Appendix 2
JR, Astrology for Dates of Asthma Attacks

The First Attack—1st Chart
The first serious attack we know of occurred on October 11, 1987, when she was 45 years old. During that attack she almost died and was hospitalized for ten days.

Set (a)pB MC3 Scorpio 32
b1 sun3 Scorpio 21?co-ruler (13 of 41°) of b 8th house
c1 neptune2 Taurus 58ruler of c 3rd house
b uranus3 Taurus 08ruler of b 3rd house

Set (a) represents a new Angle/neptune with additional influence to both 3rd houses.

Set (b)pb mars8 Gemini 53ruler of B Asc
pC MC8 Sagittarius 58

Set (b) shows a new Angle/mars.

Set (c)pb saturn5 Taurus 04 coming from 0 Taurus 06 at birth
b mercury5 Aquarius 08ruler of B MC

Set (c) shows that her charts have picked up a new Angle/saturn influence through mercury, ruler of B MC (when mercury rules an Angle, it also acts like a light. I would not, for instance, consider progressed saturn to venus (ruler of C MC) an active set unless it also included a light. Pc1 neptune, ruler of c 3rd house, was at 4 Taurus 40, early in the set.

Set (d)pb mercury27 Aries 45ruler of B MC
c saturn27 Aries 40

Set (d) shows an additional influence of saturn to an Angle through its ruler, b mercury. Note that Set (c) uses b saturn, while Set (d) uses c saturn.

At 0 Taurus 54, pc1 NN has just begun to enter a set with the two saturns, b saturn at 0 Taurus 06 and b1 saturn at 0 Taurus 19. It will be much closer for her second attack.

Summed, JR’s 1st chart has gained influence to Angles of mars, saturn (a lot of it), and neptune. Let’s see how that 6th house set [i.e., Set (3) from the main paper which shows her progressions for diagnosis] looks now. I won’t label it a Set because some of the planets have gone out of orb. I put them in to show just that:

pb1 neptune10 Taurus 37Rco-ruler (19 of 36°) of b 3rd house
b mars11 Taurus 22ruler of B Asc and b 12th house
pb1 saturn15 Taurus 13
c1 venus11 Leo 30ruler of C MC
c1 moon11 Leo 40

In the set above, pb1 saturn has gone out of orb. But neptune is still within orb. This set shows JR with a lighted, close mars/neptune in b 6th house, with the whole set influencing two Angles and a 3rd house (i.e., the whole set does not influence a 6th house, only mars and neptune, because the set does not include a ruler of the 6th).

But her (new, progressed) saturn/6th influence has not disappeared, it is just part of a different set. Here it is: pb1 saturn at 15 Taurus 13 (in b 6th house) in the same set with b1 mercury at 15 Leo 23. Since mercury serves both as a light and a ruler when it rules an Angle, this set gives us not only an additional lighted saturn influence to an Angle, but a lighted saturn/6th influence.

Her return, which occurred on October 10, 1987 at Vero Beach, Florida, was not spectacular. Angles were not afflicted. Return saturn was at 22 Scorpio 00 and return1 NN at 23 Scorpio 20 in the same set with b moon (ruler of b 8th house) at 22 Aquarius 30. Transiting1 mars (7 p.m. EDT) was at 22 Taurus 24. C sun, ruler of c 8th house, is at 21 Taurus 07.

The 7th chart and the 1st chart showed death for the one individual in this study who died during an attack. That is not surprising in the sense that the 7th chart is our major chart and it often works with another chart to show conditions and events, especially events. Here, and at the end of the 1st chart astrology for each attack, I append some of JR’s 7th chart astrology.

For those not used to working with harmonic charts and their progression, I want to point out that all progressions that are not harmonic are the same for all 12 charts (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.). Harmonics of those progressions, however, differ from one harmonic to the next. So, above, all the progressions for her 1st chart that were non-harmonic also occurred in her 7th chart. Below are pertinent harmonic progressions for the 7th chart

7th chart progressions were minor, but had some significance:

Now we will return to her 1st chart astrology.

The Second Attack—1st Chart
Her second severe attack occurred on December 26, 1988 while she was still living in Vero Beach, Florida. Critical and hospitalized for two weeks.

Set (a)pB MC4 Scorpio 42
pc1 neptune4 Taurus 45(coming from 2 Taurus 58 at conception)

Set (a) shows a new Angle/neptune.

Set (b)pC MC10 Sagittarius 07
pb mars9 Gemini 37ruler of B Asc
return1 moon10 Virgo 03
t sun10 Sagittarius 52for 7:00 p.m. EST)
t saturn10 Sagittarius 25

Without the lights return moon and transiting sun, I would not consider pC MC still in the same set with pb mars. It was much closer during her 1st attack. However, the addition on so-to-speak at-the-moment lights along with transiting saturn convert this set into a 2light/mars/saturn set with influence to at least one Angle (B Asc) if not two (add in C MC).

Progressed b1 saturn (at 15 Taurus 13 during her first attack) has moved to 15 Taurus 40, still considered in a set with b1 mercury (ruler of B MC) at 15 Leo 23 and pb1 uranus at 15 Taurus 59.

