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July, 2000
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Astrology of Lockerbie and 9-11--A Large
Unfinished Paper on Aviation Disasters--Lockerbie, Etc.

John F. Kennedy, Jr.
the Astrology of Aviation Crashes
by Sandra Weidner

"If you imagine the individual consciousness has its own characteristic wave patterns, you could view it...(metaphorically) the laser of a particular frequency that intersects with a specific pattern in the cosmic hologram." From The Holographic Universe, by Michael Talbot

More Aviation Deaths
July 16, 2000 is the first anniversary of the death of John Kennedy, Jr., his wife, and his sister-in-law in an air plane accident. He was 39 years old. His beautiful wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, was 33. (I do not have the birth data of her sister.)

The three left New York on Friday, July 16 in Kennedy’s small private plane to attend a family wedding on Martha’s Vineyard. Even though he was a qualified one, Kennedy was not a seasoned pilot. On this date, he headed out around dusk into what became somewhat foggy evening conditions. He was--presumably because of the size and newness of his plane--flying without instruments. Around 2:00 a.m. EDT on July 17, 1999, the plane was reported missing.

After their plane and bodies were found, analysis of plane parts established that just before their death it went into a steep, fast, uncontrolled dive, hitting the water at a high speed.

Was their liability to this kind of disaster foreseeable? If it was foreseeable, was it preventable? (See footnote 1 below for a discussion of astrology’s possible place in aviation safety.)

We have to start with the first question. Was it foreseeable?

There are many ways to view the cause of an air plane accident. Some given by the National Transportation Safety Board, which investigates air accidents, are: windshear, faulty equipment, and pilot error.

These are all different causes.

In his astrology, the individual who dies in an air disaster always has the same astrological conditions in two charts. The two charts are his harmonic charts for his 9th and 7th houses, concerning aviation (and some other matters) and relationships, respectively. These are also called as 7th and 9th charts.

In this paper I show only 9th charts. The same progressed (see footnote 2 below) planetary sets occur in all of them for individuals who die in air plane accidents. They are:

(1) Angles are afflicted by mars and saturn, together or separately.
(2) 9th houses within the chart are afflicted with lighted mars and lighted saturn.
(3) 4th houses within the chart are afflicted with lighted mars and lighted saturn.

(1) above implies a difficult event (or condition). (2) indicates it pertains to 9th house matters--aviation, among other things. (3) indicates it pertains to the 4th house, end conditions and end of life conditions.

Individuals who die in air crashes are also often born with this chart containing all three sets. These, by themselves, do not precipitate the crash. Likely they constitute a fault (like a geological one, but these are more like holographic ones), weakness, or liability to air plane crashes. When, however, similar progressions occur, the individual then has a second set of similar instructions. Together, astrologically, they imply physical conditions--whatever they are--for crash will occur.

Below, positions of planets for the harmonic charts for the 9th house for John and Carolyn Kennedy are listed. To reduce the technical part of this paper, their 7th house charts are not presented. Their 7ths also satisfied--and had to, according to my research--certain conditions.

For an explanation of the astrology used on this site, go to “About This Method” listed with a link at the bottome of this page. For those who do not want to do that, there is this note: this method uses only conjunctions, applying and separating squares, and oppositions. Planets in such relationship to each other are designated "in the same set." Orbs with lights is 5°; without lights, about 2°, but sets tied together by a light (sun, moon, node) with 5 degree orbs are very weak. Birth planets (including their harmonics) rule only birth houses. Conception planets (including their harmonics) rule only conception houses. Returning to Kennedy:

The Charts
John F.Kennedy, Jr. -- Harmonic Chart for the 9th House
(a)b9 sun6 Aquarius 22
b9 jupiter8 Aquarius 05
c9 saturn10 Taurus 47co-ruler of b 4th house (19 of 34 degrees)
c9 mars6 Leo 15ruler of C Asc in b 9th house
b sun8 Scorpio 46ruler of B Asc
Through various rulers, three Angles, 4th and 9th houses are all afflicted with light/mars/saturn. The two suns help pull this all into one set. Why? Lights extend orbs of interaction because lights intensify planets.

All exist before progressions, so Kennedy is born with them. They comprise part of his original 9th house fault. Why only a part? They are too far apart to be solely responsible for an accident. As a static influence they hang together, but progressions of Angles to them would break them into several aspects: Angle to b9 sun and c9 mars, then about 2 years later, Angle to b sun and b9 jupiter, then about two years after that, Angle to c9 saturn.

So, by themselves, they cannot constitute cause for an air crash. Crashes occur in minutes, not because of influences several years apart.

