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Appendix 1
Four Other Examples of Astrology Which Direct Consciousness Away from Pedophilia

As I have stated in other papers, the only way one finds an “anti-“ significator—that is, astrology which counters and cancels a significator for a condition—is by accident. (If it doesn't cancel it, at least it significantly alters its expression. The paper on the death of Bruce Lee demonstrates how his anti-significators to allergies in his 1st chart masked the fact he even had any until the time of his death. At that time his progressions doubled up on the allergic sets. Here is the link: Paper on Bruce Lee.

In the examples shown below, we are looking either at a significator which cancels pedophilia specifically (Lear) or one that cancels sexuality altogether (Hitler and Barrie and possibly Lear).

People who write biographies usually do considerable research on their subject. For all three examples below we are lucky in that each has been the subject of at least one biography. So our information about their sexuality is based on research related to writing a biography.


Acknowledgments for the source of all the birth data is at the bottom of this page.

We start with Adolf Hitler.

Adolph Hitler, Not a Pedophile
Above picture from

In many ways Hitler was a very public figure. His infamy came with many speculations about his sex life. Some of those speculations were from people so full of rage against him they were incapable of objectivity. But even they never claimed Hitler was a pedophile. And there is nothing in his biographical literature which claims he was, either.

Hitler himself was mum on the subject of his sexuality.

One of the recent biographies written by Ian Kershaw, gave us the quotes below and cited fully in the Bibliography at bottom of page. All the quotes are from Volume I. :

[Hitler’s prudishness was even more than just prudishness] it amounted, according to Kubizek [a male friend in Vienna…when Hitler is a young adult] to a deep disgust and repugnance at sexual activity. Hitler avoided contact with women, meeting with cold indifference during visits to the opera to alleged attempts by young women…to flirt with or tease him. He was repelled by homosexuality. He refrained from masturbation. Prostitution horrified, but fascinated him. He associated it with venereal disease, which petrified him.” (page 45) (italic emphasis mine)

Though seemingly repelled by sex, Hitler was at the same time plainly fascinated by it. He discussed sexual matters quite often in lengthy talks late at night with Gustl [i.e., Kubizek], regaling him…on the need for sexual purity to protect what he grandly called the ‘flame of life’…Conjecture—and there has been much of it—that (his) sexual repression later gave way to sordid sado-masochistic practices rests, whatever the suspicions, on little more than a combination of rumour, hearsay, surmise and innuendo, often spiced up by Hitler’s political enemies. (page 46) (italic emphasis mine)

Soon, Hitler was a regular guest at Hanfstaengl’s home, where he regularly gorged himself on cream-cakes, paying court to Hanfstaengl’s attractive wife, Helene, in his quaint Viennese style. She took Hitler’s attentions in her stride. ‘Believe me, he’s an absolute neuter, not a man,’ she told her husband. (page 187) (italic emphasis mine)

…Hitler had a deep aversion to being seen other than as fully clothed. (page 282)

Like his father he [Hitler] preferred women much younger than himself—girls he could dominate, who would be obedient playthings but not get in the way. The two women with whom he would become most intimately associated, Geli Raubal (nineteen years younger than he was) and Eva Braun (twenty-three years younger), fitted the same model…(page 284) (italics emphasis mine)

‘To him [Hitler],' remarked Hoffmann, ‘she [Eva Braun, who Hitler met in 1929 who became his long-time female companion and wife of one day when they both committed suicide April 30, 1945] she was just an attractive little thing, in whom, in spite of her inconsequential and feather-brained outlook—or perhaps just because of it—he found the type of relaxation and repose he sought…But never, in voice, look or gesture, did he ever behave in a way that suggested any deeper interest in her. (page 352) (italics emphasis mine)

[Recovering several days later from the suicide of his niece Geli Raubal in September, 1931—the apparent love of his life—in their apartment] At his first speech a few days later, in Hamburg…more than ever, the orgiastic frenzy he worked himself up into during his big public addresses, and the response he encountered in what he saw as the ‘feminine mass,’ provided a substitute for the emptiness and lack of emotional bonds in his private life. (page 354, italic emphasis mine)

There is nothing in any biography which suggests that Hitler’s relationship with Geli was sexual. Possessive yes, sexual, no.

