct his moon/venus in Scorpio. Transiting neptune was at 10 Scorpio 39R also conjunct it. Danny Croteau has three suns which fit into this set: b sun at 11 Taurus 13, and the two harmonic suns at 10 Leo 53. In other words, Danny’s suns helped intensify LaVigne’s already extremely heightened (Angle progressed to) fascination (neptune) with intimacy (Scorpio moon and venus). He also had pB MC at 20 Leo 53, pb7 neptune (ruler of b 5th house) at 20 Taurus 23, and pc7 mars at 21 Leo 13, showing inflamed (neptune) sexual (5th) desire (mars).

What does Danny’s chart show?

Danny Croteau
Harmonic Chart for His 7th House

Placidus: c11--24Lib, c12--15Sco, c2--13Cap, c3--25Aqu b11--20Aqu, b12--11Ari, b2--15Gem, b3--5Can
Looking at the set including his B Asc at 23 Taurus 57, we see it aspected by mars, jupiter, and saturn. Mars rules c 5th house. It also co-rules c 4th house (24 of 25°). On the day of his death, Danny’s progressed b sun, at 23 Taurus 33, joined this set. Sun rules b 5th house, and co-rules b 4th (29 of 31°). We see 4th/8th, 4th/12th, 5th/12th and 7th/12th house overlaps. The latter three, all with the 12th house, have implications about unforeseen (12th) matters and end of life (4th), sexuality (5th), and important others (7th). B7 mercury, at 27 Taurus 40, in is b 1st house and rules b 5th.

The synastry we are interested in is Danny’s C Asc at 4 Sagittarius 19. On April 15, 1972 he has progressed B Asc at 5 Gemini 25. These together provide two Angles for Father LaVigne’s moon/venus/neptune/mars set, shown above, with moon/mars being the signature of LaVigne as possible aggressor.

I can now recapitulate some facts and state our murder mystery. It is not clear from news reports if Danny Croteau was sexually molested. Circumstances--I do not know what the police knew--made Father LaVigne a suspect in his murder. The case, however, was dropped. In 1991 when LaVigne was arrested for sexually assaulting other boys, interest in the unsolved murder of Danny Croteau was reactivated (footnote 3). Assuming our findings about synastry between victim and murderer, and between victim and molester are solid (footnote 4), has astrology increased or decreased the likelihood Father LaVigne was involved in Danny’s murder? Does it rule him in or rule him out?

I should not leave this subject before we look at the chart of a child abducted, molested, and allowed to live. Steven Gregory Stayner was 7 years old when taken by pedophile Kenneth Parnell in December, 1972. He lived with Parnell for eight years before Parnell abducted another child, 5-year-old Timmy White, on December 14, 1980. Apparently they all lived together. On March 1, 1981, Steven walked into the Ukiah, California police station and turned Parnell in. Timmy was returned to his family. Parnell was tried and convicted, serving 5 years of an eight-and-one-half year sentence. A TV drama, shown on NBC on May 23, 1989, entitled “I Know My Name is Steven,” documented Steven’s experience. Steven married and had two children before he was killed in a motorcycle accident on September 16, 1989, age 24.

Why did Steven Stayner get to live when so many other abducted children are murdered? Does his comparative good fortune show in his charts?

Steven Gregory Stayner
Harmonic Chart for His 1st House

Placidus: c11--22Aqu, c12--2Ari, c2-7Gem, c3--29Gem b11--3Sag, b12--25Sag, b2--10Pis, b3--15Ari
Steven has serious affliction to Angles. B MC is in close square to c saturn, which rules C MC, giving this set influence over two Angles. Fortunately, saturn is retrograde, so it is progressing away from his B MC. C Asc is also in close square to b mars in c 4th house. Mars is stationary direct, so has not moved by the date of Steven’s abduction. He not only has Angle/saturn and Angle/mars, mars is in the 4th house. B mars also rules B MC, so his mars/Angle also influences two Angles. He lacks a 4th saturn influence.

There were no rulers of 5ths in the 1st house. At least that signature for sexual molestation is absent. Nor were rulers of 4ths in the 1st house, so that signature for possible death in childhood is absent. C Asc, however, is in b 4th house, (which contains another mars, c mars at 21 Taurus 54). It suggests the possibility of death in childhood. C Asc, however, is in Taurus. Its two rulers, c and c1 venus, are not afflicted by mars or saturn. In fact c1 venus is in a 2° square to c1 jupiter. More importantly, C Asc in b 4th is closely conjunct b1 jupiter at 14 Taurus 31. That is what saved Steven’s life. The greater benefic, jupiter, is on that crucial 4th house Angle which itself was ruled by the lesser benefic, venus, unafflicted.

