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Elisa Izquierdo
The body of this six year old girl was found discarded in a field on November 22, 1995. It was established she had been sexually tortured and murdered by her then drug-addicted mother, Awilda Lopez. Mrs. Lopez stated Elisa was possessed by the devil. Numerous reports of child abuse had been filed with Children’s Services, but Elisa was one of those children who “fell through the cracks” of the system. Her 10th chart includes information on her relationship with her mother.

Elisa Izquierdo
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 10th House

Placidus: c11--5Sag, c12--27Sag, c2--15Pis, c3--19Ari b11--10Ari, b12--19Tau, b2--12Can, b3--5Leo1

Set (1) above in the shell chart—before harmonics were added—started as a set including innocuous moon/mercury/jupiter. In her 10th chart, it acquired harmonic venus/mars/saturn/neptune.

B10 venus, above, rules b 5th house. C10 mars rules C MC in b 5th house. Including mars/saturn/neptune, this set shows a toxic (mars/neptune) and siege (mars/saturn/neptune) relationship with her mother (10th chart) regarding sex (5th house rulers).

Continuing with Set (1), for Elisa the 5th house moon in Scorpio indicates an individual (usually a grown one) who automatically (moon) and frequently (moon) engages in sex (5th). Addition to it of harmonic neptune in Scorpio suggests her mother impacted Elisa’s sexuality negatively because of fascination (neptune) with sexuality, with the saturn in Scorpio showing resultant emotional scarring. By itself, this set does not indicate sexual encounters in childhood. B10 venus influences b 4th house (rules 10 of 37°), but falls just short of qualifying as a co-ruler (which must influence 1/3 of the house)--her toxic relationship with her mother could end (4th) Elisa’s life. (See footnote, 2, below.) B10 saturn rules b 8th house. Light/venus/mars influencing 5th and 8th houses in the 7th chart is one of the known significators for sexual torture. Lighted venus indicates consciousness reflecting love (venus) and comfort (moon). Mars added to it adds abrasion (mars) and aggression to those feelings, with venus/mars together constituting the female and male poles, respectively, of grown-up sexuality. Elisa has a second light/venus/mars/8th which I show below.

Ironically, Elisa lacks one of the common signatures of a potentially sexually molested child, ruler of the 5th in the 1st house (birth in birth houses and conception in conception houses). This can also represent early awareness of adult sexuality without the child being molested. And she also lacks its near-equivalent, a 1st/5th (or 5th/1st) overlap, which shows the experiences of early childhood (1st) overlapping the experiences of adult sexuality (5th).

Instead, Elisa has ruler of the c 8th in c 1st (conjunct C Asc), showing the overlap of matters of early childhood with the grown up matters shared vales and assets, deep bonds between individuals, and transformations, including sexual ones. Her telling overlaps are 4th/8th, 8th/12th, and 12th/5th, respectively suggesting identities with “end-of-life with deep transformations,” and “deep transformations with hidden causes,” and “hidden causes with sexuality.” Whether or not any involve sexual torture is influenced by the astrology discussed just above. Overlaps like these can produce some fairly innocuous experiences. All depends on the planetary astrology involved.

Set (2) above is simple. It shows that in her 10th chart Elisa acquired b10 South Node in Pisces in close conjunction to her B MC. That alone implies an inadvertent (perhaps karmic) openness (SN) to suffering (Pisces) through her mother (conjunct MC and in 10th chart), but it implies nothing in particular about death or sex. It does suggest the suffering will start in childhood because the set is located in c 1st house.

Set (3) is also simple. Elisa has a conjunction of venus and jupiter in Taurus in 12th/4th houses. It is lighted by c NN in Aquarius. C10 venus co-rules (19 of 34°) c 8th house and rules c 4th. This set implies possible fame (lighted venus/jupiter at the end of her life (4th) because of some kind of transformation (8th) such as the manner of death. It does not influence an Angle, so Elisa’s “fame” was mostly local, that is limited to the New York City area. Another or alternate interpretation for this set is that it shows her joy in and closeness to her father (4th).

She has another toxic set which is forefront and has 1st and 5th influence.