(b)pB MC 24 Gemini 24
b mars 24 Gemini 20ruler of b 4th and b 9th houses
pb saturn 25 Sagittarius 28in c 9th house (coming from 21 Sag.22)
pc saturn 23 Sagittarius 14in c 9th house (coming from 20 Sag. 04)
The midpoint of these two progressed saturns is 24 Sagittarius 25, in close opposition to progressed birth Midheaven and birth mars. Can we take the midpoint between two planets? We do when they are that close, and when they are the same planet, here, saturn. Even if I did not use the midpoint, I could say he has a late opposition of progressed birth Midheaven to progressed birth saturn, and a nearly one to progressed conception saturn. But, here the midpoint is valid.

In (b) he has progressed Angle/mars/saturn, satisfying condition (1) above. Mars also rules b 9th, so this set influences b 9th, and satisfies condition (2) above. Moreover, mars also rules b 4th, so this set influences b 4th, and satisfies condition (3) above.

Note both saturns, before progression, started out below an opposition to mars. Originally, they were too far from mars to be dangerous. Progressed Angles to them would have separated them, giving progressed Angle/c saturn, then about one year later, progressed Angle/b saturn, then about three years later, progressed Angle/b mars. (b) however, shows the timing of his progressed birth Midheaven was disastrous, reaching mars at the same time both progressed saturns opposed it.

This set is about as efficient as a set can get. All three conditions, using only three planets and one Angle, are met by it.

Still, these are all non-harmonic. Regardless of their rulership over houses (here the 9th and 4th houses within the 9th house chart), specifically harmonic conditions are necessary before this becomes a 9th house event. It is not that the whole set of conditions must be harmonic, but the whole set cannot be only non-harmonic, either.

In this system, which uses harmonics to develop the houses, everything is ultimately located by house, therefore area of action, through activity of the harmonics.

Listed below, in (c) through (i), is a list of Kennedy’s specific harmonics for his 9th house chart. Harmonics are italicized. Non-astrologers may wish to scroll past these. I include them to show interested astrologers what is meant by harmonic activity.

(c)pC MC 13 Aquarius11
c9 SN 13 Aquarius11
b pluto13 Leo 53
This harmonic node to an Angle in a 9th chart makes a strong beginning statement for a 9th chart event.

(d)pb moon27 Gemini 48
pb 9 NN26 Gemini 57
b9 mars27 Sagittarius 43ruler of b 4th and b 9th, in c 9th
c mars 27 Sagittarius 50ruler of C Asc; in c 9th
A 4th/9th/Angle influence of lighted mars.

(e)pb9 moon 5 Aquarius 50
c9 mars6 Leo 15ruler of C Asc
A lighted mars/Angle influence.

(f)pb9 mars25 Leo 27 Rruler of b 4th and b 9th houses
b9 saturn25 Taurus 07
These have no light or Angle. However, his return for NYC for this period has its Ascendantat 26 Scorpio 08.

(g)pc mars 27 Capricorn 58ruler of C Asc
c moon 27 Cancer 56ruler of c 4th house
These are both non-harmonic, but, of course, mixed among the harmonics, are legitimate influences. Their harmonics produce the following:

(h)pc9 mars7 Cancer 41ruler of C Asc
c9 moon 7 Capricorn 13ruler of c 4th house
c9 NN 7 Capricorn 30

And finally,

(i)pc9 uranus 15 Scorpio 08
B MC15 Taurus 07
This is on the cusp of birth 4th. It suggests the possibility of a sudden (uranus) transformation (Scorpio).

All of the above show considerable harmonic and non-harmonic mars and saturn activity to Angles, 4th and 9th houses in Kennedy’s harmonic chart for his 9th house at the time of his plane crash.

Key words could be “force” for mars, and “form” for saturn. Because they create dissonance, when they are strong in the chart--as they are here--form suffers. In this case, Kennedy’s plane and his life.

One other set in Kennedy’s chart is worth mentioning:

(j)b moon 3 Aquarius 14
pb venus 3 Aquarius 13ruler of B MC
c9 jupiter 3 Scorpio 35ruler of c 9th house
This set indicates fame connected to 9th house events at the time of the plane crash.

The “thrill gene” is being bandied about these days as cause for fearless behavior. The Kennedy’s have reputations for fearlessness. John, Jr. was no exception. If there were such a gene, what would its astrology look like?