And I should add that in spite of Kubizek’s observation of Hitler’s deep disgust for women, Kershaw’s biography points out that during the time he was in power, Hitler was often quite charming and courtly to some of them.

Let’s take a look at Hitler’s pedophile significator which is in his 5th chart of sexuality. After that we will look at the astrology which nullifies it.

Adolph Hitler
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 5th House of Sexuality and Children

Placidian House Cusps: c11—25Sco, c12—14Sag, c2—2Pis, c3—11Ari b11—12Leo, b12—9Vir, b2—28Lib, b3—1Sag

Set (1) above includes moon/2venus/mars/2jupiter. C5 venus rules c 4th, 5th, and 9th houses. Birth moon rules B MC (in c 7th house.) So this set contains lighted venus in Gemini with influence to an Angle and a 5th house—the pedophile significator. It also suggests an abundance of sexuality which should result in considerable joy, something also often occurring in charts of pedophiles, the driving force which takes their behavior outside acceptable social mores..

There is nothing in this chart which contradicts the pedophile significator. Set (2) does suggest a sudden and precipitous (uranus in Pisces) separation (opposition) from a female (moon opposition) “sexual” (5th chart) partner. It is a significator for the loss of his niece beloved Geli by suicide, acquiring a return5 moon at 2 Pisces 26 at the time. It does not mean he actually had sex with her (no one knows), but it does imply his sexuality was tied up in his feelings for her.

The mars conjunct venus in Pisces in Set (1) could represent masochistic (his) or sadistic (to her) sexual needs, but I have no research on this particular phenomenon. With the venus in Pisces, it implies extreme tenderness, but is it arrived at initially or only after some suffering? For her death return5 NN was at 12 Pisces 02, conjunct that b5 mars at 12 Pisces 25.

This 5th chart was very active at the time of Geli’s suicide, again leaving not much doubt that however he related to her, his emotional attachment was deeply tinged by his potent sexuality.

According to the above sets, then, Hitler was a pedophile who also had the misfortune of losing through suicide one of the objects of his affections.

The astrology that nullifies his 5th chart pedophile set is found in his 3rd chart of ordinary mind:

Adolph Hitler
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 3rd House of Mind

Placidian House Cusps: c11—25Sco, c12—14Sag, c2—2Pis, c3—11Ari b11—12Leo, b12—9Vir, b2—28Lib, b3—1Sag

Set (3) above shows us Adolf Hitler’s second pedophile set. (He has four total. A lot. Two more are found in the 6th and 9th charts. All are cancelled by the “anti-pedophile” set shown below.) Developmentally, this set comes first. The mind is developed long before sexuality is developed. And “as a man thinketh, so he is.” clues us into this chart’s power.

Set (3) contains sun/2venus/mars/uranus/pluto. B venus rules B Asc and c venus rules c 5th house. So, this set includes lighted venus in Gemini with influence to an Angle and a 5th house—a pedophile set.

Set (3) also includes that conjunction of mars and venus in Pisces, in a higher degree than in the 5th chart. So, whatever it means, it is also influencing his mind.

Set (4) is our “anti-pedophile” set and it would be easy to miss. Until now, I never even conceived this potential power of the 3rd chart for a 5th chart matter. The set includes moon/saturn/uranus/2pluto. B3 uranus rules b 5th house, c3 saturn rules C Asc, and c moon rules c 7th house. (Pluto does not rule a sign with this method). So this is a forefront, “Angular” set (influences an Angle).

We have seen light/saturn/pluto with influence to an Angle and a 3rd house demonstrated extensively in 1st and 3rd charts of autistic children, and in the 7th chart of the one Asperger’s individual we have data for, both of which are written about in papers posted on this site. The paper on autism includes a detailed explanation of why forefront light/saturn/pluto makes sense for autism and other conditions which involve radical withdrawal. Here are links to those papers: Paper on Autism and Paper on Aspergers . Forefront light/saturn/pluto was also active at the time in several charts of the priest who left his profession and disappeared into the boondocks.

Forefront light/saturn/pluto is clearly a dominant set in producing the effects it does. For example, all the autistic children have sets other than that influencing 3rd houses in 1st and 3rd charts, nonetheless, they are diagnosed autistic. (Or, it might be the child's consciousness tends to get stuck in the autistic set, much like it had fallen into an "unscalable pit" in an otherwise negotiable terrain.)