Set (4)c neptune15 Sagittarius 59ruler of c 2nd
b saturn15 Sagittarius 37ruler of b 8th
b neptune16 Sagittarius 49ruler of B MC in c 1st house
b10 mars16 Sagittarius 40co-ruler (19 of 39°) of b 5th house
c10 moon 19 Gemini 55 ruler of c 7th house

This one, unlike Set (1) above, has no 4th influence, so it does not imply Elisa’s death. It shows additional siege conditions (mars/saturn/neptune, with toxic mars/neptune) in her relationship with her mother.

Under the influence of drugs (and probably mentally and physically debilitated), Awilda might have believed her daughter possessed by the devil because of the set that contains her conception sun. Elisa has:

All are on the cusp of c 3rd house. She was (very) active, bold, daring and independent before her life was beaten out of her. She also had b moon at 13 Aries 27 conjunct b10 sun at 11 Aries 38. All that Aries would have been a challenge to a healthy mother. For a drug-addicted one, it could have seemed demonic.

Elisa had a good relationship with her father, who had custody of her for a while. When he became terminally ill (May, 1994) and later died, Elisa was returned to the custody of her mother, then in a program for drug addicts. Here is a partial of her 4th chart showing her connection to her father:

Elisa Izquierdo
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 4th House

Placidus: c11--5Sag, c12--27Sag, c2--15Pis, c3--19Ari b11--10Ari, b12--19Tau, b2--12Can, b3--5Leo1

Set (1), started with moon/mercury/jupiter in the shell chart. In her 4th chart it acquires venus/saturn/neptune, with saturn conjunct neptune in Aquarius in Elisa’s c 1st house. Moon/venus/jupiter shows joy she experiences with her father. Saturn/neptune shows the disappointment she felt following instability of that relationship. Venus/neptune shows her father treated her as somewhat “precious.” So, the way Elisa experienced it might have been, “I am precious” (venus/neptune) alternating with “I am not very good (venus/saturn/neptune) or my Daddy would not have left me.”

In Set (2) B MC acquires a conjunction of b10 pluto at 3 Pisces 32 which falls in c 1st house. Since this chart lacks the horrific affliction like that in her 10th chart, I think this set shows Elisa’s feeling of deep abandonment (Pisces) in early childhood (1st) because of the separation (pluto) from her father (4th chart).

Set (3) shows an active benevolence with harmonic mercury and harmonic jupiter in a set with her C MC, a sense of safety and expansiveness.

Elisa even has harmonic venus to an Angle in her 10th chart. Of course she would love her mother and some times her mother likely loved her, but the jupiter in her 4th chart shows the more benevolent, more accepting parent..

Although neither parent adds a malefic to Elisa’s sun/mars/jupiter in Aries, in her 4th chart her birth moon in earlier Aries acquires c4 NN at 14 Aries 01, indicating approval (harmonic NN) from her father (4th chart) for Elisa’s independence (Aries).

Comparing charts of her father and mother, there is little doubt that Elisa’s mother was toxic and dangerous. Difficult sets in “father chart” reflect her unavoidable sense of abandonment when he died and probably when he only visited while leaving her in the custody of her mother. Children do not understand legal rights.

We can see more about Elisa’s extremely rough childhood in her 1st chart, the chart that shows identity formed in childhood. B1 SN was at 1 Pisces 03 conjunct her B MC--not in as close a conjunction as the one to her 10th chart, but still active. B1 moon came out at 10 Pisces 22 in 10th/1st houses. Harmonic Pisces moons in any chart suggest openness and a potentially weak ego structure, or an openness which leaves the individual prone to the kind of suffering that comes with confusion, lack of structure, and being-at-a-loss. In Elisa’s 1st chart they indicate dissociative states in early childhood. Her B MC was progressed to it at 10 Pisces 14 on the day her body was found (I do not have an actual date of death, which was likely no more than days earlier).

Here is a progressed set for date Elisa’s body was found. It is from her 7th chart:

c7 venus26 Capricorn 37ruler of c 4th and co-ruler (19 of 34°) of b 8th house
C Asc26 Capricorn 42in b 8th house

The set above puts a ruler of 4th and 8th houses on an Angle at death, one of the significators of possible death. Add to that the following:

b sun28 Capricorn 28ruler of b 3rd house
progressed c mars27 Capricorn 59ruler of C MC in b 5th house and c 3rd house

The above set shows aggression or intensity of feeling (mars) affecting vitality (sun) through something sexual.