Steven also has c jupiter square B Asc, but that, by itself, wouldn’t do it. Squares--among conjunctions, squares, and opposition--are the weakest aspect to Angles. And, it is not a specifically 1st chart--childhood--influence. It does, however, rule c 8th house. His b1 jupiter conjunct his Asc in his 1st chart rules b 12th house. In his 7th chart, he has c7 jupiter, co-ruler of c 5th (30 of 40°) at 19 Pisces 05 conjunct b mercury, ruler of b 5th and 8th houses, at 18 Pisces 06. His 5th, 8th, and 12th houses--the houses and their natural signs most correlated with death in childhood for abducted children--have the benevolent, protecting influence of jupiter.

Why did c jupiter conjunct Gregory Godzik’s C MC not protect his life? It is true it rules his C Asc, but it is in his 10th house, so it shows the fame (jupiter) in childhood. Sun, moon, and neptune rule his 8th houses. His c sun is seriously afflicted. B moon rules b 12th house and is part of his solar affliction. C mars rules c 12th house, and is in Pisces (which is already an affliction for mars) and conjunct sun. His 1st chart, and 5th, 8th and 12th houses are not protected--are very afflicted, in fact--as are Steven’s.

1st chart progressions at the time Steven was kidnapped showed progressed C Asc conjunct c mars. He had no progressed Angle/saturn. That, too, is important. Progressed B MC was square progressed c pluto. He had two conjunctions of venus and mars: one was in Taurus in c 1st/b 4th, and the other in Pisces in b 2nd/c 11th(?). Neither were lighted--Parnell likely supplied Angles for at least one of them. The 5th influence we are missing is shown by:

Steven Gregory Stayner--1st Chart
C MC22 Capricorn 14
pc mercury23 Cancer 07co-ruler of c 5th house, 30 of 40°)
pc1 mars23 Cancer 07ruler of c 7th and 12th houses
pc1 venus21 Cancer 18 Druler of C Asc

In his 7th chart he has b7 saturn, ruler of B Asc, at 22 Cancer 35.

Pc1 venus looks close to aspecting C MC, but, in fact, it takes another year before it is at 21 Cancer 07. It was included in the progressed set because if Parnell has a light in that area, it gives Steven a 3rd venus/mars conjunction in his 1st chart. Pc1 mercury supplies the Angle/5th influence.

Note in this chart--childhood--Steven has three moons in Scorpio. Two came from harmonics. B1 moon is conjunct B MC. C1 moon is conjunct c south node in c 7th house. He was dominated.

There is one more point to make. Steven’s b sun is in a set including sun/node/venus/mars/neptune. It has 4th, 7th, and 12th influence. Noteworthy is its inclusion of venus and mars (neptune just aggravates the condition). Many of the children at Dunblane who died had either sun or moon with mars/saturn, and often neptune, in this chart.

I have shown only a few charts demonstrating conditions for the children and their abductors. More information is often more than any one, on this subject at least, can tolerate.

I have shown abducted and murdered children share certain astrological conditions with each other and with their abductors.

They have venus and mars Angular and influencing 5th houses. So do their abductors. Other individuals may have these planets Angular and influencing 5ths, and have an intense, but not necessarily destructive, sex life. Not influencing 5th houses, their experience may not even be sexual.

Murderers of children have afflicted mercury (by mars and saturn) influence to their 5th houses in their 7th charts. These same conditions apply to charts of women who have trouble conceiving or carrying to term. The same is true in the charts of parents of both sexes when they lose a child. All indicate problems with or death of a child or foetus. It is the cause that varies. Benefic aspects of mercury with venus and jupiter--the two benefics--are prominent in the 5th and 7th charts of individuals about to become parents.

Abducted children often have emphasis--Angles, lights, neptune, usually--in Scorpio, as do their abductors. Individuals may have any of these planets in Scorpio and not be victims or murderers. Scorpio lights can express quite variably, but within certain ranges. They show intense interest in sex; anger at women (“All women are whores” is one germane expression.), and an interest in pornography and smut. They can also express as harmlessly as indicating an individual with a passion for reading true crime or murder mysteries. At their highest, Scorpio lights express as benign occult interests and abilities and a genuine feeling for the inner life of others.