Here, Hitler’s 3rd chart Set (4) does not influence a 3rd house. So, it works through his mind, but doesn't affect all of it.

The important house it influences is the 5th house—the house correlated with sexuality.

Set (4), then, shows us Hitler’s aversion to sexuality, arising through his thought processes. He suffers from a kind of intellectual autism toward sexuality.

So Set (4) is not just an anti-pedophile significator. It is “anti” all sexuality. It would be just as effective in preventing sexuality if he had had the full complement of homosexual significators. It shows not just his reported aversion to women, it also shows his aversion to homosexuality. We know from his biography that Hitler was charming to many women during the time he was in power. It was not women he had an aversion to, but sexuality—in all its forms.

Light/venus in Gemini divested of its sexual implications, then, becomes a liking or affection for little girls, or to women who act like little girls, or simply for younger women. It also means “love of” (venus) ideas and literature (Gemini). So just because some men are always attracted to younger women does not mean their charts contain cancelled pedophile significators.

J.M. Barrie
Not a pedophile
Above picture from

Next comes James M. Barrie.

The quotes below are from the book A Life of J.M. Barrie by Lisa Chaney, cited below in the bibliography.

[Following the death of Barrie’s mother] Mary [Barrie’s wife] must that autumn have realized that, although wife and partner in name, no love or kindness she could offer seemed enough to fill the space left in her husband’s life by the departure of his mother. Without having set out to take her mother-in-law’s place, Mary had come to realize that Barrie’s attachment to his was impregnable…Her husband’s consuming worship of his mother would not diminish with her death (pages 127-28).

Barrie’s comments about Tommy in his book, Tommy and Grizel are assumed autobiographical: Tommy constantly refers to his inability to progress beyond boyhood. [And with regard to Grizel, Tommy’s wife]:”But he could not love her. He gave her all his affection, but his passion, like an outlaw, had ever to hunt alone...” [italics mine]

This next quote is excerpted from four pages of thought carefully developed by Chaney. She discusses the development in Victorian times of a different attitude toward children. They were no longer seen only as small and incomplete adults, but as individuals in their own state of development. Further, childhood began to be idolized by some: In the post-Freudian late twentieth-century [that is, our present era] it became commonplace to suggest that a juxtaposition of sexual inhibition and the idolization of childhood led towards an uncomfortable and barely suppressed sexual ambivalence towards children. The most famous example is probably Lewis Carroll’s relationships with little girls, and his need to photograph them, often scantily clad. That it was quite public and done with decorum (he always wrote to their mothers asking permission to meet and photograph them) makes little difference to us.

Carroll’s interests were not then on the whole seen as socially unacceptable…his contemporaries seem more to have interpreted his behavior as eccentricity rather than perversion…[Chaney mentions other, contemporary children’s writers Lear, Kenneth Grahame, and A.A. Milne].

Under the influence of popular Freudianism…we are all-knowing and convinced that we understand far more about the sexuality of previous periods than those living at the time ever did themselves…Since Freud, contemporary wisdom has it that sex is at the root of all motivation…But how much do we really understand about Victorian or Edwardian attitudes to sex, or how they interpreted such texts as this passage from Barrie’s The Little White Bird? [The “I” referred to below is the adult, the captain who longs for his own son. I have used bullets, but the original text--of which I have omitted a considerable amount--was presented in usual paragraph form.]

  • David and I had a tremendous adventure. It was this—he passed the night with me…

  • The adventure began with David’s coming to me at the unwonted hour of six p.m. ...

  • We were to do all the important things precisely as they are done every evening at his home….

  • At twenty-five past six I turned on the hot water in the bath, and covertly swallowed a small glass of brandy…I then said, “Time for little boys to be in bed.” [I said it in a voice like I was used to saying such things…as if there was nothing particularly delicious to me hearing myself say it…]

  • …Then I placed my hand carelessly on his shoulder, like one a trifle bored by the dull routine of putting my little boys to bed…

    …I took them (David’s boots) off with all the coolness of an old hand, and then I placed him on my knee and removed his blouse. This was a delightful experience, but I remained wonderfully calm…until I came to his little braces, which agitated me profoundly.

  • I cannot proceed in public with the disrobing of David.

  • Soon the night nursery was in darkness. [Each time I opened the door, he was still awake.]

