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Similarities in Charts of Three Mass Murderers:
Timothy McVeigh (Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1995)
Thomas Watt Hamilton (Elementary School, Dunblane, Scotland, 1996),
and James O. Huberty (McDonald’s Restaurant, San Ysidro, California 1984)

Appendix D
10th Chart of Dr. Condoleezza Rice

Dr. Condoleezza Rice
Picture from

The following 10th chart is that of our previous Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. She is being used as an example because I was watching the Republican National Convention as I was writing this paper.

We already know that Dr. Rice is held in very high esteem by many people, that she has served as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State of the United States. We know she has had an unusual and very successful career. That she is now a member of the Augusta National Gulf Club. And after leaving office in 2009 “chose…to return to Stanford University as a political science professor and the Thomas and Barbara Stephenson Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the Hoover Institution.” (Wikipedia, 8/31/12)

I personally had no idea she was such an accomplished pianist. (see Wikipedia)

Wikipedia also has this on her early life Rice was born in Birmingham, Alabama, the only child of Angelena (née Ray) Rice, a high school science, music, and oratory teacher, and John Wesley Rice, Jr., a high school guidance counselor and Presbyterian minister. Her name, Condoleezza, derives from the music-related term, con dolcezza, which in Italian means, "with sweetness". Rice has roots in the American South going back to the pre-Civil War era, and some of her ancestors worked as sharecroppers for a time after emancipation. Rice discovered on the PBS series Finding Your Roots that she is of 51% African, 40% European and 9% Native American or Asian genetic descent, while her mtDNA is traced back to the Tikar people of Cameroon. Rice grew up in the Titusville] neighborhood at a time when the South was racially segregated.

We can reasonably assume that although as an only child of educated parents she received considerable attention, she also received considerable guidelines for sensible behavior. As a black child growing up in the racially segregated South, responsible parents had to make sure their children, for their own safety, had their feet planted firmly in reality.

Apropos the discussion in the main paper about the implications of harmonic lights in Pisces in different charts, it is noteworthy that Rice's 1st chart of early childhood produced a harmonic moon in Pisces--a strong one. Here is the set: b1 moon, ruler of c 11th house, co-ruler of c 10th house, at 16 Pisces 35, in the same set with c1 saturn, ruler of c 5th house and co-ruler of c 4th house, in the same set with C MC at 17 Gemini 20 and C Asc at 16 Virgo 35. This set, because affecting two Angles, is a powerful "affliction." Taking the benevolence of her 10th chart into considerations, here are some of my guesses about the meaning of this set in Rice's 1st chart: she was given high standards to live up to, she had to work at achievements even very early in life in order to please her parents, and, again, as a black child growing up in a predominantly white and racist majority, life was beset with many sober considerations. This chart suggests that Rice's early childhood was, in fact, all work and no play. Because of that, she has probably had trouble just relaxing.

Here is her chart.

Condoleezza Rice
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 10th Chart of Mother Experience and Social Esteem

Placidian House Cusps: c11—20Can, c12—20Leo, c2—14Lib, c3—15Sco b11—7Sco, b12—29Sco, b2—2Aqu, b3—11Pis

Set (28) contains node/sun/2mercury/venus/jupiter/2pluto and is a golden benefic without any malefics. That's as good as it gets. The two c mercuries in the set rules C MC in b 6th house (service) and C Asc in b 9th house (foreign countries) and thus also act like lights. Their influence to 6th and 9th houses is a good fit for her work as Secretary of State. Adding in the sun and node, this close set contains four lights and is thus highly activated. B venus rules B MC. So this set influences three Angles, making it hugely influential in her 10th chart astrology. Pluto in the set with jupiter increases the chance she will be super famous.

Note her conception 10th house contains b jupiter, which by itself inclines to an individual finding their most growth (jupiter) through career (10th). Her birth 10th house, however, contains both her b and c saturns, which will bring her down when hit by progressed Angles. B saturn co-rules b 1st house and I actually do not know how to read its implications. C saturn, however, rules c 5th house of sexuality. This latter 10th house condition is similar to that of Tiger Woods, who has a 5th-house ruling saturn in his 10th house in his highly benefic 10th chart. We know how Tiger’s worked out. He experienced a sex scandal which rocked his career when an Angle progressed to that saturn. The implication is the same for Dr. Rice, but since she is a woman and, I suspect, far more discreet and cautious than Woods, far less threatening to her whole career. In fact, one of the ages she had progressed C MC hit that c saturn was around age 28, a time before we knew her as the famous woman she now is. I didn’t check the timing on all of them, but a ball park estimate leads me to suspect all of her progressed Angles to that 5th-house ruling c saturn occurred already, when she was much younger than she is now.

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