February 2008
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Addendum to Paper on Financial Loss: A Case of Identity Theft

Below I discuss the astrology for one experience of identity theft—the only case I have. Readers interested generally in the astrology of finances should refer to earlier papers (listed on the Home Page) concerning the astrology of financial winners (rich men, lottery winners, lucky gamblers, etc.) and losers (bankrupts, scam victims, stock market losers, business failures).

In particular, the paper on financial losers should be read before this one. In that paper I discuss the 2nd chart’s astrology of hard work, hard times, and failure seen from the perspective of finances. I repeat some of that discussion here.

The Astrological Significators for Losing Money
Mars and saturn are the traditional malefics of astrology, the lesser and greater malefics, respectively. They are together and predominant in charts of “losers”—from losers of health to losers of social approval to losers of money. Venus and jupiter create charisma, an attracting force correlated with success and bounty. Mars and saturn create a kind of anti-charisma, a repulsing force associated for all of us with lack and failure. Mars and saturn are often forefront at birth in charts of individuals “stricken” from birth.

Mars and saturn work together and forefront (in a set on or ruling an Angle) in our 2nd charts to restrict our income or contribute to our losing it. In this paper we are interested only in their occurrence in the chart of an individual experiencing identity theft at the time he was experiencing it.. We want to answer the question, astrologically, what did his identity theft look like?

Before I present his astrology, I want mention a few points about this astrological method.

,font color=green>Method
This astrological method is not the traditional Western one. It is not traditional, period. True, it uses sidereal astrology, the predominant astrology of the East. It also uses the Egyptian harmonic. Sidereal astrology and Egyptian harmonics are both quite old. But this method started with me. Its working rules were empirically-derived through years of research. At first these charts seemed too complex. But orbs and sets are quite limited. Over time a distinct, “reproducible” astrological language began to emerge. As the simplicity and dependability of the language was grasped, interpretation became simple. Rules are placed in a separate paper:

Chart Rules

For each chart below I present the most important influences to Angles, 2nd, and 8th houses within the 2nd or 7th chart. Birth planets, in blue ink, are inside the circle along with their harmonics (b2) planets, which use green ink. Conception planets, in red, are outside the circle, along with their harmonics (c2) planets, which are black. The numbered loops represent houses. I have only drawn in houses of interest. All the house cusps are listed below the drawing.

Data acknowledgements are given at the bottom of this paper.

Raul Davila
According to my data source Mr. Davila, a Spanish-American individual, was an educator, computer programmer, stock market analyst, Mensa member, and astrologer, graduating from University in 1963 with degrees in math and physics. He passed the Army IQ test with a perfect score.

On October 16, 2000, at the age of 62, Mr. Davila was plunged into a nightmare. That day was the first of many over the next three months of unauthorized charges occurring on his credit cards. By the time he understood he was the victim of identity theft, charges had reached over $140,000. The perpetrator, a salesman for a large telephone company, had stolen Davila’s personal information. An arrest was made by the Secret Service and the suspect pleaded guilty. He was sentenced on June 8, 2001. (Sorry, I do not know what the sentence was.)

The 2nd chart is the primary place of information about an individual’s finances. (The 8th may be also, but I have not included examination of the 8th in these “financial” papers.) The 7th chart is primary in describing the individual’s identity and also contains financial information. Identity theft involves finances and identity, so we want to take a look at both 2nd and 7th charts.

Raul Davila
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 7th House

Placidus: c11—6Gem, c12—7Can, c2—2Vir, c3—1Lib b11—30Pis, b12—6Tau, b2—2Can, b3—27Can

Set (1) above includes SN/mercury/saturn all in Pisces in 10th/8th houses. It suggests a public (10th house) “karmic” (SN) loss (saturn) of identity (mercury, ruler of B Asc in 7th chart) through shared finances (8th house). It did not, however, become active at the time of his identity theft. Conception saturn’s progression did. It was at 11 Pisces 27 on October 16, 2000 and was conjunct return SN at 12 Pisces 06, both in 10th/8th houses. Return7 mars was at 7 Pisces 00 conjunct b7 SN at 7 Pisces 03, again in 10th/8th houses. At the time pb7 jupiter was at 6 Pisces 13. Three months later, when the thief was caught, it was at 6 Pisces 36, coming always closer to the exact conjunction to SN. It suggests some kind of protection (jupiter) of his finances—perhaps that in the end it was all cleared up and he lost no money.