  • Are you never to fall asleep, David? [These short contacts continue, with David always being brave about sleeping alone, until] I asked, “And there is nothing else you want?”…

  • [David]”I don’t take up very much room.

  • ”Why, David,” I said, sitting up, “do you want to come into my bed?”

  • ”Mother said I wasn’t to want it unless you wanted it first.,” he squeaked.

  • ”It is what I have been wanting all the time,” said I, and then without more ado the little figure rose and flung itself at me. For the rest of the night he lay across me, and sometimes his feet were at the bottom of the bed and sometimes on the pillow, but he always retained possession of my finger…I had not a good night. I lay thinking… (end of quote from The Little White Bird)

[Lisa Chaney continues...] On reading this passage, it is virtually impossible not to imagine a series of barely repressed desires, which leaves us deeply unsettled. The passage, however, was not written in a secret journal, kept under lock and key. It was published in a popular book that sold many thousands of copies across the English-speaking world. The Little White Bird wasn’t banned or criticized for its perversion. Instead, the objections contemporaries made to its content were not that it was sexually dubious, but that at times Barrie was exhibiting too much whimsy and sentiment. Although on reading about Captain W and David we may conclude that a large fraction of the Edwardian reading public must have been proto-paedophile, contemporaries received this piece of writing effectively without comment.

A great shift in understanding, in human intentions and consciousness, in assumptions of all kinds, has taken place since 1902, and interpreting the past by imposing our own attitudes and beliefs upon it is a dubious practice. [italics mine]

…The extract above from The Little White Bird is equivocal in its implications, and is one of the reasons why in recent decades it has been suggested that Barrie was a paedophile. Against this we can set to comments made late in life by the youngest of the Llewelyn Davis boys (who Barrie helped raise after the death of both their parents), Nico:

  • Of all the men I have ever known, Barrie was the wittiest, and the best company. He was also not the least interested in sex. He was a darling man. He was an innocent; which is why he could write Peter Pan

Nico also said:

  • I don’t believe that Uncle Jim (Barrie) ever experienced what one might call a stirring in the undergrowth for any one—man, woman, or child….(end of Chaney quote, too)

All of the above is from Chaney’s biography, pp. 210-215. Let’s see what is in Barrie's astrology.

J.M. Barrie
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 7th House of Significant Others

Placidian House Cusps: c11—5Lib, c12—23Lib, c2—11Sag, c3—29Cap b11—26Aqu, b12—17Ari, b2—24Gem, b3—8Can

Barrie’s “pedophile set” is developed best in his 7th chart, where c7 moon in Pisces contributes a light. Even without it, Set (4) shows b venus in Gemini, co-ruler (30 out of 51° = greater than 1/3 the house) of b 5th house, lighted and made Angular by the combination of B Asc in Gemini and C MC in Virgo.

In Barrie’s case, time of birth is crucial to application of the above set to pedophilia. Birth four or more minutes earlier would take the venus off an Angle. So I did a number of progressions checking Barrie’s given time of birth, which seems correct. Even when people record birth only to the nearest fifteen minutes, as happens in Europe, sometimes the birth is actually on the fifteen minute mark, as appears to have been the case with Barrie. In addition to that, we have the fact that Barrie shows a lifelong interest not only in not growing up, but in love of children. These qualities would not have been so apparent in his life had the venus in Gemini not had Angular influence. And the only way in this particular astrology it can have Angular influence is for it to actually be on an Angle.

So, according to Set (4), Barrie is a pedophile. If we look at his 5th chart of sexuality, it contains nothing that is prohibitive with regard to sexuality. That is, it doesn’t squelch whichever sexuality other parts of his astrology directs his consciousness to.

But Barrie, like Hitler, has that 3rd chart of mind set which directly affects how he conceives of sexuality in general. Here is what it looks like:

J.M. Barrie
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 3rd House of Mind

Placidian House Cusps: c11—5Lib, c12—23Lib, c2—11Sag, c3—29Cap b11—26Aqu, b12—17Ari, b2—24Gem, b3—8Can

Set (5) contains sun/mars/saturn/pluto—the planets representative of forms of death. Mars, saturn, and usually pluto, are almost always present on or influencing Angles when an individual dies. If they are there when the individual is born, they indicate that area they cover is, or at least can be, completely “dead.”

Set (5) influences c 5th house through mars, ruler of c 5th. B3 saturn rules B MC. So, one thing this set apparently represents is the "death" at the level of mind of Barrie's sexual drive.