We have looked at the child’s 10th chart for a child sexually violated by her mother (10th). Now we want to look at the child’s 4th chart for a young girl sexually violated by her father (4th).

Laurie (name changed to protect identity)
Laurie was (allegedly) sexually abused by the opposite parent, her father. By now she is a young woman, so it is necessary to refrain from using her real name. At one point her mother served six months in jail for secreting her away in order to avoid the court ordered visitation rights allowed to her father.

Partial Harmonic Chart for the 4th House, Part I

Placidus: c11--12Sag, c12--5Cap, c2--27Pis, c3--28Ari b11--29Leo, b12--25Vir, b2--16Sco, b3--20Sag
Set (1) in Laurie’s 4th chart shows the conjunction of b10 NN and b10 mars in Pisces in 5th/1st. Unlike Elisa’s astrology, here we see that overlap of 5th (sexuality and offspring) and 1st (early childhood) houses I mentioned suggests an early introduction to sexuality. The lighted (by NN) mars in Pisces in 5th/1st indicates painful (Pisces) feelings of powerlessness (also Pisces) and confusion (mars in Pisces) in sexual (5th) experiences in childhood (1st)--in other words, sexual victimization.

So far in all my papers I have avoided the implication of NN conjunctions (which imply growth) to planets and in signs that indicate suffering. By the time the Eastern concept of karma has filtered through the Western mentality, it has taken on the biblical sense of “as ye sow, so shall ye reap,” which is fair enough. But it also takes on an additional connotation that the individual’s infractions are divinely redressed, that is, that Deity is engaged in punishing the individual, which I find a horrific idea to attach to a God that is Love. Karma has more to do with eliminating all the causes we set into effect by living in a cause-effect world. Until we achieve that, we are reborn again and again to keep working on it. Achieved, it means complete freedom.

That puts our punishment more in our own hands, at least connected exactly to what we ourselves have created. We then hope to become free from it, even if we cannot—and we usually cannot—remember when we authored it. So, too, the astrology of some of us suggests individuals eager to free themselves, grow their souls, through some form of suffering.

Set (1), with its conjunction of the North Node with mars in Pisces looks like one of those situations. It suggests Laurie came here partly for this experience of being victimized as a child. Her NN indicates it is a positive direction for her, leading to soul growth (NN).

Another possible reason exists. Laurie has the following suggestive set in her 7th chart:

c venus0 Cancer 45ruler of 4th and c 9th, co-ruler c 8th and c 3rd
c7 jupiter3 Cancer 44
c7 moon28 Virgo 02ruler of c 6th house
c7 sun 27 Sagittarius 46ruler of c 7th house
b7 sun27 Sagittarius 46 co-ruler (29 of 33°) b 10th house

In the above set, the conjunction of venus to jupiter is in b 9th/c5th houses. They are almost 3° apart, but they are brought into a conjunction in this set because it contains three lights. Even though this set lacks influence to an Angle, it fuels the notion that in this life she develops tender, loving, spiritual energies, some derived from sublimated sexuality, that she may use in work involving service to others in a one-on-one way, for instance, as a nurse or nurse nun.

Laurie’s (alleged) sexual abuse by her father is reinforced by the fact that she has:

The sun can represent older, authoritative males, in this case, her father. Its conjunction to South Node in Pisces suggests past life (SN) suffering or confusion (Pisces), or it represents karma for this lifetime. Mercury suggests either its re-occurrence or expiation in childhood (mercury) in this life. Mercury rules b 9th and 12th and co-rules b 8th (20 of 34°).

We astrologers do not often have birth data on a parent sexual offender. However, we do have Laurie’s father’s birth data. An intriguing set occurs in his 5th chart. He has:

These are conjunct Laurie’s sun conjunct SN in Pisces in her 5th/1st houses. His progressing b NN was at 6 Pisces 51 when Laurie was born, 6 Pisces 18 when she was four, and 6 Pisces 18 when she was 8. Normally NN to venus in a 5th in a parent chart would show (partial) timing (progressed node) for the birth of a loved (venus) child (5th). In synastry, however, the considerable overlap of Pisces, 5th houses, and 8th influence suggests dissolved boundaries, specifically, that the father’s boundaries regressed to more like those of his daughter.

