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This site is dedicated to my mother, pictured above as infant and young mother-to-be. To my mother, for whom no mentor came, for whom reflection was not second nature, and for whom no tools existed to illuminate the potential consequences of the behavior which sprang from her consciousness. At the worst point in her young adult life, when she was the mother of five children ranging in ages from 2 to 10, she had the following astrological set:

c sun19 Pisces 55ruler of c 8th, co-ruler (20 of 47) of c 7th houses
progressed c mars19 Pisces 06ruler c 4th & c 11th, co-ruler (30 of 31) of c 3rd houses
progressed c7 saturn19 Pisces 44ruler of C Asc

The above set falls in 9th/2nd houses. Influence to C Asc gives it forefront influence. Note the 4th influence of c mars. This particular light/mars/saturn with Angle and 4th influence was not indicative of the end of her life (4th). It was, however, representative of the a painful (mars/saturn/Pisces) legal action (9th) which effected a transformation (8th) of something very important (sun) in her life with painful repercussions to her home life (4th) and finances (2nd).

Progressed c mars and c7 saturn, shown above, started out (before progressions) conjunct around 27 Aquarius, so they moved at approximately the same rate right up to c sun and beyond. Earlier in her life they hit her b7 SN at 11 Pisces 23 (c mars at 11 Pisces 23; progressed c saturn at 10 Pisces 59 and still in 9th/2nd houses) when she was eighteen years old and three months pregnant. It was her fourth pregnancy, having miscarried two of the previous three. One died hours after birth. Mars and saturn have no influence to 5th houses, so this set did not threaten her pregnancy. It did not influence her 6th houses, so it did not seriously threaten her health. I believe this set represents her fear (mars/saturn/Pisces) she would again not (saturn) have (2nd) her baby. It could also represent extensive physical restrictions necessary to carry her baby full term. But this time she succeeded, as she did four more times in the future.

Holding you now, Mom.

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