Set (5), with its conjunction of mars and saturn to the south node in b 3rd house, and its influence to an Angle through that saturn, also likely represents some of those periods of time when Barrie was completely uncommunicative, often much to the discomfort of those with him at the time.

Edward Lear, Not a Pedophile
Above picture from

Now comes Edward Lear

Biographical material below on Edward Lear was taken from the biography written by Vivien Noakes, “Edward Lear: the Life of a Wanderer,” cited below in the bibliography.

I am less certain about Lear’s astrology for several reasons. Not enough dates were included in his biography for me to check his time of birth through progressions. Like Barrie, Lear's astrology gives his venus in Gemini influence to an Angle by being on one rather than influencing one through a ruler.

Further, Lear’s biography makes no mention whatsoever to his attraction to children except comments about his books written for children and that he “loved to make children laugh.” And, unlike Barrie, Lear did not pursue companionship with any children, nor help raise any.

Lear’s biography does make clear his deep wish for marriage, which he never contracted. But his wish in marriage seems to have been for some one who would look after him lovingly, something his own mother did not do (but his 21 year old sister did do). Here is that quote:

…and he wrote to Gould: I wish to goodness I could get a wife! You have no idea how sick I am of living alone…he never thought of women with much passion—no doubt catching syphilis had increased his diffidence—and his ideal was a gentle companion who would look after him in a rounded, contented kind of way. But as a young man he seems hardly to have considered marriage as a real possibility, partly because he knew that if he married there would be too much risk of unhappiness. He would have to break the secret of his epilepsy, and he might pass the disease on to his children….he could never be sure that his wife would go on loving him—his mother had stopped loving him once and he knew that he couldn’t go through that kind of despair and hurt again (page 58).

Finally, there is an allusion to Lear being potentially a homosexual by the author: Page 134: …if Lushington had loved and encouraged him, theirs might have developed into a full homosexual relationship. As it was Lear probably only partly realized his homosexuality…He was not the philandering homosexual that some writers have made him out to be--his search wasn’t for physical love, but for someone who would want him as a person in the way that his parents had not wanted him as a child. [His epileptic attacks came up to twenty times per month.] (page 134).

I did not look for homosexual indicators in Lear’s astrology because he also did not manifest any homosexual acts, at least not in this biography. Here we are concerned only with the apparent canceller in his astrology of an apparent pedophile significator. Since the latter occurs in all charts, and is even better developed in his 3rd chart of mind which is also the site of his canceller, we have only to look at the astrology of his 3rd chart.

Edward Lear
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 3rd House of Mind

Placidian House Cusps: c11—19Can, c12—19Leo, c2—7Lib, c3—7Sco b11—13Sco, b12—30Sco, b2—10Aqu, b3—25Pis

Set (6) above can be seen, really, as two sets. One set shows the conjunction of venus to jupiter to C MC in Gemini, with b venus ruling b 5th house. We can include b3 moon with it at 15 Virgo 14. This part of the set is a pedophile set because b venus is in Gemini, it is Angular, and it rules b 5th house.

But we can also couple that moon in Virgo with his B Asc in Sagittarius which is in the same set with mars, saturn, and pluto. This Angular set likely refers to Lear’s “morbids” (dark depressions). Since this set also influences a 3rd house through c3 mars, why wasn’t Lear retarded? My guess is because of the conjunction of both benefics on an Angle in mercury's sign (of mind), Gemini, a set which proclaims a fine mind. If we include the venus in Gemini in this set—and we can because of the orb provided by the moon in Virgo—we do not need the Asc in Sagittarius for the set to be forefront because that venus rules an Angle. With its influence also to a 5th house, then this set, like Hitler’s and Barrie’s, suggests the “death” altogether of Lear’s sexuality.

It could be that his epilepsy was not the only thing Lear was afraid of exposing about himself. It might have been his lack of sexuality. That would be another reason, besides statistical conclusions regarding its failure and economic considerations, he felt disinclined to marry.

In fact these two sets which have the moon in Virgo as their common hinge may have something to do with his lifelong epilepsy. The MC/venus/jupiter/moon set would produce an active and harmonious mind. But the Asc/mars/saturn/pluto/moon part would shut down his brain, or at least be very inharmonious. If his experience of them alternated rapidly through that moon in Virgo, that instability might produce something like epilepsy. Bipolar disorder manifests through alternate expresions of Angle/light/saturn/3rd and Angle/light/uranus/3rd. But those sets are always separate sets. Here we have two sets, both Angular, with a common light, that b3 moon in Virgo.