In spite of his (alleged) sexual violation of his very own child, this Father is not a pedophile. That is, he lacks the astrology shown in common by all the pedophiles whose birth data I could obtain. So, I doubt he was ever a threat to other children. His sexual subjectivity with regard to children appears to have been restricted to his daughter. Here is the link to the paper that shows the significators found so far for pedophilia: Paper on Pedophilia .

He has some astrology that may have played into his attraction to his child. Adding up the astrology from all his charts, he has five venuses in Pisces. Two, those from his 5th chart symbolizing his own sexuality, are at 6 Pisces 43 and 8 Pisces 33, birth and conception harmonics, respectively. These are conjunct her all-charts sun conjunct SN in Pisces.

Two of the other venuses in Pisces are intriguing. His 3rd chart (mind) venus at 21 Pisces 57, ruler of b 8th house, is conjunct c NN at 22 Pisces 53. His 10th chart (career, social status, and relationship to mother) venus, ruler of C Asc in b 8th house, is also conjunct that NN. These suggest some kind of psychological need for those completely dissolved boundaries. Existing between two adults, it is a sign of loss of ego of strong sexual orgasm. It has lost its “appropriate expression” when it appeared, with its 8th house emphasis of loss of ego, between parent and child.

Partial Harmonic Chart for the 4th House, Part II

Placidus: c11--12Sag, c12--5Cap, c2--27Pis, c3--28Ari b11--29Leo, b12--25Vir, b2--16Sco, b3--20Sag

Set (2) above belongs to the shell chart. C mercury in Taurus is in a set with c neptune in Scorpio conjunct C MC and b mars conjunct b SN in Aquarius. Angular neptune, which is in all her charts, in Scorpio by itself implies important experiences (forefront) through Scorpionic modes—sex, death, transformations.

Still discussing Set (2), c mercury rules c 5th house. Therefore, this set suggests Laurie will have some kind of high-powered, confusing, toxic (mars/neptune) sexual (5th) experience, perhaps in childhood (mercury), perhaps through her father (mercury is in c 4th house).

Partial Harmonic Chart for the 4th House, Part III

Placidus: c11--12Sag, c12--5Cap, c2--27Pis, c3--28Ari b11--29Leo, b12--25Vir, b2--16Sco, b3--20Sag

Set (3) started out in the shell chart as c sun in Taurus opposition b neptune in Scorpio. The 4th chart added to it harmonic mars and jupiter. Mars rules C MC and c 3rd and neptune co-rules (25 of 26°) b 5th house. This set thus influences both an Angle and a 5th house, so it suggests some sexual emphasis through the father (4th). It didn’t necessarily have to be physical. Sun/mars/jupiter has no sexual implications in the sense of molestation. The jupiter part may represent reconciliation (8th house) with her father (4th chart) later in life (4th house), or it may “protect” the act itself for some time. Sun/mars/neptune, however, is another toxic (partial) set which implies damage by the father (4th chart) in 5th house (sexual) matters. Stated another way, it implies the father (sun) is dangerously (mars) “crazy” (neptune) sexually (5th).

We should take a quick look at the chart representing Laurie’s relationship with her mother.

Partial Harmonic Chart for the 10th House

Placidus: c11--12Sag, c12--5Cap, c2--27Pis, c3--28Ari b11--29Leo, b12--25Vir, b2--16Sco, b3--20Sag

The addition in Set (1) of jupiter to her shell MC/sun/mercury/mars/neptune suggests it is her mother (10th chart) who saves her from her “crazy” (mars/neptune) father or males (sun) which occurred during her childhood (mercury).

Set (2) adds b5 neptune, co-ruler (25 of 26°) of b 5th house, to b mercury in 5th/1st houses. It might represent Laurie’s post-molestation ultra-fine tuning (mercury/neptune in Pisces) into sexual overtones (5th) in others intentionally or unintentionally inculcated by her mother.

Set (3) shows a conjunction of b5 uranus (ruler of b 5th house) to c5 sun (ruler of c 7th house). Harmonic uranuses show places the parent is hypervigilant, willful and autocratic, or even hysterically (uranus) focused. It also suggests the shock (uranus) and horror (Pisces) Laurie’s mother felt when she realized her husband was sexually molesting (5th) their daughter. Its place in Laurie’s 10th chart shows her mother was not entirely successful in preventing the spread of that shock and horror to her daughter.