Although not shown here, there are other ways children’s charts indicate they may be subject to ruthless, adult sexuality. Sun/venus/mars conjunct in the 1st house and influencing a 5th is one of them.

Abducted children, especially the very young, usually have seriously afflicted (mars and saturn on Angles) 1st charts. Or, their non-harmonic (=all charts) are seriously afflicted. I have not looked that much into the 1st charts of abductors.

Whichever chart predominates and is most active at death, these children have seriously afflicted 4th, 5th, 8th, and sometimes 12th houses. Their abductors have seriously afflicted 5th and 8th houses.

Abductors may have either extreme of sexuality: For instance, John Wayne Gacy had a powerful 5th chart, and a powerful sexuality. It provided the drive for his crimes, the pathology of which was located in his 7th chart, and, I think, his 4th chart. Richard Allen Davis’ motivation appeared based on his thwarted sexuality. Unfortunately, birth information for Kenneth Parnell is not available. It would have showed two interesting variations: (1) a pedophile who likes his children really young (ages 7 and 5), and (2) a pedophile whose motivation is to keep the child alive.

There may be other indicators for either abductors or abducted children.

When all these factors combine in one individual--victim or victimizer--they skew his life in the direction of sexual abnormality and sexual extremes, including murder through sexual encounters.

Wood Forget-Me-Not

(1)The 4th chart contains the signature for many moves. Polly has b4 moon at 25 Leo 59, b4 uranus and 24 Taurus 30, and c4 NN at 26 Scorpio 01, all aspecting her Scorpio MC. Angular, lighted (the node) uranus defines frequent moves.

(2) I do not know if Cardinal Law was cardinal then.

(3)Disposition unknown. He may have been cleared, though that is doubtful. If he could have been cleared completely, it would have occurred when he was first suspected. He may have pleaded guilty with a guarantee of keeping it out of the press, if that is legally possible. The case may have been been dropped again for lack of sufficient evidence.

Data Acknowledgments
Polly Klaas
Birth: 1/3/1981, 10:41 a.m. PST., San Francisco, CA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Birth certificate in hand by Arlene De Angelus.
Conception:3/23/1980, 11:13:00 a.m. PST, San Francisco, CA.

Richard Allen Davis
Birth: 6/2/1954, 6:34 p.m. PDT, San Francisco, CA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Jeanne Stanton quotes the San Francisco Chronicle, data in an article presented with parents name as from the birth certificate.
Conception:8/25/1953, 4:01:00 a.m. CST, San Francisco, CA.

Jeffrey Curley
Birth: 6/9/1987, 7:28 p.m. EDT, Cambridge, MA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Frances McEvoy quotes the birth certificate in NCGR Newsletter November, 1977.
Conception:9/1/1986, 3:40:43 a.m. EST, Cambridge, MA.

Charles Jaynes
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Conception:10/20/1974, 9:11:52 p.m. EST, Boston, MA.

Salvatore Sicari
Birth: 8/17/1974, 3:04 p.m. EDT, Cambridge, MA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Frances McEvoy quotes the birth certificate in NCGR Newsletter of November, 1977.
Conception:11/7/1975, 7:11:19 p.m. EST, Cambridge, MA.

Gregory Godzik
Birth: 3/23/1959, 3:54 p.m. CST, Chicago, IL. From The American Book of Charts by Lois Rodden. Modern Horoscopes, April, 1979 states from “birth record from his mother.”.
Conception: 6/13/1958, 7:44:42 p.m. CST, Chicago, IL.

John Wayne Gacy (or maybe, Gacey)
Birth: 3/17/1942, 12:29 a.m. CST, Chicago, IL. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Edith Custer quotes hospital records in Mercury Hour, April 1979 (CST confirmed).
Conception:6/6/1941, 10:23:08 p.m. CST, Chicago, IL.

Richard LaVigne
Birth: 2/18/1941, 11:00 a.m. EST, Chicopee, MA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Frances McEvoy quotes the birth certificate.
Conception:5/10/1940, 6:15:31 p.m. EST, Chicopee, MA.

Daniel Croteau
Birth: 5/27/1959, 6:12 a.m. EDT, Springfield, MA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Frances McEvoy quotes the birth certificate.
Conception:8/18/1958, 4:29:11 p.m. EDT, Springfield, MA.

Steven Gregory Stayner
Birth: 4/18/1965, 2:29 a.m. PST, Merced, CA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Birth certificate in hand, Arlene DeAngelus.
Conception:7/10/1964, 2:04:13 a.m. PST, Merced, CA.

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