In terms of his potential pedophilia, however, Lear’s lighted and Angular venus in Gemini with influence to a 5th house is sat on by saturn, which cancels it in the same manner discussed in the main paper as occurring in the chart of the unnamed example. Then it was seen only to work in a 5th or 7th chart. Here it is extended to also working in a 3rd chart. This inclusion of the 3rd chart in location of possible anti-significators is reasonable because our minds create our identity.

We could also say that his venus in Gemini is sat on by both saturn and pluto—the two planets which cause extreme withdrawal of consciousness (as occurs in forefront saturn/pluto in the 3rd chart of mind in autism). So the only part of his venus in Gemini he was able to actually manifest was his “love of making children laugh"--his nonsense literature.

Hitler: 1889 – 1936 Hubris and Hitler: 1936 – 1945 Nemesis by Ian Kershaw. W.W. Norton, 2000.
Hide and Seek with the Angels: A life of J.M. Barrie, the Author of Peter Pan by Lisa Chaney. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2005.
Edward Lear: the Life of a Wanderer by Vivien Noakes. Boston: Houghton-Mifflin Company, 1969.

Data Acknowledgments
The letters following the individual’s name refer to the Rodden Rating for reliability, which can be found at

Adolph Hitler (AA)
Birth: 4/20/1889, 6:17 p.m. LMT., Braunau, Austria.. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Please see source notes below, which shows there are three times of birth for Hitler.
Conception:7/12/1888, 8:22:47 p.m. LMT, Braunau, Austria.

In publishing the birth time, Astrodatabank uses the given time of 6:30 p.m.

For my work with Hitler’s chart, I used the rectified time of 6:17 p.m. from the British Journal of Astrology. It worked with events in his life. A particularly impressive one was that from January 30, 1933, when Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, to April 30, 1945, when Hitler died by suicide, his progressed conception jupiter (starting out retrograde at 3 Scorpio 30 at conception) progressed from 5 Scorpio 01 to 6 Scorpio 22, with his C MC at 5 Scorpio 52. It shows his time in power occurred when his progressed jupiter to MC was approximately 1° before the conjunction to approximately ˝° after—the orb I have been allowing for a non-lighted progressed planet to influence an Angle.

With this method which so strongly supports that planets on Angles are the strongest sets, Hitler’s astrology shows no other set which can explain his rise to power nor its duration. Jupiter to an Angle is extremely seductive, making one believe the gods are naturally on one’s side (or that all one’s success is being created by one’s genius self). That is why I have great respect for people born with jupiter/Angle (especially the conjunction) who keep their common sense connection to the rest of humanity.

Source Notes from Astrodatabank on Hitler:

Zenit 11/1933, quotes B.R. BJA same "from a gentleman acquainted with Hitler's sister-in-law," 7/1938 [These were for the 11:30 birth time, making sense since most European births are recorded to the nearest 15 minutes of time.] (The Editor of BJA, 4/1932, rectifies to 6:17 PM. Sabian Symbols No.462 gives 6:14 PM)

(In 6/1989, Claudia von Schierstedt confirmed the data to LMR, from research of archives. Austria at that time did not have the time of birth on the certificate but Heinz Noesselt, a co-worker at "Zenit," asked at the rectory, as the church did keep a notice of the birth and christening, and published the information in Zenit 11/1933, p. 431. Hitler was born 20April 1889 6 1/2 in the evening, at Salzburger Vorstadt 219, Branau."

James M. Barrie (AA)
Birth: 5/09/1860, 6:30 a.m. GMT., Kirriemuir, Scotland. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Birth record in hand by Steinbrecher.
Conception:8/01/1859, 3:39:55 p.m. GMT, Kirriemuir, Scotland.

Edward Lear (B)
Birth: 5/12/1812, 11:30 p.m. LMT, Halloway, England. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. David Fisher quotes Vivien Noakes, "Edward Lear," for a letter from him to a friend dated May 12, 1882, "I ain't 70 till 11:30 tonight."
Conception:8/05/1811, 9:32:53 a.m. LMT, Halloway, England

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