Laurie’s close astrological trine (120° sets used in traditional astrology) of b moon (14 Sagittarius 29 and ruler of B MC) to b saturn (14 Leo 31 and ruler of b 4th) produces harmonic sets containing a conjunction of moon and saturn in her 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th charts, showing some depression, wariness, and/or sadness with regard to childhood, father, significant others, and mother, respectively:

In her 1st chart b1 moon is at 13 Pisces 27 conjunct b1 saturn at 13 Pisces 34 in 5th/1st, showing the alienation (saturn) and insubstantiality (Pisces) she experienced in childhood (1st) because of sexuality (5th).
With her 4th chart it forms the closest aspect to an Angle. B4 moon is at 26 Capricorn 55 conjunct b4 saturn at 27 Capricorn 08. This harmonic conjunction overlays her shell set with B MC at 26 Cancer 16, b uranus (ruler of b 5th house in b 1st house, another indicator of childhood sexual abuse) at 26 Libra 16, and b venus at 27 Capricorn 11. Her shell Angle/venus/uranus shows a tendency to sudden (uranus) relationships (venus) of sexual nature (ruler of 5th) especially in early childhood (ruler of 5th in 1st). It also shows a rigidity which she developed toward her father. Following her 1st chart set, this is the most astrologically damaging one.
In her 7th chart her harmonic moon/saturn falls at 10-11° of Sagittarius. Along the way it acquires b7 harmonic jupiter at 11° Sagittarius (ruler of b 3rd house), probably indicative of the counseling and help (jupiter) she received regarding her parents ( rulers of 4th/10th).
In her 10th chart it again falls into relationship with B MC/venus/uranus, but has moved further away, with moon at 23 Libra 49 and saturn at 24 Libra 17R. It might represent a kind of social dysfunctionality based on being cautioned against “strangers” by her mother. C10 harmonic neptune at 28 Capricorn 43 R is moving toward her MC/venus/uranus while saturn is moving away from it. Forefront venus/neptune in a parent chart shows the parent treated the child as precious. While this often rewards the child, it also often holds unrevealed costs which reverberate throughout the child’s life.

I will not cover Laurie’s 5th chart here, only state that it shows c5 moon at 15 Pisces 08 in 5th/1st. Harmonic moons in Pisces indicate states of confusion and dissociation, making learning and even comfort difficult in whichever chart they fall in. Because of her early sexual trauma, Laurie would experience degrees of these states for the remainder of her life (or until she “unlearned” them or learned to willfully switch her focus to another, more comfortable part of her chart.)

Medical examination, which showed scarring, confirmed Laurie’s sexual abuse. With all her material in Pisces in 5th/1st houses, with ruler of b 5th in b 1st house, and with her toxic 4th chart with its influence to 5th houses, astrologically her childhood sexual abuse is astrologically confirmed. It looks like her father was involved, but this conclusion can only become firm following considerably more research on parent/child incest.

In conclusion, both Elisa’s and Laurie’s charts show heavy affliction to 5th houses in the chart (10th for mother, 4th for father) representing the parent who apparently molested them.

Before closing this appendix, I will show the chart of a pedophile, John Rex, Jr. He raped two boys and was arrested when he tried to get some other boys to abduct a young blond boy (between the ages of six and nine) for him so he could take the boy to his family cabin in New Hampshire. While in jail, he confessed to his cellmate that he had buried the body of a 12-year-old boy in his back yard. The body was found in April, 1994, and Rex was charged with the rape of two boys plus the murder of this third boy. We want to look at his significators for pedophilia. They could be in either the 7th or the 5th chart. In Rex’s case, they were in the 7th chart.

The following section on the pedophile astrology of John Rex, Jr. is incorrect. This paper was written some time between May 2005 and March 2006. In June 2011, on this site I published a paper on the significators for pedophilia found in charts of 25 pedophiles. Rex’s correct astrology for pedophilia is found there. Here is the link: Paper on Pedophilia . This ought to make it abundantly clear that until most of the human race has had its astrology analyzed into a comprehensive data base, significators are subject to change.

John Rex, Jr.
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 7th House, Part I

Placidus: c11--20Sag, c12--14Cap, c2--8Ari, c3--7Tau b11--19Aqu, b12--1Ari, b2--8Gem, b3--28Gem
Set (1) shows c7 moon in Gemini (youth) in c 5th house (sex). That moon also co-rules (14 of 24°) c 5th house. Set (2) shows c moon (also co-ruler of c 5th house) in Pisces (suffering) in a set with moon and mercury (youth, co-ruler of b 5th house) in Sagittarius. Set (3) shows mercury (youth), co-ruler (30 of 42°) of b 5th house (sex), in Gemini (youth). It is lighted by the two 7th chart harmonic suns at 5 Sagittarius 30.