Progressed b saturn has moved from 5 Taurus 04 during her 1st attack to 5 Taurus 13 for her second one. It is still in a set with b mercury (ruler of B MC) at 5 Aquarius 08, pb uranus at 5 Taurus 20, and pc1 venus (ruler of C MC) at 5 Aquarius 39.

Progressed b moon (ruler of b 8th house) was at 3 Scorpio 15 conjunct b sun at 3 Scorpio 21 and opposing b and c uranuses in 3 Taurus ++.. Progressed b1 moon was also in Scorpio at 9 Scorpio in the same set with b1 and c1 uranus at 9 Taurus 24 and 10 Taurus 13, respectively. These, two added lights in Scorpio all connected to uranus imply a sudden (uranus) shift in consciousness to thoughts of dying.

Set (c)pc1 sun19 Scorpio 30ruler of c 8th house
b SN19 Aquarius 30
c mars19 Aquarius 58co-ruler (25 of 29°) of c 3rd house
t1 uranus20 Aquarius 36

With Set (c) she has acquired a powerful lighted node/mars influence to an Angle, 3rd and 8th houses.

Her pb mercury in her first attack, which was at 27 Aries 45 conjunct c1 saturn [Set (d) above], has gone on to form a different set with saturn:

Set (d)pb mercury0 Taurus 09ruler of B MC
b saturn0 Taurus 06
b1 saturn0 Taurus 19
pc1 NN0 Taurus 19

Light(the mercury)/node/mercury/saturn is a very powerful saturnian influence to B Asc.

Return (Vero Beach) MC was at 12 Sagittarius 39 and return1 neptune at 11 Pisces 22.

Return Asc was at 16 Pisces 29 conjunct pc mars at 17 Pisces 33 and in the same set with pc mercury (ruler of c 6th house) at 16 Gemini 39. Transiting neptune had reached 15 Pisces 27.

Transiting1 saturn was at 1 Pisces 15 conjunct her b sun at 1 Pisces 07 which was opposition pc neptune at 1 Virgo 35.

Transiting1 pluto was at 29 Virgo 33 conjunct her b1 SN at 28 Virgo 31 and her c1 mars (co-ruler of c 3rd house) at 29 Virgo 53. p

Transiting NN was at 12 Aquarius 02 in the same set with her b mars (ruler of B Asc) at 11 Taurus 22 (and in b 6th house).

The last set incorporates her Set (1) from the main paper:

Set (e)c venus3 Gemini 50ruler of C MC
b1 mars4 Gemini 06ruler of B Asc
b neptune4 Virgo 40co-ruler (19 of 36°) of b 3rd house
c NN4 Virgo 41
return uranus4 Sagittarius 36

Set (e) shows return uranus setting off her original node/mars/neptune which had influence to two Angles and a 3rd house.

I do not usually include all the pertinent progression, return, and transit planets as I have above. The point of including them is to show how skewed her planets are toward an excess of mars/saturn/neptune to Angles, with a lot of added influence to 3rd, 6th, and 8th houses.

In her 7th chart she had the following harmonic interactions, all involving return or transit planets:

Returning to her 1st chart progressions for her next attack…

The Third Attack—1st Chart
Her third severe attack occurred on February 6, 1994 while she was living in Rockport, Texas. She was considered critical and hospitalized until February 21.

Set (a)pB MC9 Scorpio 39
b1 uranus9 Taurus 24ruler of b 3rd house
pb mercury9 Taurus 36ruler of B MC

Uranus, though often involved, is not one of the significators for asthma. This set does show a forefront 3rd house emphasis, however.

Set (b)b mercury5 Aquarius 08ruler of B MC
pb saturn5 Taurus 52
return NN5 Scorpio 11
pc1 neptune5 Taurus 08ruler of c 3rd house

Saturn has really progressed beyond mercury, but the return node temporarily pulls it back into orb. Set (b) shows a very strong (node) new Angle/neptune influence, but it also includes an Angular saturn influence.

There is no progressed Angle/mars influence. It shows up, however, in the return, which I will show a bit later. It is the return which pulls JR’s starting asthma significators forefront. Continuing with progressions:

Set (c)b mercury5 Aquarius 08ruler of B MC
pb NN17 Leo 12
pb1 saturn17 Taurus 37
pc1 uranus17 Taurus 26

Set (c) shows a new node/saturn influence. Regardless of houses ruled, new node/saturn and especially new node/mars/saturn have a deleterious effect on the matters covered by the chart.

Set (d)c venus3 Gemini 50ruler of C MC
b1 mars4 Gemini 06ruler of B Asc
b neptune4 Virgo 40co-ruler (19 of 36°) of b 3rd house
c NN4 Virgo 41ruler of B Asc
pc1 sun4 Sagittarius 10
return1 moon1 Sagittarius 08
return1 mars3 Gemini 58

These progressed and return lights re-emphasize JR’s original set with node/mars/neptune influencing two Angles.