Timing shows up with progressed C MC at 7 Cancer 09 conjunct progressed b pluto in 2nd/12th houses at 7 Cancer 11. Pluto suggests something subterranean or underhanded, while 2nd/12th houses suggest loss or pain (12th) through personal finances (2nd). But the 2nd chart (coming next) does a better job of symbolizing the gushing outflow of money.

Part of the astrology representing Davila’s genius IQ is represented by c mercury on an Angle with B Asc plus b7 uranus conjunct B MC, giving him a summed Angle/mercury/uranus set. Uranus influences b 3rd house by being in sets of b moon and b sun, ruler and co-ruler respectively of b 3rd house.

Along with his Angular uranus in Aquarius, Davila’s c sun represents his penchant for astrology. At 19 Sagittarius 15 it rules C Asc in b 3rd house and is conjunct c7 saturn at 19 Sagittarius 03 and c7 uranus at 23 Sagittarius 15. It demonstrates a lighted saturn/uranus influence to b 3rd house. Lights in Aquarius or Angular Aquarius along with lighted saturn/uranus/3rd occur frequently in charts of astrologers. Apparently uranus represents intuition about symbols (saturn) as well as transcending (uranus) apparent reality (saturn).

Let’s see what his 2nd chart shows.

Raul Davila
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 2nd House

Placidus: c11—6Gem, c12—7Can, c2—2Vir, c3—1Lib b11—30Pis, b12—6Tau, b2—2Can, b3—27Can

Set (1) above shows a lighted (by the moon) uranus in Pisces in c 8th house. It suggests unpleasant unforeseen surprises (uranus in Pisces) in shared finances (8th house). I am not certain credit cards fall into the domain of the 8th house, but it seems likely. It was not active at the time of the theft, but Davila was in a quarter-return of uranus, with transiting uranus at 22 Capricorn 11 in square to his birth uranus at 22 Aries 49. Progressed birth uranus, ruler of B MC, was at 21 Pisces 50R (coming from 1 Aries 16, having entered c 8th house) opposite c2 saturn at 21 Virgo 48 in c 2nd house, without light.

I mentioned the progression of C MC to pb pluto in discussing the 7th chart. Set (2) above includes c2 mars at 5 Cancer 01 conjunct c pluto at 5 Cancer 27 in b 2nd house and on the cusp of c 12th house. On October 16, 2000 progressed C Asc entered the set at 5 Libra 04. It suggests a surprise (12th) hemorrhage or flood (mars/pluto) of money (2nd) through something illegal or underhanded (pluto) and is the true timer for the 3-month long event. Return2 moon was at 6 Cancer 20.

Progressed b mercury, ruler of B Asc, at 23 Scorpio 09 conjunct pc2 SN at 23 Scorpio 14 suggests negative thinking (SN) in regard to shared finances (Scorpio, natural ruler of 8th house).

Davila had good and bad sets for his return Angles. I am not sure what the good ones mean. The difficult ones included the following:

C Asc
5 Leo 50
pc NN5 Scorpio 49
return saturn5 Taurus 12R
return2 mars6 Leo 26
return2 neptune6 Aquarius 13

Angle/mars/saturn/neptune describes siege conditions. Accumulating a credit card debt of $140,000 in three months through a complete and unknown stranger is a form of siege condition.

Unfortunately, I have only this one example of identity theft. When more birth data becomes available, 2nd and 7th charts should be examined for 2nd/12th and 10th/8th overlaps (or shared paths) containing afflictions like we have seen in Davila’s charts. It would also be interesting to see if mars/pluto/2nd is part of the path describing identity theft.

Given the continued development and application of this astrology, things like identity theft would ultimately become impossible. The intended victim would know about his potential vulnerability ahead of time and take measures to prevent the theft.

Star Flower, a rare 7-petaled flower
From Wildflowers of Michigan Field Guide, by Stan Tekiela

Data Acknowledgments
Data are in order of presentation, which was alphanumeric. Letters following each name show Rodden rating for reliability of birth time.

Raul Davila (A)
Birth: 10/16/1938, 10:14 p.m. CST, San Antonio, TX. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Rodden quotes him by email (ACT) May, 2001, rectified from 10:15 p.m. on birth certificate sent by David Dozier.
Conception:1/03/1938, 9:22:28 p.m. CST, San Antonio, TX.

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