I repeat what I write in all papers in which I write about the significators for pedophilia: it would be a serious mistake to conclude that just because and individual has Gemini planets in or ruling the 5th, or a mercury/5th connection he/she is a pedophile. For most individuals such sets indicate the merely like children or that they are attracted to “younger types,” but not children. Or, even if they found children sexually attractive, they would not act on it. More likely, they would block such awareness out of their mind

John Rex, Jr.
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 7th House, Part II

Placidus: c11--20Sag, c12--14Cap, c2--8Ari, c3--7Tau b11--19Aqu, b12--1Ari, b2--8Gem, b3--28Gem
Even though Set (4) contains a mercury (which rules c 5th house) I do not think it is causative in Rex’s pedophilia. That is, by itself in some one’s chart I doubt it would represent pedophilia. It does, however, explain his intense need to completely possess (he told the boys he was going to eat the abducted boy) his sexual “partner.”. He has sun/mercury/neptune/neptune all in Scorpio and in c 8th house. He would be fascinated (neptune) with death (Scorpio/8th) and total possession (8th as representative of the sex of marriage). Instead of marrying and enjoying a robust and profound sex life with his partner, he combined this set with his mercury/Gemini sets into sexual interest in children and the eventual death of one of them. Also part of the set is b mars at 4 Leo 21, giving him sun/mars/neptune, making his relations with others (7th) crazy (mars/neptune). None of the planets in this set rule an Angle, so it is not forefront in influence. Houses rules or co-ruled are 1st, 5th, 7th, 11th, and 12th.

None of Rex’s Set (4) influence a 3rd house. Not even in his 3rd chart. The data classified him as having a “psychotic episode.” He may have had such, but he is not psychotic. His interests are simply far too, and far to potently, skewed toward the 5th/8th experiences. Some would say it this way, he is “simply bad news.”

We get no clue from his 7th chart why Rex turned toward children. It contains nothing pertinent in Gemini and his sexuality is not “blocked” as occurs with some child sexual predators.We do get some interesting information by looking at sets in his 4th (father) and 10th (mother) charts.

Rex’s 10th chart contains the following set:

b10 mars22 Gemini 14ruler of b 7th and 12th houses
c10 sun17 Gemini 20ruler of c 7th house
b10 neptune 17 Gemini 02co-ruler of b 11th house (30 of 42°)
c10 neptune19 Gemini 26co-ruler of c 1st house (30 of 45°)
All of these planets in Gemini are in c 5th house. Sun/mar/neptune is toxic, suggesting for Rex his mother was his toxic parent.

In his 4th (father chart), we have the following.

c4 venus0 Scorpio 20ruler of c 3rd, 4th, and 8th houses
b neptune3 Scorpio 55
c sun 3 Scorpio 57ruler of c 7th house
c neptune4 Scorpio 07
c4 jupiter 5 Scorpio 37co-ruler of c 10th, ruler of c 11th houses
b mars 4 Leo 28ruler of b 7th and 12th houses

In his 4th chart, venus and jupiter have been added to Rex’s sun/mars/neptune. All those Scorpio planets are in c 8th. This set shows Rex’s motivation for sex with boys. The golden benefic of the set (sun/venus/jupiter) gives him an extreme high. Venus/neptune in a parent chart shows the addictive parent.

By looking at his 4th and 10th charts we can see Rex’s motivation toward males (addictive chart with same-sex parent) and aversion to females (toxic chart with opposite sex parent.).

Again, much more research is needed to be definitive. When it has been done, I suspect it will show varying degrees of potential pathology in many individuals, with only a few heavily afflicted ones acting on it.

(1) I believe the 8th house suggests type of consciousness at death; the 4th contains the actual astrological significators for death.
(2) Harmonic planets in the 1st chart progress slowest of all the charts. They move only 3 times faster than the progressing planet from which they are derived compared to 14 times faster for harmonic planets in the 12th chart.

Data Acknowledgments
Data for charts discussed in this Appendix is in the main paper.

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