Set (e)b SN19 Aquarius 30
c mars19 Aquarius 58co-ruler (25 of 29°) of c 3rd house
t1 saturn19 Leo 14(7:00 p.m. CST)

Her node/mars with 3rd house influence has acquired a saturn.

Set (f)c1 venus11 Leo 30ruler of C MC
c1 moon11 Leo 40
b mars11 Taurus 22ruler of B Asc
pb1 neptune10 Taurus 17R
return MC11 Aquarius 28
return moon10 Scorpio 23

I can state from experience that when a return Angle and/or moon falls into a difficult “natal” set, that set is brought forefront at some point during the days covered by the return. Once again, a progression had begun to be out-of-orb but was brought back into expression through the return. Here is was progressed b1 neptune which had moved 1° 5’ away from mars. C1 moon had already extended its orb of influence. What it is exactly, I do not know. Should neptune’s influence on mars (minus c1 moon) have started lessening at ½° apart? ¾° apart? One degree? Whatever it is, this set’s falling on the return moon and Midheaven brought neptune’s conjunction with mars fully back into expression.

Set (f) shows a doubly lighted mars/neptune influence to three Angles and a 3rd house. It also influences b 6th house because mars and neptune are in b 6th (and lighted).

I failed to include one set I am uncertain about reading. Here it is:

Set (g)pC MC15 Sagittarius 00
c mercury14 Gemini 51

C mercury is in c 6th house and co-rules (26 of 40°) c 8th house. This set all by itself may be saying something about asthma. Mercury in Gemini already has a 3rd house implication (both mercury and Gemini) and it influences 6th and 8th houses. The progression of an Angle to it would bring the issue forefront, but not into expression unless there were mars/neptune?(saturn) affliction which influenced Angles and showed a path of 3rd/6th/8th.

In her 7th chart she had the following pertinent sets:

return MC11 Aquarius 28
b mars11 Taurus 22ruler of B Asc
b7 mars12 Leo 19ruler of B Asc
pc7 sun12 Aquarius 30
return7 mars11 Leo 54
b7 sun10 Scorpio 04
c7 sun10 Scorpio 04
return moon10 Scorpio 23

Returning now to her 1st chart astrology for her fourth attack…

The Fourth Attack—1st Chart
Her fourth severe attack occurred on January 30, 1995 while she was still living in Rockport, Texas. She was considered critical and hospitalized until February 10.

Set (a)pB MC10 Scorpio 36
pb1 neptune10 Taurus 14co-ruler (19 of 36°) b 3rd house

Set (a) shows a new Angle/neptune.

Set (b)pb mercury11 Taurus 15ruler of B MC
b mars11 Taurus 22ruler of B Asc

Set (b) shows a new, lighted mars influence to two Angles. B mercury has come all the way from 5 Aquarius 08 at birth.

Set (c)pb1 mercury3 Gemini 44ruler of B MC
c venus3 Gemini 50ruler of C MC
b1 mars4 Gemini 06ruler of B Asc
neptune>3 Virgo 25Rco-ruler (19 of 36°) of b 3rd house
c NN4 Virgo 46ruler of c 3rd house

Now her Node/mars/neptune, which started out having influence to two Angles, has influence to three Angles and both 3rd houses.

Although not causative, here we see another sun/saturn, with pb sun a 22 Aries 59 conjunct c1 saturn at 23 Aries 00.

She still has the node/saturn/uranus shown above in the previous attack as Set (c)

Set (d)pC MC15 Sagittarius 56
return MC16 Sagittarius 01
t saturn16 Sagittarius 17
t NN16 Virgo 18

Node/saturn is transiting her pC MC and her return MC on the date of her attack.

Set (e)B MC18 Virgo 44
t1 saturn18 Virgo 52

Set (e) shows harmonic saturn transiting her B MC.

Set (f)return Asc21 Pisces 41
pc mars20 Pisces 20

In Set (f) return Asc provides Angular expression for her pc mars, in Pisces, therefore with a connotation of mars/neptune>,/p>

Transiting neptune, at 27 Sagittarius 45, has returned to its near conjunction to C Asc at 28 Sagittarius 30 and b1 SN at 28 Virgo 31.

In her 7th chart she has very little that differentiates it from the progressions for her 1st chart:

In conclusion, JR had excesses of mars, saturn, and neptune influencing Angles, 3rd, and 6th houses in her 1st chart for all four attacks. Her 8th house was less involved than that of JF, though from the description it would appear her attacks were also severe.

Instead of her 8th houses being part of the 3rd/6th house path traveled by her mars/saturn/neptune sets, JR’s 8th implications appear to have been in her Angle/pluto sets, with the original tone for that being set by her B Asc in Scorpio conjunct c1 pluto in Scorpio. Both pluto and Scorpio provide an 8th house emphasis.

Using progressions, return, and transits, JF’s 7th chart progressions for her attacks focused primarily around added Angle/neptune. JR’s involved mars and saturn and sometimes neptune. JR’s were more severe, showing some cause for alarm. They were not, however, strong nor involved enough to be predictive of her attacks.

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