John F. Kennedy, Jr. -- Harmonic Chart for the 1st House

(a)c1 moon 23 Capricorn 47ruler of c 4th house
C Asc 22 Aries 20
c1 mars 23 Aries 31ruler of C Asc
c uranus 24 Cancer 40
These, located in his identity chart, are there at birth. They indicate an individual with courage (lighted mars/uranus influencing an Angle), and even foolhardiness (Aries/uranus). At the time of the accident, progressed c1 mars was at 23 Cancer 55, perhaps increasing his sense of boldness.

John and Carolyn
picture from, cropped

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy -- Harmonic Chart for the 9th House
(aa)b9 NN 16 Leo 52
c uranus 17 Leo 33
c9 mars 17 Leo 39
c mars 17 Leo 54
c9 sun 16 Scorpio 51co-ruler of c 4th (26 of 30 degrees)
c saturn 16 Aquarius 50ruler of c 9th house and C MC

(bb)pB Asc 5 Capricorn 56
pb9 mars 5 Capricorn 51co-ruler of b 4th (21 of 26 degrees); in c 9th

(cc)pc saturn20 Aquarius 19ruler of c 9th house
pc NN 19 Taurus 53coming from 22 Taurus 27)
C Asc 20 Taurus 41

(dd)c sun 12 Pisces 26co-ruler of c 4th (26 of 30 degrees)
b9 mars14 Pisces 47
pc9 saturn 13 Pisces 34ruler of c 9th and C MC
None of (aa) is progressed. It identifies her original, close 9th house fault, showing light/mars/saturn influence to an Angle, 9th, and 4th houses. Her 9th is actually more afflicted than her husband’s. An Angle progressed to her original fault could serve as main cause for accident.

(bb), (cc), and (dd) show the required new (progressed) sets that cumulatively satisfy conditions (1), (2), and (3) above.

Christa McAuliffe -- Harmonic Chart for the 9th House
While in this area, we should take a quick look at the 9th chart of Christa McAuliffe, one of the Challenger seven who died so dramatically on January 28, 1986. She is the only of those seven for whom I have birth data. Her original flaw is composed of two sets:

(aaa)B Asc 0 Taurus 26
c saturn28 Cancer 33
b9 sun1 Leo 01
c mars3 Leo 00ruler of c 4th house
Her mars and saturn midpoint is 0 Leo 46. Sun, mars, and saturn are all in b 4th house. This set shows light/mars/saturn influencing an Angle and 4th house. Traditional astrology attributes the main progression for her accident as progressed birth mars, at 1 Scorpio 12, to an opposition of this B Ascendant.

(bbb)c mars 3 Leo 00
b saturn4 Leo 01ruler of B MC; co-ruler of b 9th house
c sun6 Scorpio 27
This set shows light/mars/saturn influencing a 9th house. With (aaa), it satisfies all three rules

Her pertinent progressions for January 28, 1986 are:

(ccc)pC Asc 1 Aquarius 22
b9 mars2 Aquarius 19
pb9 saturn1 Taurus 56ruler of B MC; co-ruler of b 9th house
b9 sun1 Leo 01
pb mars1 Scorpio 12

(ddd)pc9 saturn 7 Capricorn 48
B MC7 Capricorn 41
We are short new, that is, progressed, lighted mars influence to the 4th house. Besides her original 4th house flaw, the only way we can get this influence is from the transits at the time (11:40 a.m. EST) of the accident. T9 sun is at 3 Aquarius 11, and t9 moon at 1 Leo 40, the second, especially, lighting her original 4th house mars.

Although this system contains more planets than is typical in traditional astrology (see footnote 3 below), the full set for an air accident does not happen easily. There are only three rules, but each one elaborates specific planets in specific relationships. All must occur at the same time. All do occur in all charts so far examined for individuals who die in air plane accidents.

All charts of individuals who die in aviation accidents have the above influences in their harmonic chart for their 9th house. The ones for their 7th house are similar. Influences to the two houses work together in aviation disasters.

How many individuals who died in plane accidents do I have charts on? Right now, I have twenty-two. I have three in one accident, that of TWA flight 800. These criteria have proven reliable.

Sometimes, sets appear necessary but not sufficient. That is, they appear to satisfy all known conditions necessary for an event, but the event does not happen. In that case, two possibilities are possible: (1) laws (e.g., moral, angels, etc.) other than astrological ones are involved which affect, even cancel, astrological ones, or (2) the astrological set was incompletely defined. astrologically. So far sets have never been invalidated once established. That does not mean they are complete.

The same negative influence in the 9th chart indicates a temporarily disastrous relationship to heights, as is evidenced in the charts of people who commit suicide by jumping. In that case, the 9th is not the cause of suicide; it does appear to influence choice of method.

The chart of one man, Steve Brown, showed an apparent exception to the conditions for death in an aviation accident. A private pilot, he died as a result of a hang glider accident. His 9th house chart did not include lighted saturn influence to a 4th house. But then, he did not actually die in the accident. He died six weeks later.

We have answered the question, is an air disaster foreseeable? Yes, it is. Specifically, it is foreseeable through the individual charts of people who fly.

Since it is foreseeable, is it preventable?

What if Kennedy, his wife, and his sister-in-law had all been wrapped in an immediately inflatable bubble wrap which expanded like an air bag just instants before they hit the water? Would they have died? What if the whole plane carried a parachute-for-small-planes activated when the plane reached a certain speed and angle of descent? Would they have died? What if they had simply not flown during the time their negative 9th conditions existed? (Major ones last about 6 months to a year. Much depends on the specific chart.)

Discussing air disasters this way raises the question, are there people with whom it is unlucky to fly? In a sense, there are. Individuals who die young in air plane crashes obviously already have serious faults in their “flying” charts. I do not have the data on any children except Jessica Dubroff, whose astrology for aviation death passed in several months. Other famous individuals who died young in air plane disasters--Buddy Holly (age 22), Ritchie Valens (age 17), and Carole Lombard (age 35)--all had highly afflicted 9th house charts. Certainly John and Carolyn Kennedy were matched in terms of air accidents. I don't know if it is proper to say they were unlucky for each other. Maybe there are other, unseen considerations.

On the other had, from the small number of group events I've had the data for, only those sharing the fault fully experience the event. Because that is true, we hear of peculiar incidents like one infant being the sole survivor of a terrible plane crash, or, in another instance, only two passengers being sucked out the broken window of plane at full attitude. For them, it was dangerous to fly. For every one else on that plane, it may have been unpleasant, but was not life threatening.

The more significant question that could be asked right now is, can this astrology be used to prevent aviation disasters? First, it needs much much research in order to tighten the definition of the significator for aviation accidents. Then, perhaps, it could be used for commercial pilots and stewardesses. It could more easily be used by the military for its aviators. It could be very useful for small plane pilots. It could be used by skydivers. As is, it not practical for commercial aviation.

In the end what is preventable is determined by humanity. People--voluntarily and involuntarily--are always pushing the envelope. Others, the caretakers and healers of humanity, are just as busy finding ways to keep them safe, save them, and if that fails, revive them.

We used to believe flight itself was absolutely impossible. We used to believe people must die under all kinds of conditions which no longer automatically mean their demise.

Starflower (cropped)
From Wildflowers of Michigan Field Guide, by Stan Tekiela

(1) I do not advocate aviation should become careless about maintenance, weather conditions, and pilot alertness. Aviation has an astonishingly good safety record. I am sure astrology could contribute to individual safety, but don't know if it would be worth it commercially. Physical conditions, while physical cause for crashes, interact with perhaps deeper causes (their astrology) that attract people to that environment. There is still much to be learned about this area. For people who do not fly, other 9th house (height) "crashes" are available.
(2) Progressed means the original position of planets and Angles are moved. Various methods exist for moving them. I use the method most frequently used in astrology--a day for a year. Positions of planets each day after birth are equal to progressions for each year after birth. Sounds preposterous, but it fact, it works.
(3) Actually, the same ten planets are used, but they are used four times in each chart. There appears no limitation on their possible use to create meaning.

Data Sources
John F. Kennedy,Jr.
Birth: 11/25/1960, 12:22 a.m. EST, Washington, DC In Astro-Data III, by LoisRodden. From The Church of Light from AFA (American Federation of Astrologers) January, 1961, news report.
Conception: 2/12/1960, 10:41:12a.m. EST, Washington, DC

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy
Birth: 01/07/1966, 6:00 a.m. EST, White Plains, NY From Today’s Astrologer (a publication of the American Federationof Astrologers), Vol. 61, No. 8, 8/11/88, p. 259
Conception: 03/27/1965, 09:05:34 a.m. EST, White Plains, NY

Christa McAuliffe
Birth: 09/02/1948, 10:13 p.m. EDT, Framingham, MA. From Kosmos "Errata," vol. XV, no. 2, "from the birth certificate.
Conception: 11/23/1947, 09:40:16 a.m. EST, Framingham, MA

Steve Brown
Birth: 08/13/1938, 7:15 a.m. CST, Des Moines, IA. From The American Book of Charts, by Lois Rodden. From him to Paul Morgan. San Diego, CA: Astro Computing Services, 1980.
Conception: 11/02/1937, 04:50:43 p.m. CST, Des Moines, IA

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